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7 Mick» Pretty good lager.

10 Blaze» If its on the draft menu, i usually order it

11 leixlip lager larry » the news just broke the dip shits at diageo are closing the home of harp in dundalk .

11 Brewingbuckeye» Wonderfull! As good as I have ever tasted on tap. I look for it on tap everytime I'm out.

11 a2» The best Lager i've ever had. The perfect pint is clear as a bell. Slangy

11 Gregg O'T» Most wonderful. Brilliant aroma and taste.

0 Beer Lover» Another bad Irish beer.....

7 DJ» Not as good as it used to be, but it's not as stale and oxidated as it always was either. If you can get it fresh, it's one of the best.

11 John Paddy» I enjoy Harp while I fish, So does my wife. She won a Coho derby enjoying a Harp and won $1500. So I guess it's a Lucky Beer as well.

11 will251» Like "An Angel Kissing Your Tongue"!

8 keef» fantastic beer. it's simplicity is the key and it is great!!!

9 Danielle » I had this on tap. I liked it alot. It's pretty light, but has a good flavor.

8 rupert white» i like it. i like it ALOT more on tap than from the bottle. especially when its ice cold. best pint(or three) i had was at barrys tavern in bradley beach NJ. it was perfect temp. when i go out...and its on tap...i get it. usually when i get a burger.

11 Amy» Harp is wonderful! I usually decide where we're hanging according to if they sell Harp or not. My favorite beer to drink!

10 sixer» Have been drinking harp for over 25 years now. Love it and guiness...put them together and you have my favorite drink.

11 Coxa "harp" Lopez» When god said: let there be light, chuck norris said: le me have a Harp first!!

11 tom» nothing better. smooth, great taste, classy and irish

11 Sean NYC» Possibly the best beer in the world. A 12 pack a day keeps the 6 pack away.. but it's a smooth beer with great taste that can be drank like a bud if need be.

4 MolsonMatt» Average

11 sticky» dubs can keep their foreign beers im irish and i drink irish because its the classiest beer on these shores.

0 Chicago Bill» Way too bitter. Drink PBR instead.

9 Eboot» Its a great beer Kev.My beer of choice when i head up north.You can still get it in a fair few locals around Dublin.The problem is everyones too busy drinking czech and polish beers around town these days.

11 northern mike» proud to be a harp drinker. tried the rest stook with the best.

11 brian» verry smooth and a great taste

11 shawnr1980» This great when making harp with guiness my first time like 2 months ago now I am hooked on it now.

10 Mike Beer» I love a good lager and Harp is near the top of the list for me. I've never been a stout fan but I'll take a pint of "the other Guiness" anyday.

10 Dick» Fantastic Beer.......Not a Guinness but a nice change. Ive had many of Harp across all of Ireland and you can make a nice Black & Tan using Harp.

3 kev» harp is known as 'tinkers piss' in dublin. no pub's serve it at all, ive personally never seen it. only people from northern ireland drink it. its muck by the way.

10 mickey V» Great Beer . just sittin around waiting on the wife. i no longer care how long she stays in the bathroom

11 Mac McGuire» My every day drinker. Nothing is better than an Ice cold harp when you fire up the grill after a long day at work!

9 johnny tarr» Smooth and refreshing. A nice change from Guinness once in a while. Tastes best on tap and in a pub that regularly cleans its taps and lines. Had a few in Ireland, Wow!

11 sss» long live scary

11 Chris» I remember the first time I tried a harp. It was during a st.patty's day party and I had one too many guinesses so I felt like I ate a full course meal. The bartender offered me a harp and I have been a harp drinker ever since then

11 scary morgans cousin» sad news scary morgan has suffered a massive harp attack he loved the golden dundalk nector so long .

10 sheila» very good summer brew. in the winter add some guinness. one of my favorite beers...

10 tjw» Harp is one of my preferred summer beers -- along with Tennents Lager (Scotland) and Sam Adams Boston Lager.

11 jay» I love harp, its one of the few beers that I really sit down and enjoy.

0 Rappster» I've never tasted urine mixed with bitters but I can only imagine that Harp is what it would taste like

11 waz» i love harp, its rich and not boring. im showing my respect for by putting some perm. ink. pic soon to come. cheers. sean

9 JimfromJerz» Good amber beer. I like it best as a Black and Tan using Guiness.

10 Derry» An excepcional fresh beer!

11 doug» man i used to drink this when i was stationed raf lakenheath. yes the fuzzy memories

10 unRuLea Morgan» Harp's got best flavor, with REAL body. And can't have a Half & Half w/o it (English Black & Tan is, well, English, and can kiss my Welsh/Irish tasty ass). Scary Morgan, do I know ya? Hope so.

10 joe hassall» i am from australia and have just got Harp on at my local it truley she best brew i have had for a long time ( it's the beer of champions

11 royston» hi there jolly good brew id have to say

10 C. Barry» I love Harp but none of the grocery stores have it out here in Northern California -- you can find 63 different varieties of putrid California brew pub schlock, however.

11 Scary Morgan» I work in the Harp & I'm beside some drunkard who's been drinking it all day!!! help, help, help, UP Dundalk.....

8 Bandini» great story I usually order Harp at my local pub. My local beer merchant sells a 12 pack of harp for 8.99

11 mandys malty mix » ive had a few in my day but this had me on a high the next day.

9 Brian The Pappy» HELL YEAH! Black bush...this harp did a bottle of every other night for quite some time. Albeit no family of my own, my deepest empathy. Harp's does just fine without the lime bullpiss!!!

11 fat ass leprachaun» jimit43 must have been drunk by the time he was drinking this cause it is damn good, makes my mouth water

7 Jimit43» I tried alot of different beers on St. Patty's day, and this was the worst by a mile.

11 big bob» an awesome lager, try drinking this after guinness, or switch between em, trust me it is unbelievable

9 Shannon» A very smooth lager, not quite as good as Guinness, but a nice one to change it up with. Love the strong hops flavor.

10 Ahrod Brennan» It's excellent!!! Thumbs up!!!

10 Hugs and Clovers» I cant find a better beer. Its so rich and smooth. I love it

10 Michael O'Pottsville» Harp-The Nectar of the Gods

10 Linohead» You can't beat a cool sharp harp sevred by Ireland's best barman, budginald. Truly has changed my life.

0 fat bastard» total shite would rather pound a warm tall can of 211 or country club malt liquor.firkin irish should be ashamed

11 Judy A Freeman» I had this beer at a Iris Pub in NYCand all I say is, WOW!!! What a smooth beer! Can't waite to find where I can buy it in SC.

11 Martin» All i can say is nice.....This is always a good choice, and I have yet to meet someone that doesnt like it. Good smooth flavor and clean finish.

10 jeff walker» i love it

10 Gerard From Belfast» By far the best tasting lager in the world, there is no other beer that slides down the back of your throat so nice and silky. its the best

8 mick m» over the summer i drank large bottles of harp, it was like angels pissing on my toung, cant seem to get a picture of the bottle

9 MJoyce» The Harp that is sold in Ireland is swill. The Harp sold here is considered Harp Export. The Harp in the States is Excellent.

11 Tommy» It was my first beer, and i plan to make it my last. Life is too short for cheap beer. The only thing better than Harp in America, is Harp in Ireland.

10 Jacques» Simply my favorite beer. I can't find any match for that exquisite taste in other lagers, or any other beer.

11 John Millburn» Way to be real men and drink good beer!!

9 Lightnin» Works very well as a SNAKEBITE- about 2/3rds Harp topped w/Woodchuck Spiced Cider Ale

8 Zach van der Meer» I lived in Ireland, and was surprised to note that to the majority of the Irish public, Harp is considered to be total swill. In short: the Irish HATE Harp. This is quite a contrast to what I was told here in the U.S, namely, that it's great

10 james harper» how could you not enjoy a beer of your last name.ten outta ten

10 Irish» Harps great just mite head now and get one. uve put me in da mood

9 MarkAdkins» Harp is a great lager, puts all the so called true U.S. lagers to shame.

11 Paddy McFadden» Harp is the best... I'm knockin off work early to get a pint of Harp now...

10 gary» Another favorite of mine. My rating of 10 is actually an average of my assesments for draft (11) and bottled (9)

9 Al» Ummmmm! Nice. On draught - very refreshing.

11 mariachiwill» the best of 60 beers yet, I'm used to Mexican Ale but this lager tops'em

10 EZE» Excellent lager! Full, creamy flavor, and does go to the head.

11 fred» Im from dundalk were its brewed, drank it for years now good beer and cheap but it gives you a killer hangover!

11 mike» great lager true irish grit

11 dan derry» in defence of the irish, i live in derry, and harp is definitely appreciated here. it's the only lager i drink. to truly have a good harp, come to derry, and have a pint in the beer garden of the bound for boston, best bar in the world

10 TyroneRed» Irish to the Bone. One of the best lagers around lads

11 mike» theres only one lager

10 Paddy Mike» My Favorite. I judge the quality of a bar by the availability of Harp on tap!

10 Kwayzar» I love Harp, it's lighter, and a little sweet.

11 simon T» it is the best beer next to stella which i noticed you did not have in your list? i think harp is one of the best beers around

10 Nolan» Whoa Nellie...this is good stuff. Crisp with a great body, and not too heavy. I think I'll have another one!

10 Oscar» Hoppy and crisp.... and it's a good drunk. Hig-holy recommended.

8 Dan» A very good beer, not for the carb counters. If you look like John Goodman or aspire to, this is your beer.

11 maxi» a friend told me recently that harp is not a big seller in ireland.only the irish could brew such a great beer,sell it to the rest of us to enjoy so much and take no notice themselves

9 gobosox» Great beer, better with it's black irish cousin floating on top

11 Andy» It's orgasmatic!

11 Coxa» Harp is the only good beer I've drunk in the US!

11 paddy» irelands first and only true native lager. oh what a lady.

11 Sean» this beer is amazing. its really good with black and tans too.

11 ToddTummy» Most awesome. Any rating below an 8 is done by someone who should be drinking something else besides beer.

10 Rob» The English may not like it, but the Celt in me considers this finer than any Guiness i ever had.

10 padster» being from belfast i can truly state that harp will always work, drink 10 pints and you will be drunk.......

11 sean» ill drink about 10 pints of it tonight

9 Chuck» Excellent Beer! Black and Tans are great too! Half Harp, Half Guiness...poor the harp first

4 Rick» Lager, we recall, was the British attempt to duplicate the fine cold-fermented Germanic beers. To this day, English purists consider lager somehwere between an outrage and an insult. Well, Harp is to lager what lager is to true Pilsner.

11 Patty Enclosures» I have refined my beer of choice through the years and have yet to find a brew that outdoes Harp. Good for every occasion.

4 Avcon» If your a BUD drinker you will love HARP!!!

11 mike » harp can only be described as the best lager ever.

1 Chris» The Irish REALLY need to stick with stouts. This tasteless piss water is not worth the money. Don't buy it!!!!!

10 Patrick» Beautiful...nothing else like it!

11 Michael P. Murphy» I love HARP!!!It is the perfect Irish beer ever!!! I like it even more than Guinness I cant beleive it !!The sooth bold taste the satisfying after taste I cant wait to get home now to have one tonight.My mouth is watering as I type this out at work!!

10 Flad» The perfect lager. Quality taste without the skunky green bottle.

10 Fisher» good beer -half & half is one of my favorites.

11 Buck» This beer is beautiful. Guiness did something correct in this spin off.

9 BJG» Beats the American mass brewed products by a mile. However, I prefer Czech beer when I'm drinking lager.

11 Patty O'Furniture» It's like nectar from the Irish gods.

10 gdistort» Best enjoyed on a bright day while in the sun.

11 Eric Totel» Ahhh ... Harp. When a Guiness is too heavy, this is the medicine I prefer. The first imported lager ever to touch my lips; and God willing, the last taste that'll wet my tongue before I die.

11 Dennis» Great brew, especially in a Half and Half.

10 Mikey B» Always a winner, but best in Donegal after a days fishing on the Atlantic.

10 Morning Wood» Excellent brew. Stout is still too much for me, but Harp hits all the right notes.

6 E.K. Goldings» I hate this stuff, but it is better than budmillercoors. I get a metallic taste, no lagering aromas to speak of and too light hops. Not my cup of tea.

11 EVO VII» Smooth as Pamela's bottom....mmmmm...good

10 Shamrock» Not as fulfilling as its older brother, but a good beer nonetheless. It can be a little bitter at times.

11 Officer Phil» My favourite lager ever... and my local in Tylorstown, Rhondda, has just got rid of it in favour of Carling! Gits.

11 Chris» I used to drink Harp when I lived in NI, but now Im in London, these southern softies dont sell it - anyone know a vendor in England???

10 Philip» perfect if Guinness is too heavy or bitter for you. One of my favorite lighter-colored beers.

11 Beer Brat» Favorite beer in the world - hands down. Can't wait to get it from the tap next year in Ireland.

9 seamus hollis» I used to drink guinness gold back in the day, now harp will forever have a special place in me heart. To bad it's sooooooo $$$$$$$$$$$$ here in Boston.

11 mick» harps the best lager in the world,the irish brew that is not the canidian stuff.

11 oz boyz» harp - is there anyother beer. i doubt it.i cant get enough of the jiz here in australia,its ~AUD $90 a case here.i need to find a importer,i`m drying out

11 snoop dawg» harp is the shit, cant beat a nice irish brew.

11 JOCK» funny thing here in Northen Ireland the HARP is 69 p a can lovely stuff glad to see it gets to USA for your BUD is a little sweet

11 Bryant» Lagers do not get better than this. I am a bit of a hop head, so I often drink IPAs etc. but Harp satisfies that need. Excellent beer.

9 Renton» Really good lager!

4 mexican_radio» Used to love it, the Canadian version sucks.

11 ScituateSon» First tried Harp because John, the Mystic, CT, bar owner had thrown Bud out of his place. Best thing that ever happened in my beer drinkin' life!! Been hooked ever since!! God bless ye John!!!

9 elpadrino» I drank this while waiting for my perfect pint of Guinness in Ireland. An excellent intermission beer to Guinness. Good stuff.

11 Dee» been drinking it since i was 16 :)

11 That Damn Irishman» Tried for the first time on a whim at my local pub, I'm now know as captain harp, I even have a coaster-badge that says so!

9 Christian» Refreshing and one of the lowest alcohol beers available, under 4%.

11 Amber» Harp lager truly is like sweet nectar, standing alone or with food. It has the perfect balance of flavor, aroma, smoothness and body. Produced by Guinness, it must be good.

2 john mcshane» tastes like warm piss

11 NDCM» we all went to Ireland and started on the guinness,than we tried harp and once you've had harp you never go back.

11 Average Joe» I could drink this beer with any food. It is the best beer I have ever had. Mmmmmmm.......think I'll go have one NOW!

11 Matt» This is a great lager, It goes excellent with pizza. My FAVorite beer by far

11 beerman» harp.....the nectar of the gods enough said

11 Mike from Ny» a family favorite for generations,tastes the best with corn beef and salt potatoes

10 Harp(really)» love the stuff. in Ireland, the UK or home in Florida.

11 mada» Harp lager rock of course I'm biased because its made in my home town - Dundalk, Ireland! Harp Export knocks me out!

11 annie» if harp were a man, i would bonk him over the head, drag him back to my cave, and keep him forever.

11 Kevin» The Harp brewed in Dundalk, (pretty much only available in Ireland now) is plain and simple, the finest lager you will ever taste. The Canadian version, will get you by between visits to Erin.

11 Mook» I find that when I start the evening (or morning for that matter) with a Harp, I can't switch to another beer, becase Harp just tastes better.

10 ORFC» Harp Lager is phenomenal. I enjoy a Harp everytime I set foot in my favorite bar. Great beer, Great times. God Bless America.

11 Irish Mike» Positively the GREATEST beer ever brewed!!!!!!!!!!!

9 atheist_al» Its no Pabst Blue Ribbon, but It's pretty Damn good!!

11 Spence» My favorite Lager. Yum yum yum. The funny thing is... I was enjoying Guinness so much when I went to Ireland that I totally forgot to try a Harp. Oh well, looks like I'll have to make another trip!

11 PJ» Excells above all other lagers--always fresh and full-bodided: truly the best brewed lager around.

5 Steve» Tastes a bit like piss to me

4 eurobeerlover» Harp is a standard, mass produced beer in Britain. If that's your fancy I reckon Danish Carslberg and Tuborg are much better. Tuborg Gold is nectar!

11 Emmit Devay» Ah, Guiness Lite. How I love thee....

11 Harpdrinker» Harp rules!

5 JD» Disappointed in Harp. They do make an Ale. Give me a Bass Ale to make me beloved Black 'n Tans wid tha Guinness me boyo.

11 opfor» The stand-out best beer there is...

11 Iresean» For me it is my light beer of choice

11 m_the_d» My number one drink, it is the lively lager after all...

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