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10 Tony» Sunnyvale Costco had a nice new Pallet of the 14.9 oz cans. Natually I bought a case. :) $20.99

11 zeta» Extra Stout rules!

11 aros» great to see the specs on the nutritional info. i've been getting pissed at these wussy college bros here for a couple years now when they try to tell me it is "heavy" or "like a whole meal"... guinness for health!

9 Norn Iron Man» I love Guinness. I agree with Murph that nowadays it's down to pub to pub for taste. I moved to Canada a few years ago and I've had as good as over in Ireland. I do prefer the Extra though.

11 shamrocknroller» Guinness is the best stout in the world period! Thanx rats!

11 joe» The Guinness Extra Stout is far superior to the draught

10 Matt» Great beer, ranks up there with some of the strongest I've had, but hands down, the strongest has to be Railbender Ale (made in Erie, PA). The bottled Guinness is great, I had one a few months ago.

11 Guinness Girl» Love the draught & the Pub can. Can even do Extra Stount on occasion. Can't stand fizzy, weak American beers! Guinness is the best!

0 Brian» This is by far the worst beer that I have ever had. I couldn't even finish one. How can the English drink this garbage.

11 Joe» Now when I'm at the bar slurring my speech my fellow drunks can admire my great Guinness knowledge buy repeating some of the fact here, Thanks

6 JD»

11 Murph» Sorry Ron I've had Guinness (two N's) In Ireland and Canada and here in the USA, the taste is no better in Ireland and no worse, it actually varies from pub to pub. Guinness has great quality control brewed on either side of the pond.

4 Ron» Guiness in Ireland tastes ENTIRELY different than in the STATES!!Maybe that's 'cause it's made in CANADA (that's why they can call it an import)!!In Ireland it tastes like a wonderful chocolate malt.

11 BeerLover4ever» one of the best irish dry stouts ever brewed

10 4FenianBhoys» 10 to the canned draught, but -10 to the flat, weak, tasteless bottled draught. I'll pour canned into a plastic cup at the pool, buy Extra Stout, or take a different drink all-together before I'd give a pence for the bottled draught. BLECH!

11 Charley-Riverview,FL» I discovered Guinness at an Irish pub in Brandon, FL and loved it. I do not drink wimpy beers like Bud or Miller any longer. No bloating with Guiness and the taste cannot even be discribed!!

11 Octoberfest» I am about to prove how much of an established beer critic I am here. I do not like to drink Guinness. HOWEVER, it is the greatest dark ale ever brewed , and it is a legend in the world of ale. This beer is an amazing blend of quality and success.

11 Evil Genius» The Draught and the Extra stout are both great beers but it is hard to make make the trasistion from on to the other in the same night becase they are dso diffrent. Also the low carbonation of the draught make it easy to drink a case w/o bloating.

10 Beer Expert» The guy that said this beer is crap must drink Coors Light. LMAO

11 Fel» @Will :the best match for Guiness in a Black and Tan is without doubt Caffrey's. All the rest are imitators. Good luck finding any, though. :(

10 Will» Help me settle my search. What's the best beer for the bottom of a guiness black and tan? I've tried about 30, but I'm always in search of that perfect match. Any suggestions?

1 Mike D» Guiness is the absolute worst beer. It is like waterd down coffee. I guess if you like cofee with extra water then youd love this

11 C-Rizz» By far the best beer ever! It tastes soo great that it should be illegal! Budweiser and the type ar UTTER CRAP OR LESS compared to this beer! If you don't want to die an early death looking like crap drink this! IT IS GOOD FOR YOU!

10 whyamionfire» A good and true chocolate stout is its only superior

7 Joe Blow» The "Extra Stout" in the short bottle with the gold label is far superior to the regular draft stout, which is bland in comparison. It's too bad most people don't know there is a great difference between Guinness Stout and Guinness Extra Stout.

10» Guinness on draught is a different beer than from the bottle. I love them both. Though, the bottled version (what is sold in the US is brewed in Canada) is something you either love or you don't. There's no real in between.

8 Georgia Asphalt» Tastes best warm. Really.

9 john» I agree with molsonmatt it is a coffee lovers dream. I cant think of another beer I love as much!

3 beersnob» What a great beer. It's somewhat like drinking a loaf of molded bread with a black coffee chaser. I do not believe there is a better beer to break a bottle over your buddies head. Forget those light beers, try a guinness today and crap syrup tommorro

11 Sandman» There is no substitute

10 Strideo» Excellent. Always a solid choice . . . if they can pour it correctly where you order a pint.

11 MolsonMatt» Outside of a hockey game this is what you will see me beer ever, a coffee lovers dream

0 Drink PBR!» If I was dreaming about what ca ca poo poo juice tasted like, I would think of Guiness.

10 Awesome» To El can rate a Guinness when you learn how to spell it! Once you can spell it right...then you can say you would rather drink piss! For the record...Guinness is awesome!

9 Rob» Guinnness is in my top 10

10 gigfy» Guinness is best sitting atop the Storehouse Museum in Dublin in Gravity Bar. Love Guinness? You'll love

11 Reverend» If I could have only one beer to drink for the rest of my life, it would be Guinness.

9 beer chug» a wonderful, heavy beer


11 Mmmm, mmmm, Guinness. It will always be my number one!

9 hemi» living up here in buffalo, I've discovered that nothing goes better with an order of hot wings quite like a guiness draft

11 shawn» my fav. beer by far. i cant drink that bud light shit, Or any of the other light yellow/amber colored beers.. Tehy just tatste horrible, and make me want to throw up.. Guinness however makes my mouth water.. its absolutely delicous.

11 Tranny_Chasin_Stud69» This beer is the preferred beer of 9 out of every 10 tgirl/tranny/shemales...long live Guinness!!!

8 Donna» I just had my first pint of Guinness at the Guinness brewery in was really good

10 Big Iron» Guinnes has always been great!!! It has always been my beer of choice.

10 Depew Dave» Guinness draft is simply a cut above. The can or bottle do not do it enough justice unless draft is not offered then one takes what they can get. From the bottle the stout is excellent.

10 StavinChain» I know I'm gonna get lynched for this remark, but has anyone tried this half-and-half with the gold-label Extra Stout? Kind of a Black & Dark Brown...and amazingly tasty--less bitter than the Extra, but fuller-bodied than the Draught bottles. Tasty!

11 Russ» The Guinness draft in Ireland taste completly different than the crap in the draft can, and it is worth the 3 minute wait that it takes to draw it. I prefer the extra stout ale myself but it take a real man to drink it as it is a very heavy beer.

11 Cody» Guinness, with it's unique bittersweet flavor and smooth-as-silk texture, is always my first choice. I don't know much, but I know that.

11 Yummmmy!!!!» I am in love with Guinness! I don't think I'll ever drink anything else again!

8 Kyle» Love the extra stout! Drinking one as we speak.

7 Lovewine88@triad.rr.» I still don't know how many calories a Guinness contains??

6 Good beer, but taste profile is pretty bland compared to comprables (Murphy's and Lienies Dark come to mind).

7 Al Dente» Guinness is a bit weak for a stout; several porters are bigger and more flavorful than Guinness. All that said there is something magical about draught Guinness. Cans and bottles even with widgets can't compare.

10 El Diablo» This stuff is wonderful. It is SECOND only to MURPHY's PUB DRAUGHT which is a 12!

11 Elder BeerMan» Guiness is my favorite, it's what's for dinner!!!

9 luvmicrobutdrinkmacs» My staple. Not the best stout (pretty light), but a drink that brightens up my day greets me like an old friend.

11 Travis» I always thought Guinness was for assholes until I vacationed in Dublin and went to the brewery. Now it's all I drink so I guess I'm an asshole.

11 I love Stout» I do love Guinness - But what about the beautiful Black & Tan - Or Half & Half... By whatever name I mean half Guinness and Half Harp in one glass. For me one brew isn't enough!

10 Schizferatu» One of my faves as it is one of few dark beers in my area. St. Pauli Girl's Dark is better but, Guinness has a pretty thick taste.

11 antrimco» fantastic, can't get enough. I plan my drinking excursions around pubs that serve this excellent stout.

11 erk» Great great great!

11 The Shadow» My alltime favorite brew. Tripod drinks it too and look what happened to him.

11 Colt O'Hare» this beer is a special liquid that can lift a man past the watered down crap american's drink

11 glitterpimp» Guinness rules ass! American beer is like making love in a canoe, it's fucking close to water. It's funny watching the other goofballs at the bar drink a light version of an already light beer. You might as well have ordered a glass of ice tea.

0 I agree with» this shit sucks

11 JSox» Simply the Best! Thank you Guinness, thank you!

10 collene» i love this beer and have a difficult time drinking anything "light" but, and this is a big but, it is not possible to drink this beer, on a regular basis, and lose weight...

0 this shit sucks» take my turds add water blend and drink

11 Scott» Now that I have been to Ireland, Guinness in the States is little less grand - but still grand.

11 mad scot» apprehensive when I immigrated from Scotland to the desert of Tucson. Fear not, my 3 Irish pubs serve Guiness, cold and extra cold!! Oh and I can also get my 10 rated Boddington's too!! Life in the sun ain't bad.

11 deathshead» ITs the only choice nothing else can compare to this gods necter

11 Martin» Guiness is the #1 beer, it takes some getting used to the taste but its #1. light beer sucks!

11 Brian The Pappy» Right you are, Bill! Scores off the charts...incomparable and insurmoutable. God bless you, Arthur Guinness. Almost time to buy some cases if you live in Michigan.

9 the Bow-meister» As a matter of fact, laddy, I'm polishing one off at this very minute.

11 big bob» my all time favorite beer, harp lager is second. every since my parents got me a pint on st pattys day, i have loved it

11 Bill McNiece» There are only two kinds of beer - Guinness, and those that wish they were.

11 Geoff» my beer of choice. extra stout all the way

11 Brettzky42» MMMMMMMMM. Guinness...

6 Bob» Decent but overated.

7 Jimbo Caesar» Guinness is so misunderstood in the US. It's much lighter -bodied and smoother than its dark color would suggest, especialy to people who consider "light" beers to be worth drinking.

8 anthony» so good in irish car bombs...

11 Ilan» One of my 2 favorite beers

11 Autopilot» To the guy that said guinness is gross. Go drink some light beer you sissy.

11 george» there is nothing better on georges green earth

11 MICK MARS» Its my beer of choice.

11 Chris» Do yourself a favor and choose Guinness, you won't be disappointed.

11 Mark» Guinness is Gold! God made me poor for a reason ~ this fine brew is not cheap. But it is worth taking out another mortgage on the trailer, just to satisfy my thirst for the best thing that has ever come out of Ireland. And that includes my wife.

7 Mark» I would give it a 7 in the US and a 11 in Emerald Isle. It just dosen't taste as fresh here in the states.

11 theimitation» The only true choice.

11 the Mayor» i've drank many of beers in my day, and every single time, after each ale, lager, porter, specialty brew...i always go back to the greatest beer ever! and besides who wouldn't resist an irish car bomb, as an added bonus, i might add..

8 Sweeney» Terrifically creamy, its a shame so many people are too pussy to like it. I feel a pride whenever I drink this as I'm as irish as it gets.

11 ROTOPILOT» My God this is good stuff!!!! I keep a case in the garage, stays at about 40 degrees. Just right.

0 beerdrinka» tastes like coffee, grossest beer i may have ever tasted

11 David» Guinness is more than a "beer". It is a way of life AND it's true that it's ....not just for breakfast anymore!

11 g monie » the ONE and ONLY drink this over ANYTHING if they dont have it at your local bar/pub take the walk to the nearest one and bitch that the closer pub/bar doesnt have guinness,

11 jared » really good stuff....creamy.

11 fred» God Bless the Irish for creating the nectar of the Gods. I keep it on tap in my dining room. It's actually cheaper than the can or bottle.

11 Walsh» Guiness is the finest fluid on this Earth. Also one thing to note in the review: A common misconception is that Guiness is black. Its actually deep red. Hold it up to a light.

11 Moonpie» Extra Stout is my 'go to', and I try to keep Draught on hand, too.

11 bigb4812» Hands down the best beer I've ever had.

11 Liam» This is truly God's gift to the world. My Goodness!!! My Guinness!!! I drink this stuff for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and just about any other time the boss will allow me!

10 MHS» One of my favourites. In a pub, from a can, haven't tried the new bottle.

10 Ryan McCarthy» Just returned from Dublin...considering moving for the beer alone

11 AL» Guinness - The best goddamn drink in the world. PS. Budweiser is the devils urine.

11 Sam» Great beer, though it is an acquired taste for a lot of people. But it happens to be my favorite and I recommend it to everyone at least once.

10 the other Brian» Now this is real beer. My rating at left is for the draught bottle, from the tap, it rates an 11.

0 DrJon» Don't like having to chew my beers. Tastes like coffee.

10 Pat O'Hannon» obviously i love it, better from the tap, partially because of the atmosphere

0 Dave» Tastes like burned Budwieser. Why anyone drinks this horse piss is beyond me. If you want to drink real beer, try a budweiser.

11 Brandonius» Guinness draught from the pub, an 11. From the draught can, 9. From the bottle, I'm going to have to say 5 because both my wife and I agree it tastes like cherries. Why I don't know. Cherry Guinness? Not so good.

8 Pete» Can be great on draught especially in Ireland. Also good as a bail out drink when the pub you visit has nothing else worth drinking. Stronger export stuff( Belgian Nigerian)is worth seeking out. Shame they start pasteurising the bottled stuff

11 guinness lover» i first tried this beer in ireland in a pub and it was love at first taste.

11 Baisley» FANTASTIC!!!!!!

10 John» The only thing that beats Guiness in a bottle is a properly poured Guiness at good Irish pub.

11 Christopher» Guinness is less a drink and more a way of life for me and my family

9 rankinfred» Great stuff. Better as draft. Even better if you're drinking it on a balmy day in ireland.

9 newt» Nothing in the world like a good keg of Guiness to get the blood flowing.Wonderful stuff!

10 coco» nothing goes down quite like a guinness...and the slow foam of a nicely poured pint would satisfy me any day.

9 CBenn» Great beer! This Bass and Harp Boddingtons and Belhaven are what other beers(bigger comercial type breweries that is)strive to be. Great with a meal, great alone. Only thing ive had thats better is some microbrewery/BrewPub type stuff.

10 Ed» One of the very best beers on the market. It is also great to cook with. Soak a steak in it for an hour before you grill it. Amazing flavor. Brilliant!

7 mc» Guinness has a new website

11 Rob Hunter» I hated beer before Guiness. I just happened to buy a 6'er from the liquor store because I wanted a beer. I figured I would have one and hate it (because I hate beer) but I ended up drinking the whole 6'er. I love this beer.

11 JJ» Holy Grail of draught. 'nuff said

10 The Viking King» Holy Rat Shit !! The new Guinness Draught in the bottle gave me new meaning to life ! I've decided not to hang myself from my 3rd story office window, and i took up pottery, o.k not really but Holy Shiat thats good stout !!!!!


11 roll» bong 2 cans of guinness..

8 Bobby » I decided since it was St. Patty's Day I would honor the Irish by trying my first Guiness. I am sorry to say I should have started this new tradition many years ago. I enjoyed every drop and plan to celebrate St. Patty's every day for a while.

9 Wargames» A Guinness Stout and Bass Ale black and tan cannot be beat. I agree the bottled Guinness is better than the canned and more reliable than the draft.

11 RobertMc» Best stuff ever,plain and simple

11 Wikdog» As the polls show, it's a love or hate relationship with this one. Who me? Nah Beetle, I love this shit!

11 gobosox» there is nothing better to ever grace a pint glass than guinness!

11 Richard» Lovely stuff. Don't listen to all this "better stouts in the US" nonsense. Guinness is it.

0 Nasty Crud» I swear, it's like drinking the coffee grounds out of my cuisinart. Foul stuff, IMHO. If you enjoy it, more power to you.

10 NoBeerDrinker» For some reason i can't drink beer without feeling ill... Until i came across Guinness. I don't know why, but this is the only beer i can drink. All the other beers taste like fermented crap for my tastebuds. Still... Guinness taste pretty good

11 Justin» My first beer was Guinness, my last beer (many years from now) will be Guinness

11 Matt» Guinness is hands down the most flavorfilled beer out there.... i wish everyday was St. Patrick's Day

11 Guinness_Lady» I don't like beer. I never though i would like Guinness. But... as most women will not admit, I was wrong. Yes, wrong. Its all I will drink from a bottle.

11 Tricky» Guiness is mothers milk....period....

0 disappointed» The worst beer I've ever had. A real bummer too since I bought a 6-pack. I didn't even drink one whole bottle. Throwing the rest out.

5 McCoy» Marginal stout. Most U.S. micro's make much tastier stout. Guinness is thin, watery and flat with only a hint of roasted malt. Overrated.

11 Rick» Back in college, we figured one Guinness = one peanut butter sandwich for nutritional value. And we were right. I'm so glad the Nitro cans (and bottles) are available in the States now because the draft stuff is infinitely better than the Export.

11 Mechanic» drink it daily... COLDER the BETTER.

11 robbie» oh man, i could really use a Guinness right now... but what else is new, right?

11 mike» guinness ahhhhhh

0 Rappster» The Irish don't make good beers and this one is terrible but the Irish think it is "fashionable" to drink. This beer sucks and so do the Irish.

9 Chris» I can not give this a 10 in the U.S. To truly enjoy this world class stout you must go to Ireland. Nuff said.

11 what» just got back from ireland, guinness was the only thing I drank over there. damn good

10 Jon» All I can say is WOW! After trying Guiness extra stout, I was very sceptical about the brand. But after polishing a car bomb with one of these babies all I could think of was WOW!

6 abnmonty» With all of the hoopla that I have been reading here, I went and bought a 6 pack. I don't know if my taste buds are not as sophisticated as yours, but to me it tastes like week old burnt army coffee.

9 OrkyRulez» Very worthy beer, but not for guzzling entire tankards of it. Good in case you've missed breakfast, and your morning beer, now you can have both, and hey, what can I say? It's got a rocket inside, duuuuuude!

10 Petite Girl» Being as how I am a petite girl I also get strange looks when I order a Guinness. Thats ok, I just call them pansies and we have a good laugh. Its great for picking up guys!

9 jimmo» In Ireland all Guinness is served cool. The bottled draught sold here is suggesteed to be drunk "extra cold". on the label......why?

11 Flad» Lovely day for a Guinness! The greatest beverage in the world!!

11 Shaggy» The ONLY beer I'll is a generally disgusting substance that tastes somewhat like vomit or cow feed, but Guiness is in a class of it's own. And yes, I'm a girl, LOL!.

11 Jerzguy» This is good stuff!!!

11 Not so girly girl» I don't like that many beers, but I love Guinness. I also love the raised eyebrows I get when I order one (being a tall, skinny girl and all)!

11 Lightn10» A Guiness in Dublin is still one of the best experiences in my life. But for everyday dinking you can't beat the bottle/wigget combo.. Cheers

11 GuinGuy» I stopped drinking other beers years ago.

10 Boddington's Buddy» I like my guinness with a boddington's chaser...YUM!!

11 Guinness for life» I personally think it's unfair to have Guinness compared with these other beverages. It's like matching Brett Favre against your local high school quarterback and seeing who's better. Good call on the bottle being the best bet outside the pub.

11 Brian» I now have another favorite!!

5 Dariusz» Guiness is a child of Żywiec Porter ,

11 Irish Cowboy» Guiness has to be one of the greatest tasting drinks God ever graced the Earth with. Me mates labled it properly, "The nectar of the Gods."

10 tyrone» Guinness is the only beer I can order and know I'll always enjoy it. (barring extremely slow wait staff) The bottled draught is probably the only beer I('d) buy somewhat regularly.

10 new orleans barfly» yummmmmmmmmmmm.....oops, just fell off the barstool. perfect beer for St. Pat's

11 DJ» I've yet to find a better beer, and I've tried! The greatest thing since sliced bread, lol.

9 Jim» SERIOUS beer, for those who love it. Best on tap, if offered, and in a cold mug. Otherwise, the bottles are better than the cans. I know that sounds snobby, but it's just my opinion.

11 Shamrock» Its the only Draught to be worthy of being called a true Beer. God Bless Arthur, for bestowing his vision of perfection upon all us Irish.

11 strummer» very satisfying and enjoyable. it is mothers milk.

10 lover» we love the stuff and can't wait until the 17th when we're given the excuse to get off our faces on it! Guinness is the drink of the Gods!

11 Shane» I've tried to find a beer I enjoy sipping as much as Guinness, but just haven't been able to. It's kind of like a garage band, everyone was enjoying it before it was trend in America. How does that work?

5 Lemastre» I bought a six-pack of Guinness Draught on sale. The unexpected plastic thing was startling but seems bioneutral. The beer is fine, but let's scrap the floater.

11 yukoncornelius» Guinness is the very first beer that i ever tried and i have experimented with many others that are out there but i am very confident in saying that it is the very best around.

11 Bob Heaney» Arthur made it, pubs sell it, and I love it. Nice day for a Guinness!!

10 Jay Caauwe» Having been back to the 'ol sod' a number of times, I am confident that a blind taste would find even results pitting pint vs. pint[ bottle]

8 JoeyC» An excellent beer. That said, waaaaay overrated. Yes, there are better beers. Complex, but not as balanced as some other top-shelf stouts.

6 jtl» the first guiness i had was a draft and i hated it. now i wish my taste never changed. 12 btls. a day is routine. and the price is steep compaired to mick lite. the acohol isn't much lower, so how can u drink so much? the nitro? any 1 know??

11 duhsty» THE beer!

10 james» If this was any better, it would be called water

4 emily» its a meal

9 jake» Guiness draught is indeed a fine beer, but I have always preferred extra stout.

11 ju87» great review! i've always wondered how the widget worked. i recently dissected a can and wondered how the little ping pong ball with a bit of guinness did its trick.

10 Dubinski» I must say, the god of all beers, but there are a few stouts that compare I feel if you are looking to mix your tastes. In terms of quality from the tap and from the bottle or from the can, you can not beat a fresh Guiness. I must say, OUGH!

11 Drew» Love it

11 UMM-Beer» Nectar of the gods

11 Ellorion» The best.

10 Juneau» In a class of its own. Every pour is a work of art. It's a stout that goes down as smooth as silk.

11 Padraig» Good to the last drop!!!

11 Celebrate_it» too compare guinness is like trying to run through a brick wall. unless you compare it to a bigger bottle.

11 Mr. Miner» Did you know that you can get all recommended viatamins and minerals by drinking 1 glass of OJ, 2 glassed of milk and 47 Guinesses. Swear to god.

10 mexican_radio» Love it

10 ERIC» Not 11. 10 is one of the standards by which all others are judged. The other standard is Guinness.

9 Old Dave» Better head than the old bottles, better taste than the cans. I prefer mixing the old bottles with the cans (Two pint glasses, one old bottle in each, then top the pints off with one can). Now we can't get the old bottles in the U.S. Can't they get anything right?

10 elpadrino» Several pints of this stuff has found its way into the comfort of my belly!!! It's worth the wait (30 min) to drink a Guinness in Ireland!

11 _Robb» My all time favorite....its got bite...and weight...plenty of flavor and stays with you. If spilled you immediatly want to save what you can..and if not tears are soon to follow. Barkeep cut him off!!!!

11 yup» timeless. nothing compares

8 US Redneck» Good beer, but Extra Stout is better. For purists? -- I don't think so. Take out the Nitrogen plug and make it a full 12 ouncer.

11 Christian» Deliciously refreshing and low alcohol so you can drink it all night.

11 SympathyfortheDevil» Keith Richards and the Rolling Stones drink Guinness - enough said. The nitro widget is classic. Its lager, Harp, also gets 11. (Jason, the reason Guinness will never be the official beer of NASCAR is because red necks don't drink beer this good.)

11 Jason» Why isn't this the official beer of NASCAR? Oh ya, cuz it tastes good!

10 Timmy» Theirs only one place to drink guinnes and thats its home, Ireland. And yes it tastes so different

11 Caseaweek» Guinness - The ONLY beer

11 G-Man» Best of the Best. Can't beat an ice cold draught. Good review...informative.

11 Rev» The best beer bar none.

9 Scott» A true classic that many non-diserning beer drinking in the US cant appreciate. go back to watching nascar and drinking coor light.

9 Jtown» I have drank this brew for several years and it is the standard. I can't give it a higher rating because of my love for Young's Oatmeal Stout. If you haven't yet tried it, it's a pleasant suprise.

11 Foul Mouthed Mike» Simply put....perfection.

11 gopdomer» they should change the name to ''beer'', because it is what everything else is measured against

5 tester5» I have to agree with the guy posting it as coffee grounds, there are lots of beers in a bottle that don't foam out of the top that still taste pretty good. The 'is that a peice of the bottling machinery?' doesn't add enough to the experience to make

11 Cutter» Guiness has been the standard by which every other beer has been judged since the first time I tried it!

10 Pounder» What other beers should aspire to be.

9 bobc» One of the biggies, although I understand it's considered an "old man's beer" in Ireland. Ah well. Pour me another AARP ale!

10 Eric Pseja» Guinness for me is the old standard that I can always order when I'm not experimenting with new beers. Also, it tastes slightly different at different pubs so be sure to 'drink around' and find your favorite!

11 Syz» Perfection. The perfect pour and temp is key though.

10 wapner» The ultiimate brew! Knock-offs such as Beemish come close, but no cigar!

10 texascarl» Great dry stout and a smart dieter's low-carb alternative to Lite & Ultra beer.

11 ikejames» best. beer. ever. what is the deal with the Extra Stout though?

11 John O'Connor» Pure heaven. Nectar of the god's.

9 garyW» As a brewer myself its been a challenge to recreate this goodness. As far as stouts go this is a good one.

11 Mooseherd» Nectar of the gods. I'd hate to see a "fast pour" at the pub - just order the next when a third remains on the current. It's part of drinkin Guinness!

9 Vcook» There are few things finer than perfect pint of Guiness. I prefer it from a tap(a clean tap) or from the can, for the perfect pint should be enjoyed from a glass not from a bottle. Then follow it up with an "irish car bomb", and a high five from the guy next to you.

10 HotTurtle» I like the bottle. I also like it from a clean tap. It is one of the very best brews in the world. Now-how about a report on Koelsh-type German brews. You will have to travel to Cologne to taste them all.

11 Sully» Treat yourself to this fine brew in the morning.

11 Cory Cater» One of the most enjoyable experiences on earth. I think that the can comes the closest to simulating a pint in an Irish Pub. I've found that the Guinness in American pubs is usually not as smooth, and is generally more bitter.

11 Lauren» Guinness. Mother's Milk. It's all I drink. In a glass. In a bottle. In a can. With a man. In a boat. With a coat. I digress before I sound too much like Seuss. "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." ~ Ben Franklin

11 DixieDrinker» The best beer I've ever had. I like the can because it's easier to simulate a tap-pulled Guinness.

11 LuvBuzz» Simply one of the best mass produced stouts around.

11 Eustace Tilley» Guinness is health food.

10 Laury» I just love Guinness, but it makes me feel like a bloated cow! My alternative is a "Black Velvet" Half Cider and Half Guinness. I urge you try it!!!

7 Smokey» Good flavor, but tastes like flat beer.

10 Gammel Jepp» My son saw it first and thought it was an ice cube. I said "no" it must be a test tube from a molecular biology experiment... and had him pour it out! Then we saw the others...

5 William» Tastes good only in britain... and that's because of the crappy weather and bad food.

1 Hugh_G_Rection» Tastes like monkey piss..

10 brYan» You're a saint. I thought i was the only guy in the world that enjoyed the draught bottle more than tap. Apparantly most have underestimated the creaminess. You've made me feel better about myself.

11 PABLO» Absolutely the best beer to my taste! Can, draught, bottle (only because I don't enjoy drinking from the bottle) and it doesn't pour as well as the can. MMMMMMM!!!

8 Corkonian» Not a bad stout. BUT YOU CANNOT BEAT A PINT OF MURPHY'S!!!!! Come on the Rebels!!

11 Will in West LA» Hey,Guinness is the best beer in the world bar none. The can or the tap i think is the best. A German girlfriend turned me on to it, she left me but the Guinness stayed!LOL!

4 Steve» I must be the only irishman that cant drink guinness. This actually makes me sick for some reason.

11 Will the Canuck» Greatest stout I've ever had... Greatest beer I've ever had!

10 sugarbabe patria» Guiness and a match of rugby or soccer,perfect combination. Damn, wish we had it my local pub in Tienen(Belgium)

11 nick» hail king guinness. this brew is the "CREAM" of the crop, i'm never disappointed with it, wether can,tap, or bottle.

11 JD» King of Stouts. I agree with the belly. Bottle is best. Can next. Tap is great if bar is clean. The extra stout sux in my opinion. No foamy head. The extra tastes like mississippi river water.

10 Andy Smith» One of the greatest drinks ever created, next to the extra stout. I must ask, what do people find wrong with the extra stout, it is fuller bodied and thicker, more palate pleasing.

10 Gerry» I mean...Its Guinness!! Porter! Stout! Stew! It cant be beaten. 9.5 is too low a score! Hello from Ireland to all Guiness Drinkers.

11 JC» Yes I must say this is the beer that tops all others. VERY Smooth tasting beer. Once you have it you will buy more!!!!

10 IreSean» it is only best when in Canada of in Ireland being served in the US takes the life out of a fine stout

9 Ray Waits» In a can it's not too good. In a bottle it's fair. But fresh out of the tap it's the smoothest beer I've had yet.

9 lonely guy» I wonder if Dave will ever be able to enjoy one of these in an urban setting. You know where there are girls and other stimulation. Rather than on a mountain where there are only dears and racoons.

9 g-money» great beer. makes me want to watch a soccer game, then go tear the shit out of someone village. oy

9 James» This has been my favorite drink since I was 7 years old. The cartoon you've got is funny too. Make it a series... the Drunken Adventures of Brian's Belly!

Key:   9 Rating   RED» Guests   GREEN» Registered Buddy