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5 FL Fanatic» Dos Equis RULES, Pacifico is not bad either...for light Mexican beers.

11 Darin» Corona Light NO LIME best beer ever, hands down! Extra not nearly as good. Light is where its at!

0 Blaze» worst beer ive ever had. anything that needs fruit to taste good, is trying hide a flaw

1 Mike» I see now why people add a lime wedge to this beer: it covers the taste.

6 Matt» There are a lot of better Mexican beers out there, it's just that Corona spends more on marketing. Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial, Tecate, Dos Equis Amber...just to name a few.

9 RB» Always a fave, nice & light. Can't be bothered w/ the limes any more unless ordering. Brahma kills it though!

2 321» Is the "extra" urine? The are much better beers out there.. even Mexican ones..

0 Winsor» I agree W/all your comments about corona.I always thought it was a gringo thing, when visiting mexico. Ive always hated it.


10 I like it» you pompus craft beer drinkers have no clue how to make money - Corona is good at what they do, making money, and they are laughing all the way to the bank.

1 DJ» With good Mexican beers available widely, just about anything else is better than Corona, which sure reminds me of a faint urine smell.

10 craig» For all you domestic canned beer drinkers. Your so used to dumping the same ole cheap crap down your throat that your taste buds dont know any better, Do us a favor,keep drinkin your garbage and leave the corona for us!

4 Danielle » It's an okay beer. If this is all that's available, it's okay. Although it is better than mass produced American beers, it is not THAT much better. It's a last resort beer for me.

9 jan» Sorry....its a great beer for what it is...very light. After pounding away in the yard on a hot summer day..this is my beer. Extra lime please. NOW...if I'm out on the town...bring on the stouts!

1 unter den bieren» mexican piss water

1 Scrappy» I was tempted to try this because everyone else was drinking it. I should have stuck with the Tecate I was drinking.

5 arn bundy» I like them when I'm so drunk I don't notice anymore.

11 Octoberfest» Corona , is rumored to be "the maisntream beer". It is way too over-priced for a cerveza , but it is considered one of the most popular and adored beers aside with Budweiser. A Corona with lime never can go wrong

11 Tuna Delight» Great light bodied beer - especially after mowing the lawn on a hot day!

11 DuBs» Just went through my first six pack, and I was very impressed. Corona Extra with a Lime live up to the hype. Definitely recommend trying it.

1 Jesse James Ratto» Shouldn't even be called beer. this shit is terrible.

5 jizzard» not bad, with lime and salt. it's great in hot weather. no apologies.

1 Michael» One of the worst beer I had.

0 Jay» This is beer? Really??? Wow, I could have sworn it was piss with rubbing alcohol added. And I find it hilarious to all those who give this beer glowing reviews. You guys have never tasted real beer have you (Bud doesn't count)?

4 pete» sucks, dos equis is the best mexican beer

8 tonedef» i love corona. in fact its one of my favorites. however, i have spent many a night ralfing up cheap mexican food after drinking them.

1 Jhouston» Mexican Piss Beer!! This is beer made soley for and for Yuppie Trash!!

0 Kellan» Always get sick every time I drink it. Switching to Dos Equis next Cinco de Mayo

3 fuckthemarica» i was pleasantly surprised by a tiny bit when i first tasted it. i dunno why you'd consider putting salt and lime in your beer, but even without it, it didn't taste worse than domestic coors/bud/keystone, etc. But only slightly better. That's not

11 Dumb fucks» Hey have you ever tasted a cold as corona with lemon and salt....maybe you dont know how to drink it.....whoever wrote this post is obviously the dumbest person alive....and with that said im off to party and guess what we are drinkingl...CORONA


3 Patrick in Astoria» Possibly the most pointless beer on the market. Not even as good as MGD and more expensive than Sam or Heineken. Okay only when the girls downstairs didn't have anything else in their apartment, and I gave that game up years ago.

10 Phil» This is my favorite. Corona's not classy, or exotic, but a cold bottle after a hot day working in the yard tastes grrreat!


4 Synthobsession» Fair. But go great with Mexican food.

11 Fred» dont listen to what anyone else says, its one in the top 3 by far.

3 StavinChain» It's made in Mexico, and most Mexicans won't drink it. Should tell you something. 'Druther have Leon. And here's about all it's good for, other than if you're already drunk and crave something else:

10 papi chulo» Corona aint a classy brew. So what? Its cold, its crisp as any other, and as a coldie at the end of the day or a cold one at a bbq it is better than all other brews. this review is by un maricon

1 LoveBeer» By far one of the worst beers that has ever touched my lips. Why drink this urine when you can drink great beers like Imperial and Dos XX? Ignorance most likely.

0 Mexico's Budweiser.

2 El Diablo» Never buy beer in clear bottles. Corona? Eh, not if there are uh? STELLA ARTOIS around. Or even Pilsner Urquells. Or even Shiner Bock

11 parrothead joe» I like it, got hooked on mexican beers when I had a yuppie girlfriend who thought it was pretentious to drink. I'd drink it even if they didn't sponsor Jimmy Buffet's tours

11 Vernon» I have had the pleasure of taste testing many types of beer from around the globe. And guess what, CORONA IS GREAT! And I dont care what anybody tries to tell me. And, I dont care what they drink in Texas!

11 Popcorn» Cinco de Mayo Laying on the beach with a fresh cold Corona is nothing but perfect.

0 matt fresh» when you live in Texas you dont drink Corona unless you want a cowboy boot stuck in your ass

5 Joe» The only good thing I can say about Corona is that it tastes the same warm or cold, which is good when you drink out in the sun around noon. Please drink Dos Equis!

11 were is pabst brewed» what state or country is pabst brewed in?

1 Concher» This beer smells just like a skunk pissed in the bottle!

7 tod» i kinda like this beer gets me good and drunk off a six pack it does need a lime though and i dont like adding fruit to my beer

1 Dino» The Milwaukee's BeAst of Mexico. Crap!

2 a pig's ear» gross stuff, can't believe how popular it is, a dash of lime improves many lagers, whereas it serves to totally eliminate any possible taste a cold corona could supply, therefore improving the beer overall.

0 the mummy» If you took the left over assorted warm beers after an all night party and rebottled it and called it corona you would have a better tasting beverage then this swill that passed off as a beer.

2 Brian The Pappy» I'm with you there...fuckin swill, a sacrilege either. I never preferred Corona so you could market it with an ECU of a bottle penetrating Angie Everhart..that bottle may taste better though. Negra y Dos...salud borachos!


6 satchmole» i drank a lot of this when i was younger and now that im 25 and sipping a stou, i dont know why. good with sticky buds though....

11 anthony» best export out of mexico...

9 valentino» i like this beer alot...its one of my favourites actually...btw i have a 6 pack in my trunk lol...but yeah its good its not that expensive...only in bars

11 TOMMY LEE» After a show it the best thing to have in my hand.

2 jon» corona sucks, If I peed in a glass bottle, shook it up, put a lime in it, it would taste more like beer than this crap.

11 Greenman420» The rating is of course for an ice cold one with a slice of lime on a hot day. It goes against all the rules for a "good" beer, yet I find myself craving it. No it's not the ads...

3 Dirty Sanchez» You must be joking - This is for (usually) young yuppies with more money than sence and absolutely no idea about beer. On a stinking hot day this beer might be ok, but you know why they put the lemon in the mouth of the bottle when they serve it?

1 Dizzy» A really nasty tasting beverage.

10 ElPedo» i really like this beer... one of my favourites, it's very refreshing, i can't stop drinking it

6 Big Bob» OK, I admit to drinking my share of Corona's. But really, it's not a beer, it's more of a "refreshing, summertime adult beverage". It's OK if you're out on the town scamming for some ho's and don't want your beer to slow you down.

7 Fred Smith» Tell Memin Pingüin it's Muy chico buena as the adjective follows the noun in Spanish....

11 Memin Pingüin» Muy buena chico

11 Brian» Tried Beers from nearly every country and this is my favourite. When you drink it you feel so chilled out. Before you ask, I have never seen a corona advertisement before.

0 Gerry» That people consider this beer good is a testament to the power of their advertising. It's really not about the beer when you are sitting on a fantastic beach, bikini-clad model next yo you.....

8 rebecca» This beer is ok, the one I'm looking for is corona but in the small brown ovalish jug. That is the #1 corona, not this one, anyone know where I can get it in the U.S.??????

6 LostUser» Corona is refreshing when cold. Sometimes you want something cold to drink that is light and doesn't give your palette anything to think about.

11 Bruno» Corona Extra with a Lime is without a doubt the greatest beer ever created.... I have sampled plenty of beers and now will not touch any other beer. I have one thing to say to Mark Stevens "You Idiot"!


9 CervezaLuvr» Give me a break beer snobs! Some say that beer is about taste... I totally DISAGREE. Beer is about EXPERIENCE! On a hot day at the beach, you dont go and grab a Sam Adams. Why? because your hot & sweaty and it weighs you down. Save the SA for steak

11 wendy» corona extra w lime is the best beerive ever had

11 Lindal Cossey » You guys are WAY off. Having been stationed overseas with the Army for several years I have sampled hundreds of beers. Corona is one of the finest imported beers I have tried. I wonder if there isn't a little American Beer Snobbery going on here.

5 gary» The Mexican equivolent of Coors Light. Which is to say its best used when you want to be drinking beer but should be drinking water, like a day of physical activity outside in the heat. Not a memorable taste, but moderately refreshing when chilled.

0 Corna made me sick» Worst of the worst in beers....

4 CheapBeerForever» One of the most overrated beers in the US...why is it the ubiquitous Mexican beer in this country? Not impressive, but i'm not going to say that's it's undrinkable. I mean hey, it IS beer.

2 Luke» Thank God they put it in a clear bottle so I can always remember it doesn't just taste like horse piss, it is horse piss.

3 scootch» Lacks body, color, and taste. Over-priced. Slick advertisement made this beer, just like Anheiser-Busch beers. Watered down taste is why it is a hit with the ladies. No kick to it.

4 the other Brian» Reviewer is right on target...this is Coors, Bud, Miller, etc.

5 Kurt N.» Corona is blechy. For a nice Mexican beer for a warm night, try a Cerveza Sol. Don't forget the lime wedge and some limon salt.

11 rabid_schnauzer» Thin, and rather plain, but eminently drinkable.

6 John» Make sure you have plenty of lime, because otherwise you may as well buy a case of BOTTLED WATER...

9 Jeff(San Diego, Ca)» You have experience life until you have a cold Corona in Tijuana. The Corona south of the border tastes a lot different than the northern exported batch. There is nothing better on a hot day than to have a cold Corona and a baseabll game on the t.v.

0 Nick A» This looks and tastes like piss and water. Lime is optional

11 i (heart) corona» beer should not have a layer of cream for head nor should it taste like bread if youve had REAL mexican food and a corona..youve tasted heaven

11 Jewman666» Fuck that was a bad bbeer!

10 Rich» Awesome beer, goes down like a dream.

0 Henry» Who the hell drinks beer with a lime wedge? What, are people suffering from scurvy?

8 woodenmike» Boy, somebody's a self-rightious little fuck, arent they? Everybody's taste is different, and I'm ENJOYING my Coronas, you fucking beer elitest.

2 BeerZombie» Mexico does make good beer but Corona is not one of them. Put de lime in de coconut.

5 Ruger» Not even the Mexicans drink it,does that tell your anything?

9 jason» it is the best tasting imported beer. you need a lemon or lime in it to drink it.

1 Juan» Unfortunatly, us Americans have been taught to believe that watered-down beer is good beer. A fine example of this statement is Corona and Tecate beers, which sadly has lost all the European roots that a fine beer should have.

8 BC» Good Beer...Not so good without a lime.

1 PissDrunk» If you have no other beer in your stock...then i suggest you chug this to get it over with.

1 Reid» just horrific if a beer NEEDS a lime to taste palatable its pretty awful stuff..and this.

0 corey» dave, you are a putz. if you don't like the taste of beer, then get off the beer site and back to drinking cough syrup with your panty waist butt buddies

1 Ed» I used to go to Mexico on vacation every year and I never remember seeing an actual Mexican drinking it. If ya gotta put a lime in it to choke it down...

9 Steph» It's not dat bad... I drink it when u cant get a Presidente around.

10 Mmmm Beer» Who the hell cares what Corona tastes like. Beer equals goods times

10 K o C» I think it's a good beer that is easy to drink. For crist's sake Coors and Miller light taste like bad science experiments.

5 Hades» It's a girl's beer and needs the damn lemon in it to give it a flavour of any kind. 'Nuff said.

3 auslese_63» Great job by the marketing department. that is the only thing this beer has going for it. The beer makes my limes taste bad! Its a lame light beer that you can slam on a hot summer day if you are out of water!

8 Corona = good times» This is the summer beer of all time!!! Jeep, Corona, Girls, Sun, Summer! Omg a cold corona on the river or sand. JC your high if you dont get down with the Corona

3 Weasel» carboniated burro piss

4 VodkaLager» I've noticed that this beer smells like weed every time I open it. Maybe it's because the clear bottle goes skunky quickly. However, as a college student, I must say that it's awfully popular with my peers. But isn't Corona just redundancy?

8 Dave» Corona is not that bad. Who actually likes the taste of beer anyways? U guys make it sound like u are a bunch of gentlemen leisurely drinking a beer at your country estates, and the rest of us are a bunch of peasants because we don't like beer.

11 cartman» suck my balls Mr. Garrison! I like it

3 Nivek» There is something wrong where you must put lime and salt in this beer... makes you wonder eh?

11 NeatN» Corona is the only beach beer!

3 johnson» not a fan

11 higherimagez» you dumb fuckers. Corona is good. Maybe cause you cheap racist fuckers cant afford it. It gets you drunk with a taste.

0 Homebrewer» Impressive when a brewer can make a beer w/o flavor, color. etc. Made for US - the natives don't drink it which says it all. And their laffin all the way to the bank!

9 Ls» this beers alot better than any of you give it credit for.

2 Boca Bosco» Seems like the very few who like this beer must use vulgarity to defend it...Hmmmmm, it speaks volumes about them. No metal taste beause of the glass bottle?? You shouldn't be drinking from a can in the first place if you truly appreciate beer.

10 enoks24» man fuck you!! what are u white people preffer shitty tasting beer.u dont have a clue whats good. corona is a great beer u dumbass

1 Skenry» Its just not a good sign when you have to add a lime (or anything) to a beer to make it even drinkable. I'll pass.

1 LowBrau» I bought Corona for my ex girlfirend once, because she liked it. That day she couldnt drink so I had to drink the whole 6 pack by myself. Lets just say, like the Coronas, she didnt have good taste, not only in beer, so I had to give her the boot.

11 coronalover» All of you guys are just a bunch of haters, just cause you fags cant hang with it. I love all beers (I fear no beer)

0 hoppy poppy» no hops, no, malt, NO BEER!

0 Baloneykid» If you are looking for a refreshing beer with a slice of citrus to enjoy after mowing the lawn on a summer day, try a hefeweisen. Use Corona to water the lawn.

8 Envinyatar» Not the best beer, granted. But very refreshing on a hot summer day, especially at the beach. The glass bottle doesn't leave that metallic taste like some other light flavored beers.

2 Vern» I wouldn't even call it a good lawnmower beer.

0 Aaron» At first, I was disgusted that this beer was even being given the attention of a review until I realized the primary reason was to berate it. Thank god. I hate this beer and the clear, unprotective, skunk-inducing bottle it rode in in. Like many others, I have NOTHING good to say about this beer.

2 jeepguy» nice to hear somebody else say the emperor's not wearing any clothes by not giving into the hype! Corona is the beer of choice for the snobs with more attitude than taste.

2 Lisa» YUCK!!! Bring me a Presidente or Carib, but keep that nasty stuff away!

5 Dennis» Good for a light beer, but that's not saying much.

1 I gave it a 1 since it does at least contain alcohol. There are much, much better summer beers.

3 Lynn» when staying at all inclusive resorts that only have corona you drink it. Its better than nothing. Give me a Great western lager any day

2 alaric» Mexican beer for gringos. Try Modelo Especial or Dos Equis for real south of the border flavor. Making love in a canoe, indeed!

0 brewster» my wife buys it for herself knowing i'll drink warm water first, TRUE!

8 theneckerbrew» Corona sure isn't the best mexican beer, try Indio, Negra Modelo,etc. However it's a good beer to drink if you're not looking for a ''Mud body-paste tongue-bigbitter'' taste.

4 stpatten» Very bland but a lime helps a little, Dos Equois is better.

2 Dave UK» Worst beer i ever tasted!

2 HotSun/ColdBeer» It's my #3 beer when fishing in Baja. It's not that precious so you can use it for different things like cleaning fish or brushing your teeth. I've been told some people even drink this stuff!

5 Gerasimov» Great? No. Not even close. Offer me a Bud, Coors Light, or, Miller, along with a Corona... I'll take the Corona every time. The lime helps. Often the best beer available at a party where the host thinks he should buy an import fot the 'beer snobs.'

4 E.K. Goldings» Surprisingly, last time I was at a party and all they had was Corona I enjoyed one. Seems much better than the stuff I tasted a few years ago. Either they're using reduced hop oils or cut the hops out completely as I got no skunk whatsoever. OK

11 jimmmy» Let's see, light beers, or Corona Extra? Corona is the BEST light beer (I know they won't market it that way), when I'm not drinking regular lagers or weisens.

1 Noname» During the 70's Corona as sold in Mexico came in ugly barrel shaped amber bottles. It was ranked with winners such as Old Milwaukee and PBR. It was the lowest of the low. Field workers wouldn't drink it. Have at it yups...!

1 Shamrock» Moose Piss!

10 Dwain» You schmuck. You wouldn't know a good beer if you fell into a vat of it. No fuzzy tongue syndrome or a spanking hangover. Try again rookie.

6 Michael» Is one of my favorite warm weather vacation brews, with lime is a nice taste. Can drink a few more of these and not feel like shit later.

11 billybobbeerbrewer» i can't believe how this person has the nerve to say that. first off, have you tasted that mexicali shit? tastes the same way that a skunk smells.....and dos equis isn't too far behind that. overall, i'd say corona is the best mexican beer

2 Chuggy» I can drink one if they're fresh, but about half of them taste like what I would imagine horse piss would taste like.

11 I M Fullashitski» I like different beers for different occasions. I love Corona at parties where mingling and light conversation happens, its light; goes down easy and I don't get hammered when I drink it.

0 elpadrino» This is possibly my least favorite beers, next to Coors light. Even the lime can't save the taste of this piss colored beer in a clear bottle.

2 JC Smith» One of the worst beers out there. Anyone who knows anything about beer can appreciate this review. Might as well be Old English. You need the lime so you can choke it down.

10 Christian» Americans who pride themselves as beer experts often seem to feel obligated to harsh on lagers. This is one of the best lagers available in purity and taste. It's very refreshing. On hot days or when I am full, a lager is called for!

11 Nick» I must say you have falsely reviewed Corona. Sounds like someone just trying to turn thier head as the bandwagon passes. Have ya ever been to Mexico for a corona. When in Mexico, the beer has a better taste to it, honestly.

1 Glint» Beats drinking my own piss.

2 Ernie» Much too light, no body

1 Scotty J.» If I want a beverage that requires some fruit to top make it palatable, I'll go out for Chinese food & cocktails... At least then the upset stomach & headache are expected. Fruit in a beer? Blasphemous!

2 scoop» It sucks

3 Psyfan» My first beer at college. Nastalgia hast to count for something, but not much.

5 mmk» My wifes favorite beer. When shes happy, I'm happy.

2 Eric» Great compared to a nasty Miller beer but I'd take Miller over simply because its even cheaper. What I am saying is that it is a waste of my taste buds.

2 Eggman90» Should be called Corona Needs Extra-beer!

3 loki_ragnarok1» Corona is the only mexican beer I knew of. I thought having to put up for a questional beer and having to lime in it was part of the charm. I can't what to try a better mexican beer in the mode for a mexica theme. p.s. I use to think a beer was a beer, thanks for the education. :-)

0 dofer» someone bought corona to a disc golf party yesterday. almost all of us are homebrewers. it's my understanding most of the case of corona is still in the cooler. true. lime in beer? sounds as satisfying as condom n pussy. not!

2 xman» Corona es la cerveza peor de Mexico. Prueba una Indio, Pacifico, o Modelo Especial.

0 Waslee» IT BLOWS!!!

9 rj» great friday beer... very cold with a lime. i drink bitter& other more flavorful beers typically, but corona has its moments paired with salsa chips & margarittas .... Buffet on the stereo completes the mood

0 patriot joe» lime n beer, sounds like somthin they drink n france.

0 tex» then i'm glad i had sex before having corona! i'd be celabite.

7 Johnny» Ice cold and a lime is close to having sex

0 Paco» Corona IS Montezuma's Revenge

6 David R.» I like it better than most domestic lite beers.

2 kenith» well, at least its better than bad near beer. Definitely a last resort beer for me.

0 malter» My wife buys this cause she doesn't like beer and she knows no matter how much I want a brew, I won't touch Corona. I'll drink iced tea first. True!

3 Earl» Any beer that REQUIRES lime to be palatable isn't worth the glass it's bottled in...

0 RobC» You all should realize that Corona is made for the US market. Sad commentary on our palate. Isn't even consumed by the natives.

0 kenny» piss has better color, and more aroma. as for taste...- you can let me know!

1 BeerGeek» Corona is the ultimate frat-party beer: weak, bland & you can drink loads of it. Not even a good "lawnmower beer" as it doesn't have enough substance to be remotely refreshing...

5 Rich Slavis» I enjoy an ice cold corona with lime when I get off the 100 degree beach (better than water) - just to quench thirst - then I go for 2 X's or Heineken...

1 KenStout» Corona is the bottom of the grain-based food chain. Save your limes for a good tequila. Good beer from Mexico: Pacifico & Noche Buena

4 Big Paul» On a weekend night out with the boys when you may drink 15-20 beers each, Carona fits the bill

2 Big Al» A shallow beer for the shallow-minded. It's always bad news when bartenders feel obligated to jam a slice of lime into the bottle after they open it.

3 Rico» is brutal. But a hunk of lime increases the sexy factor, and makes it harmlessly refreshing in the doq days of summer. Kind of like un-beer.

1 ampman67» bland and often skunky. go for the negro modelo if you have to drink mexican beer

1 nick» its bette than coors light

9 Parrothead» Great summer beer while floating in the pool listening to some Jimmy Buffett.

4 Howche» I can tolerate up to 2 bottles of this beer. It is plain, watered down and lacks that robust taste beer drinkers seem to enjoy. PLEASE REVIEW DOGFISHHEAD WORLDWIDE STOUT(this is a real beer).

1 Mike Collins» Years ago, this was the beer my dad drank until he could afford Pabst.

4 davebach» I usually only drink this on hot summer days when I have a hangover but still want to fit in with my alcoholic friends.

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