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11 fat tire» Big pimpin your an idiot and all your friends are idiots bud and coors light arent even beers go suck on a baby bottle maybe that would be more fitting for you and your friends

11 Pablo» My favorite beer hands down. The flavor is unmatched. It's only competition in my fridge is Newcastle brown ale which is an excellent beer as well. Not the strongest beer (fat tire) it's definitely something to enjoy the flavor of.

11 Shane» Best beer around. I'm in Louisiana and it might be easier to find the fountin of youth then this beer here.

10 Bill» One of the best, well balanced ales you can get. Too bad I don't live where it is readily available, I have to have it FedEx 'd to my house here in the east...needless to say I am stingy with my Fat Tire

11 Randy» one of the finest!

10 OptimusPabst» Mmmm...biscuits...That's actually a perfect description for Fat Tire's flavor. Nothing wrong w/ biscuits. Bottle is pretty good, but tap is where it's at. The fresher, the better. Tasty beer.

2 WM» If I had to imagine what motor oil tastes like, this would be it. I wouldn't recommend Fat Tire to anyone. There are much better bears out there than this crap. I don't know how it is rated so highly.

10 Bob» I Love Fat Tire, Amber Ale. I don't care for dark beer but this beer is the perfect mix of regular beer with more taste and flavorand a dark beer but not as much hopps to give it a bitter taste. Just the right amout of yeast, hopps,sugar, etc.

1 Big Pimpin» This is one of the worst beers I have ever drank. My friend had a keg at his 4th of July party. Needless to say, the crowd barely touched this shit & started to demand Bud & Coors light. That should tell you something!

1 Pauly T» Ouch! OK - I know there are several states without the luxury of dozens of microbrews, but please don't waste your time on FT. It's the McDonald's of bicros, from a brewery that knows better. Try Avalanche or Tire Bite.

10 Joe NJ» It's the best

2 DJ» I'm sorry, but Flat Tire just sucks. The overbearing flavor is potent, but just not any good. Taste like the crap that a coworker makes in his basement, the stuff that gives you the runs.

11 RJ» At my Father's wake just this month... I had my first taste of FAT TIRE Beer and was tremendously pleased with the smooth taste of your Amber Ale. "Awesome" doesn't even describe it to it's fullest. I loved every drop. Thanks for getting me hooked.

10 Randee» I love FAT TIRE....

8 Tugboat» right up there as one of my favs - a bit sweet perhaps for my liking, but great year round. ask for a warm glass when they pour it, the flavor comes thru better

11 Fat Tire Fan» This is the best beer-i want to go back to colorado just to drink it!!

11 T.C.» Fat Tire is beer. I highly recommend the brewery tour if your ever near Denver. A few of the local bars there have a beer on tap that you can't buy anywhere else.

11 tara» Just got back from 3 weeks in Denver.. I have never liked beer and I drank enough to make up for lost time.. This beer rocks and cant wait to get it in cincinnati

11 Joe» This is bar none my favorite beer! I got the chance to go to the New Belgium brewery this summer in Fort Collins, CO and pretty much every beer they make is amazing.

1 FCF» I love all beers and i like to try new beers and this one blew dog. Tasted like mold or something and stunk bad. Chicago

10 OptimusPabst» While the "biscuity" description doesn't sound great, it's true, AND it tastes wonderful. Don't miss an opportunity to try this beer. Fortunately for us Westerners, it's easy to come by.

10 Jess» Very tasty. Worth double the price. Life's too short to drink bad beer.

8 Scrappy» Too sweet and nutty to drink all night, it's more like an Aperitif. But it is a very good beer.

11 Chris» I love Fat Tire beer, I wish I could get it down here in Florida! Definitely worth the price and even better on tap.

11 jon» I used to do business in Boulder and would always drink that beer. I am going back for the first time in 7 years. I can not wait!

11 craig rick» simply,the best beer i've ever had.Good the the rest, fat tire is the best

2 ballzy» I thought it was lousy. couldn't wait to grab a natural light as an alternative.

11 Yabado» MMMMM, bisquity!

6 Michael» Not bad.

11 melissa» yum

9 bigsop» i never had one until the other night and i can still remember how great tasting that beer is. expensive but good.

4 Nick» Its too chocolaty for me. Its getting really popular because new belgium has such great distribution and advertising. I think skinny dip is way better.

10 Elza» case rate

10 Bush» cat shelter

10 Jesus» wolverine boot

10 Nicole» catapult work

0 Drink PBR» Had this in Phoenix.What is all the hype about? It is really not good

11 Mykel» I live in Atlanta and will soon drive to Arkansas for a Fat Tire.

9 Chicago Pete» Good Amber!! This beer is well balanced. Starts a little sweet w/ a nice clean hop finish. It's not my Favorite from New Belgium. They have a Seasonal program with Bier De Mars, Skinny Dip, and 2 degrees Below. 1554 and Abbey are great dark beers.

11 Candab» This is, without a doubt, one of the top 10 beers I've ever had. Right now, I have what's left of a case occupying my fridge!

3 Beer in Vegas» I recognize this is a quality beer... I'm just not into that biscuit like taste... but I guess there is a beer for everyone right? This just isn't the flavor I enjoy.

5 Synthobsession» Not the best amber ale, but its alright.

11 HBK» Great beer. A little expensive around Northwest AR.


9 Davie» I discovered this in Vail encouraged to go accross the street by a bartender who didn't serve it and saw my love for beer. Superb, complex with fruity yeast overtones and you can taste the hops. It's fragile and I think it suffers from transport.

1 El Diablo» Terrible phoney mixmaster American minibrew. Its puke.

11 Cóir» Excellent. That's all. Excellent.


0 Beer drink'in Dave» This is way over rated. I rate it a 0 because it is not all that. I'd drink it if I had to but don't go out of your way for this one.

9 Mark» based on the owner's experiences in the land of beers...Belgium! That little low country is full of similar brews, some even better. Plenty of good Belgian beer cooking recipes to boot. Look in the Interbrew (Belgium) website.

8 Mordy» I like it enough, I chose it as the first keg to break in my kegerator! One of those beers that would be hard to get bored of.. Nice earthy brown ale with a thick head, but not too heavy. Excellent!

7 erk» It's an alright brew. I drank it alot for a while, don't drink it too much now. I consider it a beginner's "good" beer. Not bad, but not complex enough. A simple decent beer.

11 jessica» i adore this beer. i moved from CA to FL and was told (like I was an idiot)that "they don't get Fat Tire on that side of the mississippi" of many reasons i moved back to CA

5 Rappster» Had this stuff in Phoenix at Don and Charlie's. Both the restaurant and the beer were fair

9 Tom Corona del Mar» Excellent beer, drink it on tap at the Place Bar & Grill in Corona del Mar, California (Newport Beach) excellent hoppiness, smooth, sweet color, nice aftertase, and its not heavy. Damn good !

10 Chris» Fat Tire is the best beer I have ever drank. I started drinking it when I lived in Colorado but I live in Tokyo now so I only get to drink it once a year when I go back home. It seems even better now. I recommend it to anyone in the area.


11 Pete» A perfectly balanced beer. As I've lived on both coasts, I'm thirlled to have it available locally. It's the only beer I'll buy without a recommendation from friends.

8 Jimbo Caesar» A very good beer with a nice hoopy taste. Somehow the second one tastes even better than the first!

11 Brian» The 1st Fat Tire was on a ski trip to CO. My friends told me I had to try one. Of course I ordered a Flat Tire. Now I fill my truck for the return trip with no less than 8 cases. I last trip I charged my budy Fat Tires for gas

9 Adrian UK» I came over to work for a week in Phoenix, Arizona from England.The Guy at the restaurant suggested Flat Tire. It’s a smooth beer a bit sweet, nice colour and it left a slight after taste of Oak in the mouth. The good thing was it was good enough for a few more..!!

11 Rick» I sell fat-tire in MO. and this beer does not stay on the shelf. People will drive up to 50 miles one person told me, just to get a 12 pack to drink. 50 miles!!!

7 JJ» Like Bob D, i had to have it shipped. It tasted like a Sam Adams creation, it was good, but i guess my expectations were too high on top of the fact i had to get it from across the country. I recommend it if u can get it locally.

10 Paul» Pork chop in a bottle!

11 jon» What a great brew, had it once, almost never have anything else, except Sam Adams - Black Lager

11 Bill » Fat Tire is by far the best beer in the world. I am in the Navy and have been to Germany on more than one occasion. German beers do not compare as far as I am concerned. I am a little bias, being from Fort Collins, CO but I think anyone will agree.

2 Joe» I was excited to have this when i went west for a business trip. i agree with shmc, it has character. disapointing.

11 Bob D.» It is the greatest beer in the world. They do not sell it in VA, so I pay to ship it all the way across the country.

11 MrBungle» recently started drinking Fat first i wasnt sure if i liked it, with its toasty aftertaste. but by the second beer it had become my favorite domestic.

7 Paul» I may have just gotten a sub-par pack, but i'm on my third fat tire and it really seems like it should be called flat tire, there's hardly any fizz to it. Sure does have a smooth taste to it though.

11 cloud9» I am originally from Colorado so my comment may hold some bias, but this beer is the best domestic I have ever tasted. I hightly encourage you to try this microbrew asap!!! Heck, it so good that I will buy you a glass if you ever make it to Glenwoo

11 BoozyCougar» In Pullman, WA the "getting messed up" beer of choice is by far Busch Light, but when it comes to a beer we'll sit and enjoy Fat Tire leads the charge. Trust us, we're Cougars, we know beer. Go Cougs!

11 Big Mike» Best Amber Ale, I've ever had. Was hoping that someone, in Co. would be willing to share the recipe. I make my own, and this is one, I want to add to my collection.

11 Carter» Hells yeah! This beer kicks ass...definately the best domestic I've had so far!

10 Jay» For me, this is as good a beer as you can get for a domestic. I have a friend that brings me 12 every time he comes to town, I hope he comes soon!

1 shmc» completley overrated! Bland taste, no hops, no after taste, just because you can't get it east of the Mississippi, people think it is special..It's NOT!

11 Scott» My all time fav. If you love this like I do try Sam Smiths Winter Welcome. Great X-Mas beer

10 T.G. Fisher» In Colorado beers I prefer Tommyknocker bock and stout. But I had a Fat Tire draft waiting for a table at a restaurant. Then had two more. Nice change. Beats hell out of California micro brews.

11 Marz» My favorite beer of all time. Wish it were available in Florida. Happy to ship it in from Colorado, it's THAT good!

10 jimmyt» I was in Longmont, Co on business and wandered into a bar/grill and had my first taste of Fat Tire. I got so pumped I drank about 7 got home ordered a shirt and told my buddy from Bozeman to send me a case. One of the best beers I have had.

10 Jeet» I'm from atlanta where this beer is pretty-much non-existant; but everytime I go to northern california to visit family I make SURE to get a few of these. My favorite beer.

10 scott» Fat Tire rules, can't seem to find it in southern california, until i do i'll happily sttel for my local Stone Brewery

8 luke» pretty tasty, eh reed?

11 Harry Jones» Hooray for Fat Tire. Fortunately I have lived long enough to find this beer--at 73 one has other con-cerns but I feel obliged to override the comments of those who think "thousands of other beers" are better. Not true. No, I am not a stockholder.

2 nw brewer» if you love fat tire, it is likely that you have limited access to real beer. this beer is well made ane one of a kind for its style, however i can think of 100 better beers ... bridgeport ipa, full sail pale, laugunitas anything, stone anything, s

11 Shiner bock Sucks» This beer is exceptionally drinkable, great with any food choice. It is an extremely well crafted ale. Fat tire is the best all around any occassion ale. two of my other favorite breweries are Stone brewery, CA and Rogue brewery.

11 Steve» My all time favorite!!!

10 Bill » Absolutely wonderful- second only to Caffrey's in my opinion. You can only get it in places where they can ship it whilest it's refrigerated...

10 Kit» all who wish they could brew such a beer. The Amber champion, Fo Sho.

10 Dave S» Great Beer,...In my mouth and stomach,...nothing better. Making a road trip to Ohio from New Mexico if anybody needs it by the case. Early August 2005

11 Tom » I lived in Colorado for 4 years and was in love w/ this beer. Until you go w/ out you don't know how good you have it. THIS IS THE BEST BEER I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!

11 Jay» I was visiting a friend in Tempe, night at a local pizza place the waiter recommended trying a Fat Tire...well needless to say I'm hooked...Chicago needs this the meantime...I need to order 5 cases...somehow..I'll find a way!!!!

9 D-Rod» Fat Tire is a good Colorado brew, but several others in the Rocky Mountain State can give it run. Different beer catagory, but if you ever get the chance, try Blue Moon Brewery's Belgium White. Absolutely delicious. Makes going to a Rockies game fun

6 Pzkpfw» Not badat all, but there thousands of ales better than this.

11 Thai Starkovich» Love Fat Tire!! couldnt get enough of it when i lived in arizona. someone tell me, is it available in so cal or tennessee yet? I want to get some before I deploy to Iraq in september!!

10 marshall smith» why can't i find it in florida

11 California Flava» Truly a great tasting ale! Discovered it in Fresno a few months ago and I'm hooked! California has much love for Colorado!

9 Mark n Texas» We get Fat Tire here in San Antonio...these nice 24oz bottles too at our local grocery store. Perfect for the drive home after the gym!!!

11 Jordan K.» By far the best dam Beer to come outta Colorado, I just wish I could get it in West Virginia

11 Jeff» Can't say I've ever found a better beer. Thankfully down here in Phoenix it's on tap all over the place and available in blessed Costco.

9 kaneguindreams» High on the taste factor without overpowering. A big hit at parties for the uninitiated (should have brought more than one 6-pak).

9 Wiktitty» Just recently had my first draft of ye ol' Fat Tire. I was pleasantly surprised. More surprisingly was that my spare tire didn't get fatter. Note to rednecks - not to be used as a floation device.

10 Boston Embiber» Used to live in Denver and would always drink this stuff. On many drunken nights referred to it as the nectar of the gods. Makes talking to self-righeous bitches in Lower Downtown (LODO) almost bearable.

10 Beer Dog» I live in Seattle and it is very popular here. There are lots of good micros but this one stands out above the rest.

11 DIRTY d» FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!! as always HOOKED

6 Reid» Nice easy to drink amber ale. A great beer to have with friends down the pub.

9 The Beer Man» Nice, easy to drink and very flavorful. Well balanced with yummy taste of fresh bread. Mmmmm...bread...woohoo!

9 BB» Good. Clean and smooth tasting. Hard to find. I found it at a "World Market" store.

11 Anthony» This is one of the best amber ales I have ever tasted. Unfortunately it is unavailable in Southern California where I hail from. I guess I'll be taking more trip to Denver then expected!!

11 Stacy» This is my all time favorite beer! I can't get it in MD where I live which is so incredibly sad...

10 LEMDOG» One of my top 5 all-time favorite beers. Use to live in Colorado and drink it all the time. Now live in Tennessee and can't get it here. What a shame!

11 Deesnuts» A friend of mine lived in Laramie, WY and brought some out here to Iowa. It is definately one of the best microbrews out there.

10 kjjust» been drinking this for several years now. Too bad that it is not available everywhere. It's my second favorite. My favorite is Alaskan Amber.

7 dricu» It was good....and different. I had to try it before I left the Denver airport and compared to my favorite microbrews from Co, Breckenridge Brewery's Avalanche Ale and Oatmeal stout, it was just good. Would I drink it again? YOU BET!

10 AFatTireForAFatFuck» Reno has it, Vegas has it...Wisconsin needs it!

10 Bobby» My ex-wifes future brother in law was visiting and bought a sixer and brought it to the house. He offered me one, and my god it was awesome. I couldnt drink Fat Tire all night..but it is a nice after dinner, watch a movie beverage.

9 skidmark» whenever i go wets from iowa i got to get the best beer brewed west of europe. very good stuff

11 Cody» Amazing.

10 Terry» I always stop and pick up several cases when I go to Ft. Collins to visit my daughter who introduced me to this berr. This is my favorite beer to have with a meal, be it a burger or a steak.

10 Brad» My 2nd favorite beer! Lived in Colorado spgs for a few years, got hooked on it there.

9 Snake» This beer rocks! You need to sell it in Iowa boys!

11 KamaKazie» I am a local here in Colorado. My buddies just laughed at me because the top 2 shevles are filled with Fat Tire in my garage fridge. The stuff is gooooood. Get's you a nice happy buzz also...!

10 Brian» I love Fat Tire. Next to Newcastle it's my favorite beer. YUMMY!

11 Ben» This beer is awesome. I actually haven't had many different beers. What I have had, I've found some very good ones, but none better than Fat Tire. It's got great flavor and always puts a smile on my face.

9 paco» On a trip to CO it was recommended I try it, and damn glad I did. Best beer ever!

11 Sun Shinewheat» Fat tire is tops for me. Road trip often to MO,NE to replenish the supply! Sunshine Wheat is even better. Would love to go on the tour and visit the taste room!

6 Tim» Ridculously overrated. I have to say I've had at least 10 beers of its style that are better than this.

11 beer420» best beer ever!!!! I hate that you can't get it in Ohio... I getted it shipped to me. Love that dank tire..

11 jagerstar» I won't drink any other beer! Fat Tire is the best.

11 Ryan Bauermeister» Best beer I've ever had. I'm currently in Iraq right now (no beer), so any beer sounds good - but as soon as I get home - It's Fat Tire all the way! I didn't appreciate it when I was home, but from now on I will never take this beer for granted -

2 Trevor» The first sip of this beer was pretty good. They just got this in at the local pool hall that i regular in. the second wasnt as good, and by the third, I was done. as was my friend, and the bartender...

10 joeyjojoe» Really smooth beer. I don't like beer much, but this is really easy to drink by itself or with food and has no aftertaste.

11 Beer is good» Best beer I've ever had... and that's a lot!

10 Visited Kansas... Locals showed up to a BBQ with a few 6'ers of Fat Tire, which I called "Flat Tire"... good Beer.

10 Pea Pot» I was in CO for 3 months and Fat Tire is all I would drink. Great flavor and body, especially from the tap. It is very comparable to Yuengling Lager from Pennsylvania. Getcha some!

11 spider» Had with food at Resturant in MT Home , Ark. Great taste, smooth

11 drewbaker» This beer is hands down the best beer i've ever had. I can get it regularly in Las Vegas but out in so. cal. no one has it. Fortunately I am in vegas often enough to pick up a few cases. I can't go long without this beer. Nothing can come close to it

11 Airborne_Dad» Best beer around, and just made down the street . . .

9 Prav» A friend brought me one from CO. Loved it! 5 days later, I was in CO sipping them down (no, I didn't just go for the beer, but glad I knew about it!)

10 BIG AL» 2nd TO NONE!

11 tattooed pickle» THE BEST BEER!!!!

11 Drew Spiker» Lived in Boulder for 2 years, and have traveled all of north america central american and europe. Still have yet to find a beer i enjoy or can even compare to Fat Tire. Excellent taste, Great Beer!

11 BigBoi» best beer out there. love it and need to find a way to get it in SC!!!

11 Baldman» My favorite beer of all time. So smooth and tasty.

7 auslese_63» Better than most American brews. However its best when served fresh and on tap. Forget the botteled crap. Overall a good drinking beer!

7 Frank» Good--but not really worth the hype. Well-balanced, smooth, very drinkable--but 11 points? Get real.

0 apex_predator» I am flabbergasted at the positive reviews of this beer. It tastes like a burnt biscuit, fermented in urine, and poured from a fat tire. A hot 40 oz. can of Pabst from under the seat of a '56 Ford pickup? Better than FT.

10 Grebenshikov» OhmyGod OhmyGod OhmyGod OhmyGod OhmyGod! Thank you, Brian's Belly, for once again reminding me that the best beers are unavailable in New-friggin-England!!

10 Macadoo» I live in Henderson NV and can get this beer at my local Albertsons.....Lucky Me

9 The Meegs» Sits alongside Alaskan Brewing Company's Amber as my beers of the style

11 Theologian» My favorite beer hands down....

10 Erik» Funny you just discovered it...l had a keg of it at my 2002 Mardi Gras party in Galveston...and get 12-packs at the local grocery

7 brewster» Very good but over-rated. Fun name & quaint location add to legend.

11 amstel-beer» whenever you want to drink lots of beer for a few days to party can drink it as water fastly and thursty and lots of it not too tasty simply beer

11 k. ingram» The best beer on the planet!

11 fatty» Can't get enough of this wonderful stuff!

11 beerman» I love this beer, had in AZ while at a training class. Came back to Nv unable to deliver to Nv that sucks, and to Ca Northern I would love to have it in Cal. that would be all I would drink.

10 rustybear» I was riding my bicycle across Idaho and in Sandpoint I had to replace a worn out chain and cassette so went to the local bike shop to get done. I asked them for the local hangout and there found my first bottle of Fat Tire. I enjoyed the malty taste

11 meg» such a great beer! had my first at bonnaroo 2004 and im hooked...too bad i live on the east coast :(

11 meg» such a great beer! had my first at bonnaroo 2004 and im hooked...too bad i live on the east coast :(

11 cubuff» This is one of the best beers out there....they need to start shipping it to the East Coast!

7 sierraman» overrated. it's good but many other pales/ambers are better. would be a good entry for budmillercoors drinkers looking for something more interesting.

10 Johnny» This here Fat Tire is a dang fine beer.. Me n Billy Joe drank us up a 24 pack we got at Costco and had some fine dreams.

11 mike navy» this is one of the tastiest beers ever created, and i hope they build another brewery closer to me in san diego

11 Purplegeckobbq» I've been drinking Fat Tire for 4 years, I live in LA now and have to have shipped in unitl they work out their distrubtor issues.

11 flyergirl» Thank you, Thank you, my boyfriend will thank you until he can't drink any more Fat Tire. I went to Artic Liquors website, and was finally able to find the beer and have it shipped right to him! His birthday will now be complete!!

2 homerjay» First of all, it lacks any semblance of complexity, it's cheaply made, and does not hold well, AT ALL in a keg. Some other new Belgium products are pretty good. This one is possibly the worst. Shows what a catchy name will do for you.

8 Chooch» A good beer. Only drink it when visiting relatives in AZ & OR. Not available in So. Calif.

11 Erik» i love this beer but i live in NE Ohio and what we call variety is miller, or bud, i am having withdrawl from good beer. how can i get fat tire in ohio? HELP

11 UCSC Slug» one of my favorite beers! so glad they have it in Santa Cruz! it's slowly making its way south, hopefully will be in LA within a year. i spread the word whenever i can

11 chad» this beer kicks ass

11 Jonathan Byrne» This is the best beer in the world. Everyone with a refined beer palate in Colorado drinks it. My friends from out of state always take a few six packs home when their in town.

9 Oso» One of the best Micros I have ever had. I like it much better than Abita, and it even supplants my usual Guinness on lots of occasions. Drank it all the time when I was stationed in Colorado

11 Craig» First had it in Ft. Collins, CO. Couldn't wait for it to show up in California.

11 Will» Hey Chris where did you find Fat Tire beer at? I'm from Visalia...

9 Scottyfloors» My fiance and I love this beer great clean taste with just enough hops. We are from NYC and we know good beer even more so cause we brew our own. Chris D is and idiot and must be an ameteur beer drinker!

11 USC» delicious

5 Chris D.» Overrated. Very average tasting beer. Weak watery malt taste. Same class as a Sam Adams. All you knuckleheads just like it because it references mountain biking and it's the only widely distributed non-coastal micro.

11 gusworld» excellent!

10 mdv» An outstanding brew!One of the few things in life worth leaving NYC for.

11 dave» the best ever. just great

11 Stephanie» There is no taste that beats Fat Tire. It is an exceptional Ale.

11 erin» Is the best beer ever!

11 Andrew» One of the Best Beers Ive ever had!

9 Chris» great beer, excellent head, perfect finish. just came to visalia,ca...been waiting for some time now to get here. worth the wait

11 Joe Parker» Best damn tasting beer out there...

11 Stroke» Finest beer ever - really wish they would distribute east of the misissippi

11 Arptyp» This is the smoothest and most enjoyable beer out there, flavor-ful yet not overdone.

11 AAT» Great brew, great bottle. Outstanding. First had this on my honeymoon in MT and WY. Being from Boston, I can't get it affordably locally, so I have to wait until another trip west.

6 hoppytom» the draft is OK, but it is not as good in the bottle,

10 marshall» great beer! lucky to have it at my fingertips... in all store and bars here in bellingham, wa. only one beer i order to replace it: Mac & Jacks African Amber.

11 CW» The Best Beer! We have lots of great micro brews here in Oregon - but Fat Tire is by far my favorite beer. Luckily most bars in central Oregon carry it, as well as Safeway and Albertsons.

11 Scott» Great stuff!!! Wish they would ship to the East Coast!

10 Hawkeye» I met this brew while between flights at O'Hare ....... Three beers later, my plane departed (damn it!!!). This soda is worth the dollars, even at AIRPORT prices.

10 NDN» my favorite beer. wish i could get in CA, but when i drive home to AZ, i always get a case or two. good stuff!!

11 mick» the best beer on the market, by if I could only find a place to buy it regularly.

11 bassman» the best brew i've had ever. had it while in vail 2 years ago, but cannot find it in alabama

11 Hep» This brew is the shiz-nit! Dark and smooth!

10 L from Boston» My roommate from Boulder always brings cases back with him whenever he goes home. it's not in the Boston bars yet, unfortunately.

11 rojomojo» Best beer on draft. we are in the process of moving to Indianapolis and have yet to see any Fat Tire. Very depressing.

11 Bill Kramer» Great beer. I drive 8 hours every two months to get some. Well worth the drive and time.

10 Tiff from philly» Gotta love the Fat Tire, if any friends travel out west the know to bring at least a case home for my friend and I to share!

10 Earl» A pure, pure pleasure - in a beer aisle dominated by misty, amber-wannabe brews, Fat Tire is a welcome oasis.

11 Max Gunner» This stuff is the best! Do NOT pass up a chance to drink this when available.

11 BWB» One of the best beers I have ever had. I wish I could get it at home.

11 van» Yes, you can get Fat Tire in CA...I had it at a B&G in Calistoga this summer...Excellent!!

11 DasGabe» I love you FAT TIRE.. unlike a woman, your pleasant to think about all the time, and you wont taste funny one week out of every month..

6 fretlessman71» I'm sorry... Fat Tire isn't bad, it's just not that REMARKABLE to me... and New Belgium makes SO MANY other fantastic beers...

11» love Fat Tire and has great Fat Tire and other New Belgium pint glasses.

11 jyk» My favorite beer. It's the best thing about traveling since you can't get it in Minnesota.

10 bs» love it!!

7 St. Pauli Girl » good except it cannot be purchased in California. I tried it first in San Angelo TX, I figured if they have it here, then they must have it in CA. I was wrong.

11 Nekbon» One of the best beers I've ever had. Smooth and almost creamy with no after taste.

10 Mike» I went to college at CSU in Fort Collins for four years. I then moved back east, and I must say, I haven't had a comparable micro since I left.

11 616fun» Great beer!!! They need to get it in my town. I homebrew and have made a clone - but it's not quite the same. New Belgium has a yeast strain from Belgium that they use. If I could just get my hands on a bottle I could culture it!!!

11 beerboy» lived in fort collins one summer in college. used to take milk gallons right to the source to buy this tasty brew. now live in the midwest and only get to relive the experience on trips out west. why can't I find you in Chicago?!

11 Todd» The Fat is where its AT!!!

11 chris» more fattire please...

10 BBlast» Can't say enough about this beer. Lived in Ft. Collins about 7 yrs. ago. Passing thru the Denver airport a few months ago and guess what they had on tap? da' tire....sweetest layover in the world

10 Derel» One Kick Ass beer!

9 texascarl» Haven't had a bad New Belgium yet.

9 Paul A. Smith, Jr» Best beer west of Yeungling Lager. First thing I do when I go to Boulder CO. Ahhhhh, the joys of a cold Fat Tire Ale.

11 chris » the only reason i'll drink other beers is so i'll have a basis for comparison.or if i travel back east,and its not available. best everyday drinking beer ot there.

11 berelovre» Wish I could get this near me. New Belgium unfair to east coast!

10 Ferro» Great Beer! Do not order from Artic Liquor...orders getlost!!

10 Adam» My first taste was through a beer of the month club, what an outstanding beer, great flavor, great finish. I have a friend who lives out west as my supplier - God help me if he ever moves!!!

11 Jason» Had the beer, been to the bar, but havent seen the band...just wish I could get some in California :(

11 Greg Owsley» You don't have to count this vote. I work for New Belgium and we just wanted to say thanks for your kind words about our Fat Tire.

9 Gary» I was on my way back from taking my daughter to school in Tucson stopped in Colorado and tried Fat Tire".I love it..Can we get it in Chicago?

11 Imp» I drank a bottle of this during a trip to AZ upon a tip from a friend. This beer is a definite winner! I love it and wish I could get some out east.

11 Don» Looking out over the Grand Canyon from the lodge was my first taste of Fat Tire. What a treat. Found a store in Arizona that carried it and just like you said the bottle was better than the keg.

11 Montana» Truely my favorite beer. It has a great taste and goes down really smooth

11 Michelle» I'm not a fan of just any beer and Fat Tire is not JUST ANY BEER. If you see a woman carrying a 6-pack in the airports, chances are that is me!!

10 Phil Wortman» I was recently in Fair Play Colorado visiting friends when I tried Fat Tire.IT was great! I live in Tenn,and woulf love to be able to buy it here.

10 Matt» Mandy call them @ 1.888.NBB.4044 I first had this beer in Boulder. When I went back to the midwest I could not find it, so when I moved to TX and found that it is a favorite here I was a happy man!

11 Phil» I got some in S.A. TX for the 1st time - wow! Super balanced beer. Just smooth and very tasty.

10 Andrea» I fell in love with this beer while in the Wyoming/Montana/Yellowstone National Park this summer. I wished it was distributed here @ home (New Orleans).

10 Jim» This is one of the great beers in America. Mandy, sorry, you can't get it. I've talked to them several times, and they won't ship east of Chicago/Houston. Bummer...

10 Mandy» Someone e-mail me on this question please. Who is the distributor for fat tire ale? I live in Maine and a friend of mine can get his boss to put it on tap if I can find a distributor!! HELP!!

10 RimJob» I dont like dark beer at all but, this is an interesting and unique beer... its awesome

10 mbg0417» I'm from the great South. Visited Gold Hill, CO a couple of weeks and had Fat Tire at the Gold Hill Inn. Not a fan of dark beer but loved Fat Tire. Hope I can find it in SC.

11 dakota» the best beer ever

11 Tom» My Fav beer, hands down. Discovered it while skiing in Crested Butte, and have not waivered since.

11 MO in CO» I've had the beer, been to the bar and seen the band! All three get an '11' from me.

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