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11 I love heineken» Where can I buy this beer. I've seen it once in the store, but haven't seen it since!

11 Burt» I have been drinking Heineken Dark for at least 12 years. Its the best beer in the world. Try San Miguel Dark for a very similiar taste, and its cheaper here in Ca. If I could buy Heineken Dark in kegs, I would have one here all the time.

11 The Saint» Love it. Having one right now!

7 Scrappy» Smooth taste, deep flavor, nice carbonation. I like this beer much better than regular ol' Heinie.

11 bigyump» this beer should come in a mini-keg like the other 2 heinekens. this is definitely my first choice in beer. I found about it because it was on sale at my local market for 5.99 for a six pack. this beer should come by the case and keg.

11 Daddy's Girl» Where can I buy it? I'm from New York.

11 matthew» great beer what should i know im only 13

0 Rik» The funny thing is, that this beer is only for the us market. So we just have read your opinions to get an idea of how it tastes. And that is pretty frustrating for a dutchman like me ;-) Have fun drinking!

10 maddbuys» Wow i am a guniness drinker went to the bar they were out of guiness..Bartender offered the dark heniken i was shocked never saw it before but have to say the went down good..Been drinking it ever since. Guniness***** Heniken Dark****

8 Old "beer" Fart» I have been drinking beer for over 25 years. It astounds me when people still say they've never heard of it. I like it - its not really dark enough for me - but is a mellow - well brewed - option. If you can find it.

11 mama» whoa mama, this is the best dark smooth heady beer ever. What a great after taste!

9 Phil» I'm just getting in to dark/amber beers, and this is deffnantly on my fav list. I like the malt taste to it

9 malamen» excellent beer... I love it...

10 MC» great balance of sweet and stout. thoroughly enjoyed the taste. will be an option in the future. should pass the test for dark lovers. perfect with filet mignon last night after similar supermarket isle experience. recommend.

7 satchmole» nikki sixx can spell.....i used to shoot smack with him when i was in my band..Rathole 1977....

11 NIKKI SIXX » Tast great atfer a ROCKEN show.

8 Avery» Tried this last night. Not bad and better than any other Heineken.

11 KwaziKid» I've tried a lot of different beers, and this has always been by far my all time favorite. I don't like Heiney, but the dark is an entirely different animal. It HAS to be enjoyed out of a perfectly clean glass for full effect.

9 Charro» it is strong, i like it. i do not know why some people hates it.

3 Gustav» Heineken is highly over rated, very bitter beer. The dark is slightly better...than what?

11 sweet» This is my favorite beer ever. It packs a punch without a bitter aftertaste.

10 JC» It's called "Special" because it's not brewed all-year long but only in the fall.

1 red eamon» i hate drink and drinkers .i found a can once.

1 OrkyRulez» You can try it, but I wouldn't stick to it

10 Joe» Excellent beer, great taste lots of kick, comparable to bass. I don't like the clear stuff in the green bottle, tastes like it has too much dog.

9 antonlubo» When stationed in Germany, Heineken $4.00 a case, Pepsi-Coke $4.25 a case. Didn't drink alot of Pepsi or Coke. Circa 1973

9 elpadrino» Yummy in the tummy. I'm glad that this beer did it not have that distinctive Heineken after taste. Yeah!!

11 I'm usually a fan of liquor drinks more than anything so it's hard to find a beer that I really admire enough to sit down and drink and enjoy it. I must say Heineken Special Dark is my favorite beer I've ever tasted.

7 Mike» Not too bad. I'm a dark beer fan, and while Special Dark does have a good kick to it, and an interesting taste, I don't really think it is unique enough to warrant any greater score. To me, it tastes similar to Shiner Bock, or another sort of dark beer. So, it's good. But not great.

11 Francis Dell'Abate» This is the tastiest beer I have ever had. A sheer pleasure. Full flavor and no nasty after taste.

3 Jtown» This is a bad dark beer. Look at the price and pick something else.

2 PJ» Heineken makes no effort in getting their beer fresh to the States. Heineken: putrid a skunky everytime

8 Rich C» A Heinie you can actually enjoy. I will sometimes pass up other beers and buy a 6-er. Who woulda thought the green meanies could brew good beer?

10 Jaco» If you're gonna drink a Heineken,choose this one. Very good stuff.

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