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11 BeerNotWar» an excellent brew. especially for the man who doesnt like a dark beer like myself. no skunked after taste like heiniken, not as filling as a guiness stout. perfection in flavor.

8 Nate» Very tasty, unique beer. A bit expensive, but well worth it. The color, aroma and taste all combine to make a sophisticated, indulgent beer.

8 Mick» Very nice witbeir!! Very flavorable and refreshing.

7 checkraise» I loved this beer when i 1st tried it.I ran out of Sam A. octoberfest and started drinking this.Was good at 1st then got real tired of it.

11 Scorch» Goes great with hot wings! I love to go to Taco Mac here in Atlanta and order a Hoegaarden & a mess of wings. YUMM!!!

11 buckeye45331» $8.99 at the local Kroger. Excellent beer

10 Pete» One of my favorites from Belgium! Great flavor and goes well with summer. Just found it for 6.60 US/ 6pack!

10 Flipangel» Love the BIER unfourtunatly its 10.00 US a 6 pack, but WAAAAY worth it, just 1 six pack to my self and I'm buzzing hard well then you could say legally drunk

10 Derek» A transplanted Brit living in the US, but I work for a company based in Hoegaarden. Try the Grand Cruz if you can find it, 8.7% and excellent. The brewery also has excellent food, all tne beer plus glasses, shirts etc.

11 Leonardo Carvalho» No comments... I don't wanna talk while I'm drinking! Real easy to find and in Brazil and cheap, for the quality of it's sacred liquor!!!

11 jdmdaily» I've been drinking Hoegaarden for a few years now, I requested that my local pub start carrying it, and is now a top 5 seller in the on tap line up.

11 John » Great mixture of flavors

11 CHC»

10 Rafael Ocaña» best weissbeer i've yet drank. Found it easily here in Brazil, costs around U$2 each. It's a beer meant to be aprecciated on it's fullness, all alone.

10 Danielle » This is one of my favorite bottled beers. It has a very good, light flavor. I just had this on tap, and I think I actually like the bottle better for this beer.

10 unter den bieren» the real bluemoon sum biers compliment your pallet this one fucks it well

8 Scrappy» Tried this one the other night. I liked this one much better than the other lighter beers I was sampling. Great light taste, beautiful color and nice finish.

10 Debi» Just had this beer for the 1st time in Paris... Yum! I am not a beer drinker but in Paris everyone drinks wine and I am sure not a wine drinker so beer it is! Hoegaarden has changed my mind about beer.

11 DJ» I've found this gem of a beer now sold at Costco....yummmy!

11 Rob» This beer is wonderful

11 Mike R» I have recently relocated from Texas to Brussels and found this to be the absolute best summer beer. And I keep drinking even though it starts to be chilly here...

9 Georgia Asphalt» Pairs well w/ BBQ 'gator. True.

10 Chris» I spent some time in Belgium as a teenager and discovered this brew. After 15 years it is still one of my favorites. Some bars even have it on tap now. In belgium they advertise it as the no hangover beer.

11 Gary in Mtl» This beer is wonderful. Not so cheap where you can drink every day but when you do you enjoy it!

9 ho garden» Not my favorite belgian beer. Might be the best (somewhat)macro white beer there. Very distinctive though and definitely worth trying. Many of my buds' favorite belgian beer.

9 MolsonMatt» Very Consistant beer

10 milasweetone» I usually drink CoorsLight or BudLight. One night I drank a pint of Hoegaarden beer and quickly followed it with a Bud. The Bud tasted horrible after delighting in the deliciousness that is Hoegaarden. I can't find it anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Spencer» I've only found this in Montreal. It's wrth the drive

0 rmb» this stuff sucks

10 Rob» This beer is wonderful.

10 vw» my favorite beer

10 mark» Excellant beer well worth trying if you've never had it. Very smooth and refreshing.

11 tin» bartender asked my about the whole blue moon thing. i love blue moon, but somehow this was twice as better. best drink of beer ive ever had.

10 Mads of Kragero» Don't let the spice listing fool you this is real beer

11 nick» best (witbier) white beer in europe, period!

11 Killer» Top-flight witbier. Hard to find in the US, but getting more available. Try Fresh Market for availability.

9 Mark» I must comment on Belgium...they have 500+ beers there. H-garde is one of many good beers. Their languages, yes plural, are French and Flemish (old Dutch). The country is split in half by those languages (east-west thru Brussels).

10 Padovan Drinker» Imagine my surprise finding my favorite Belgian here in Italy, 15 Euro for a 3L 'giraffe'!

0 Poo Poo» Poo Poo

11 Bill» awesome favorite, great with lemon....very refreshing

11 Zach» Excellent beer! Find it on tap if you can!

10 BronxBomber» What a great beer!!! I love the Belgian white beers, and Hoegaarten is among the best. If you've never tried it, do yourself a favor and invest $9.99 in a six-pack of bottles and give it a try. Everyone I know who's tried it has loved it.

10 Ron» By the first taste I knew I found a really great beer. I don't think it needs anything to set off the flavor, it seems to have enough 'built in'. I was impressed by the thick, frothy head this beer produces and the taste never seems to get boring.

11 Jimit43» My top beer as of now. Love the taste, the aroma, the look, everything about it.

11 Kelly» Enjoyed many frosty Hoegaarten's last summer while visting Belgium. As you noted of course, Belgium is home to many wonderful brews. My favorite european stop for beer!!!

11 Rick» Great beer and not too expensive where I'm from at $8.99 USD/6pk.

9 Rudolph» Love it, mine was served with a lemon as well.

11 Steve» I purchased some Hoegaarden from World Market and just finished one off. I thought a German Hefeweizen was the best. I was mistaken. Hoegaarden is undoubtedly the best beer that I have had. I will definitely purchase some more. $9.99 USd 6pk.

11 BrianO» Outstanding! It's the best beer I've ever had.Other Belgian beers are excellent as well. Belgium is a beer superpower!

8 Hoegaarden is definitely above average. I've often seen it served with lemon. For another (I think even better) Belgian beer, try Leffe if you can find it.

11 Jules» Fantastic, Had a beer bong 5 pints in a tube, Mind boggling

10 casty» sublime, the smoothest of smooth brews. the first time i had this brew was in europe (Italy) and i figured i would try something different than the typical 'birre' lagers that Italy has to offer and I've made a good choice that night.

10 AdamR» Kind of a girly beer. Hints of lemon, coriander, orange, with a interesting airy top-of-the-mouth taste. Delicious and refreshing.

10 tiffany 2» hoegaarden is the best white ale i have ever had. it is a shame more people dont know about the belgium beers, they are phenomenal

11 Jim» Stumbled across it in Prague last year at a small family run restaurant and love it!!

11 Heather» mmmmm... they serve this everywhere in belgium and amsterdam, i missed it so much when i came home and then found some bars around here that serve it also... woohoo!

10 Steph» I thought Blue Moon was the "white beer" of choice until I tasted Hoegaarden. This beer rocks!! Its my new favorite, love it!!

11 ChrisG» I like in Belgium now and Hoegaarden it the best thing about the country!

11 Gisele» Don't like beer, but I love Hoegaarden ;)

10 Luke» Ohhhhh, this beer is tasty. Could be the most refreshing beer I have had since i started drinking this morning.

0 DrJon» The only beer I've ever spit back into the bottle after a drink. Girls like it for some reason... hmmmmm

11 CHQ» Perhaps one of the finest summer beverages ever. Hoegaarden is a pint of heaven, everytime.

8 Tiffany» A waitress in Quebec City recommended this beer. It is awesome. Now that I am home (Milwaukee,WI) I will begin my search to find some more Hoegaarden. I love the looks of the beer, the taste is smooth yet bountiful.

11 Brian» This is my favorite beer, but I do drink Blue Moon sometimes. This is because its a bit easier on my wallet. On a recent trip to Brussels I asked for a lemon in my Hoegaarden and they looked at me as if I was crazy. The Bartender said thats crazy.

10 CBenn» Wow great summer beer. I drink this when I have a few extra bucks to spend for the good stuff. And when I don't I will get Blue Moon. same style but Hoegaarden has MUCH better taste! My wife hates beer but says this would be her beer of choice

11 LA Jonezy» This beer kicks ass! It's my new favorite. Never heard of it until going to Amsterdam, they had it all over the place. No bars in LA have it, but BevMo usually carries it and sells out quickly....

11 Not a Beer Drinker» All you girls out there: If your not a beer fan. This beer's for you. It is a white beer and easy to drink. If you lean toward Corona, or Miller, then try this. It is great with a slice of lemon. The only problem...finding it.

10 Phil» The most excellent beer you could ever wish to taste. Just one drawback to prevent most people from trying it though is the price of it. At my local it is £3.50 per pint as of June 2005

11 CJ» Praise be to the mighty hoe, god of all beers.

11 Rod Gardiner» Without a doubt the most interesting beer I've tasted.....I'm hooked!

11 myx0r» Excellent summer beer! Salut! Shame on u dirty d!

10 Scott» Remove the lemon from the beer you are destroying it...If you have the need to add something to the glass add an orange slice... The beer is made with orange peels...enhance the beer dont kill it.

11 BurnItDwn» Absolute Perfection. This is the best tasting beverage I have ever consumed. I have constructed an alter of Hoegaarden bottles that I look to whenever I need inspiration.

11 Bananamuffin» It is my fave beer. Gorgeous with a slice of lemon on top.

0 dirty d» nasty ass sweet beer

10 Tony» My first hangover in London was on Hoegaarden. One of my favoriate brews.

10 JD» In the uk this is often served with a slice of lemon or lime- very pleasant on a sunny afternoon.

11 sankoneri» god made hoegaarden for mankind. and god saw it is good.

11 HeresJohnny» After tasting this beer i vomit in the sight of other beers

10 Steve Davies» I lived in Mechelen, Belgium for 6 yrs...I drank this a lot and it IS a great beer. If you get over there, try the Hoegaarden Grand Cru- it's 8.2 Alc and clearer than the standard beer, but WHAT a taste!!

11 GHawk» Probablly the best commercial offering of a Heffe Weissen I know. Complex bannana flavors with a heavy yeast base. Very fruity and great for hot summer afternoons.

1 Angela» this website stinks!!!! I thought you were supposed to list all the countries! [Editor's Note: Angela Stinks!!!!]

10 RobDaBeerMan» Dude this is a bomb weisse bier, better than than the lighter, and less aromatic WeissenStephaner, the holly grail of hefeweisen (or weisse bier or white wheat wahtever)

10 Seth Hudson» Not easy on the wallet in the US. Go to Whistler and get it in 60 oz tumblers. Not too strong so knocking back an evenings worth will leave you feeling great. Absolutely wonderful beer. Belgium truly does make the best beers on the planet. Go fi

11 Hades» Outstanding flavour and a refreshingly new taste compared to "traditional" beers. Incidentally, you should try the Hoegaarden "Forbidden Fruit". Has a very heady aroma and taste

10 hoe-lover» "nice....... I like!"

9 eclipsedInI» yo Hoe is da troof wit brunch, no homo, eggs benedict & a large glass of Hoe off tap no homo, is dat piff

8 Chris» I give it and 8 in this country. I would give it a 9 in Europe. Still one to the best beers from Belgium you can get in this country, minus Corsendunk, of course.

11 Jimmy» Amazing.... Just... Amazing!!!

11 pattttoooo» man, nothing beats a good weiss-bier, and for what you can easily get in america, this beer is great for warmer weather and lighter food!

10 Saj» Spent some time in Antwerp. Nothing can beat a Hoegarden. "Who-garten" as I was told.

10 drunkskunk» It's a drink of beauty!!!

6 abnmonty» Hoegaarden the best? I don't think so. Sort of like drinking a perfumed watery vegetable soup. Shucks, even Vietnamese Tiger Piss tasted better!

11 BOS» I am a hardy drinker of "Wheat Beers" and tasted many while serving in Germany. However I do rate the Hoe as the best and in UK you can find it on tap, and it doesnt lose its quality. I also use the pint glass for drinking my cappuccino in the morn

8 Rebajas» I agree with Thomas, their Grand Cru and their winter Witbiers (Hoegaarden Speciale) are much better - i'd even go so far as to say that you don't go back to 'standard' Hoe once you've had the pleasure...

9 OrkyRulez» Can only give it a 9, as 10 & 11 are reserved for the REALLY good Belgian Beers. ;)

11 Vodkalager» This was the first illegal six-pack I have ever bought, and to be honest, I've bought plenty of other beers that have been mentioned on this site. However, while there's been a lot of great beers and duds, nothing has suprassed Hoegaarden yet!

11 DrumRXX» Without question Hoegaarden is the best tasting and best quality beer I have ever tasted. Wow....where has it been all my life?

10 Piroutte» For someone that dislikes beer, Hoegaarden has converted me. Great stuff!

11 DannyBoy» Simply the best Drink in the world. Belgiums finest hour! If you have not tryed it get hold of the stuff regardless of expence!

8 Fjord» I like this beer a lot, drank it all Saturday evening, but for some reason I kept wishing I could get my around around a glass of Duvel instead.

10 Burgy» The best nectar I have ever tasted. Able to enjoy it first in Brussels and now here in Hamilton, Ontario. Even at $12.95 a six pack, well worth it! Cheers!

4 johnjacobjingleheime» look- where's the guy that said good beer should be cheap? EXACTLY. It's beer. The recipe says: tasty-cheap-alcoholic. Any frag can wax eloquent about how payin 8$ a sixpack makes it taste faaahbulous! Wine connoiseurs spit their chug OUT to show their approval. Beer is real.

7 Frank» The language depends on the region, for example my wife is from Mons and they do not speak Flemish but French(they even made it easier too) exclusively. It's become one of my favorite summer heat thirst quinchers. I have other favs too.

11 Thomas» There is also a beer called Hoegaarden grand cru which is actually even better. But the best beer I have ever tasted must be Duvel. Also a Belgian beer, but what can I say, once you've gone to Belgium and tried a few beers you just LOVE 'em

10 Moss Larkin, Dublin» I simply love it. There's also a Hoegaarden Grand Cru which is even nicer - at 8.7%. Finally Verboten Vruucht - stunning (9%)

11 Jeff» Hands-down my favorite beer. I found it at a local grocery store for 7.99/6 bottles - ACME in Akron. Also, on tap at Winking Lizard, Ohio. It tastes much better fresh on-tap in Europe than from bottles - still great though.

11 GF» I've tasted several Belgium White beers and Austrian Kristall Weizens, but Hoegaarden is the best I've had. Unfortunately it's a rarity when you can enjoy one in California.

7 Joe Parker» Good light taste... not as smooth as I like a beer though...

11 Eric» Ah ya Belgian shites! ye've converted a Scotsman so ye have! Well actually an American of Scottish descent. I don't like most American beer, I grew up on Schmidt's (not to bad right now), but I prefer Guinness and other stouts, but I love this beer!

11 Mania» That's the only beer I can drink :) Who knows, where can I buy it in NY??

10 Rob» If you can get it, Celis White is cheaper and similar.

11 Raj» This is my favorite beer in the entire world. In fact, it's the only beer that I'd drink over a Coke with a burger.

11 David» Best beer ever!! By the way, the glass is octagonal to keep the heat from your hand from warming the beer too much. It's supposed to be served at 3 degrees C.

11 chris» I live in Belgium right now and Hoegaarden is the best white beer here by far. you cant beat it

11 Cindy» The first time I tried this beer, a friend recommended it.. I was hooked! I don't like domestic beer now. The only problem is... I can't seem to find it in Nashville, Tennessee on tap! Any suggestions?!?!!

9 Spina» It's like wine in a beer form. You feel like youre almost classy while enjoying this beer. And it's a lighter beer so even pussy drinkers can savor the flavor.

11 billy bob» BURP. fucking ace

10 Vinter» Awesome beer.. light and smooth easy to drink.. definately no bitter beer face.

11 Jackson» Lived in Brugge for around a year, and can boast that I drank in the vacinity of one and a half to two kegs of Hoegaarden per month over this period. I LOVE the stuff! (especially when it was all free!)

11 Jason» If your looking for a good beer to have with your meals, this is the one. Goes down really smooth and does not fill you up. Simply the best beer in the world!!!

10 CT Beer Lover» If you ever stop in Connecticut, visit Dellaney's in New Haven. It is a small rundown little bar with the one of the few (if not the only) Belgian Tap in the U.S. The best Hoegaarden I ever had was there.

9 Pypex» The only lager i will drink

10 webster» creamy summer brew with all the good character of a young woman

10 Keith» This is wonderful stuff, especially if you can get it on draft. I used to drink it when I travelled to Belgium.

10 Raj» I'll admit I was not a big beer drinker, till I met Hoegaarden, a Belgian girl (a very cute one) brought 2 six packs to a beach house party we had. I was instantly hooked...

8 Chris» well basically i find it to be deligtfully refreshing, but in my opinion it has indeed lost SOME of its actual "beer" but all in all a very enjoyable beer, not to mention a great conversation peice when all your friends are drinking the same old

10 Gijs» One of the best beers from the Benelux, a blonde beer, very sour and still light and sweet. Best summer beer ever. Far far better than Corona. On draft in Holland (where I live) it's the best (in original octagonal glass). Enjoy!

11 JC Smith» One of mine and my wife's favorite beers. Light, smooth, drinkable. A fantastic beer. I am brewing a clone recipe at home. We'll see how it turns out.

11 Dan» This beer rocks! Delicate, yet powerfully good! Just an excellent product. You must try this beer!

11 James» Hoegaarden - the original - is simply devine. I guess it's a love it or hate it one. It may have an oooze of scent, but yummy, it goes down a real treat. I think Bill should get back to his Stellas!

11 Albert Hunter» I think Hoegaarden is great. Makes my choice of pubs that bit easier as it's pretty rare. Top studd.

11 Dan» Just returned from Belgium and was lucky enough to find a local carryout in N.W. Ohio that regularly stocks it. Truly an exceptional beer there and one that tastes almost as good here. An outstanding beer any way you measure fine beers...

1 Bill» Maybe I'm missing something but Hoegaarden was just plain nasty to me.

11 Wallace» I was lucky when the waitress at Taco Mac in Atlanta suggested this one for me this weekend. $3 a pint... Great beer. Now I have to find it in the stores..

10 Kind Nedd» Without a doubt the most unique and best tasting beer I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. Everytime I drink it I get so excited, like a kid Christmas morning!

11 MSgt C» Fell in love with Hoegaarden when I was stationed in Germany... haven't had it in years. I can't find it anywhere in Los Angeles... what's up with that!

11 Hoe Diggr» WoW ..... must be getting popular. Local beer haus ran out of their kegs before the weekend even kicked in. Must be good beer!

11 drink it at home in England..very expensive, just been to Belgium and brought some is fantastic

11 Cronisaurus» It should be as widely distributed as Coca-Cola is.

11 Mike» It has to be tops in great beer. Extra smooth and deliciously refreshing!

10 Vladimir» It is one of the best ! Smooth! Does anyone know where to by it in Boston? I know only one place NYC cafe 'Taci'.

11 Kristy» I love this beer so much. I tried it for the first time in Chicago. I cannot get enough of it!

11 morph» Hoegaarden is the mutts nutts. Accept no other beer.

10 John» I'm from Belgium (oh happy me...), and I am pleased to see so much enthousiasm for our national pride (beer, not chocolates...). You guys should try to find Hoegaarden Grand Cru, also a white beer from the same brewery, but even more refined.

11 Phil Barra» Absolutely Fabulous!!! The drink that will put a grin on your face the size of the bottle itself. Soft, creamy and a very unusual taste. Once you've had it, you'll be smitten forever... GRADE A

11 skully» you can look it up on the hoegaarden website. they list places in every state to get it!! It is the best beer around

11 Gra» Our group just came back from England. Devout beer drinkers, we are all hooked and desparate to find it stateside. The best ever.

11 Boris» Best beer ever

11 Thor» Divine!!

11 Hoe Luvr» Best beer ever. Never thought I would have a definitive favorite beer. But now I do.

11 Eric» One of the best beers I have ever drank. I drive to Chicago (130 miles) to get a taste of it.

11 richard» Ran across this on a trip to England. Redefines quality in beer; best I have ever drank!

10 brianh» Dave, Where in the U.S. are you? I'm in Milwaukee, and it is available at Downer Avenue Liquor and many other stores. Good luck to you!

11 Dave» Does anyone know where in the US I can buy this?

10 Jon» Best beer I have ever tried.

11 billog» Hoegaarden White is by far the the greatest beer ever produced. Anyone who disagrees should have their tongue removed.*(glug glug)*

11 Greg» Just had a bunch of this on tap in an Irish Pub in Philly called Tir Na Nog. Best beer ever made!

11 Steve» Exceptional beer!! Personal Favorite. Available in Canada for aprox 8.25US /6pack (those close to the border) By the way the glass is hexagonal not octagonal and for those who live in Canada can purchase glasses through

9 Jeanette» Was very nice and light, nice after taste and went down smooth

10 Brian» I agree. This is a great beer which is becoming more widely available here in the states. Besides the great flavor, I believe it's the fine bubbles that stack up like a highly a ordered beehive at the top of the glass that make it fun to drink!

11 Greg » Fantastic beer - best ive ever drunk - people who say stella is strong know nothing!

11 joe f» this is my favorite beer. what do you know about putting a lemon in it? some people suggest it; i like it either way.

11 Basch» A very fine beer! And not too expensive here in the Netherlands. €4.99 for a sixpack, available everywhere!

11 Jonathan» I spent last fall in Europe and drank a lot of Hoegaarden. It is an exceptional beer and not one I will soon forget. If anyone knows a good place around Chicago to pick up, please email me at Thanks!


7 Eric» Ther Hoegaarden is very similar to Erdinger (a german wheat beer) I find the Erdinger a bit more to my likings. This is a fine beer.

11 aquariaz» My first beer a couple days back on my b'day. What an intro from my buddies! Sweet sour taste...good to the last drop !

11 malcy.p» try the grand cru hoegaarden.same as the original,but with a hint of oranges and peach.i have a huge selection of glasses,all stolen from our local which has it on tap.that pub is the vic in lincolnuk

10 LugSouled» I have loved Hoegaarten since discovering it in the Netherlands in 2000. I would love to find a way to buy the glasses. Please advise...

10 Rich» This beer is so good and has such a unique character, I brought a bottle back from Ireland, cultured the yeast, and now I brew it!

1 joe» sh!t @$$ beer

11 Steve» Light, refreshing, and unique. I cant wait for summer to start again, out in the garden with this stuff. Gorgeous

10 eurobeerlover» a near perfect beer from a great brewing nation.

9 Kirk» I had my 1st Hoegaarden a couple of days ago. It was light and clean and genuinly unique!

10 cuda» damn good beer

10 Dan» My favorite beer.

11 Pete Crummey» I went to belgium, this is all i drank. it rocks, IT ROCKS!

7 Stan» Pretty good, but I think some of the commenters are confusing Belgium with Holland.

10 cav» this is one of the best white beers around. served with a lemon on a hot summer day is the best.

10 Brian» Amsterdam is nice but hoegaarten & eindhoven you can't go wrong...I accidently managed to acquire a couple of the special glasses for this beer on my last trip ;)

11 David» This is a beer that takes a few botles to appreciate. Did you realize that that interesting flavour is derived from coriander seed and orange peel. I'm trying to replicate this as a home brew.

10 sam» great beer, ideally drunk cold with a slice of lemon. Best consumed on the banks of an amsterdam canal.

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