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8 mike concho» im gonna rate coors light an 8, it may seem like a high rating, but it has a good taste to it. I know it may taste a little watered down, but if im very thirsty i could actually drink a coors light because it doesnt have a very strong taste.

9 viagra» After trying about 30 diffrent beers in the lasts 4 months, Ice cold coors light in bottles is the best so far . With Samuel Adams summer ale a close 2nd.& by far Corona the worst beer I tasted.

4 MZ Baer» Perfect rating on this one. This beer goes well with gummi bears.

9 Matt» Coors Light is by far the best light domestic beer. I've switched a lot of friends of mine from Bud Light to The Silver Bullet.

1 NJ» Hard to find a weaker more watery tasting beer, but on a hot day with nothing but coors light & water in the cooler, I'll take the Coors light.

3 Moon» I agree W/ most of the comments on coors.but if a fart had a taste it would taste like sam adams or harp!

10 Big Pimpin» Great beer, but low alchohol. It's great to drink when you already have a solid buzz goin. Can't be beat when mad cold on a hot summer day. I can whack down at least a twelve pack.

10 Ed Hunter» Completely agree with the article. When I want to cool off or down a beer I reach for a Coors!

10 coors light fan» unlike bud which is made all over the usa coors is only made in a few places

11 Ryan» The best Beer to drink anytime!

2 DJ» One third beer, two thirds soda water.

6 rokndady» I agree with Mr. McShea...It's definitely the one beer to have...if you're having more than 15...

10 lsd» Coors light is hands down the best long-haul beer. My favorite beer is probably Guiness but it gets worse the further you get from Dublin.

3 johnathan» bud light is better but still american beer. no offense!

2 paul» not so good but better than no beer on a hot day

1 unter den bieren» flavored watre

2 Scrappy» I first had this at my Uncle's house many years ago. He swears by it. I swear at it. It's OK when super cold on a hot summer day to break the heat, but that's about it.

7 arn bundy» This beer is to drinking competitions what Balco was to baseball. Drank alot of these when I was a kid. Record was over 30 in a binge. Sure, it's crappy, but you can drink ALOT of them.

7 hurldog» best beer for a all day booze fest. hands down

8 Octoberfest» I cannot stand drinking Coors Light out of a can , it leaves a metal taste in my mouth. In longnecks however Coors Light is one of the most zesty and amazingly refreshing beers that you can drink. I do think Coors Light is for beer virgins

7 garth» good in beer bong!

0 Dak-Rat» Water with very little coloring to it. Not much tatse of beer. Did they use any hops?

11 Cain» This is definitely my favorite beer; it is also most of my friends' choice as well. When the mountains are blue there is nothing light a Coors Light.... makes me want to grab one now!

0 Alan Truism» Coors light scares me. Please Review Miller High Life. It is an american beer with some history and tradition behind it.

8 Al» I like it. Nice beer when hanging out with buddies, shooting pool, or fishing. I've had better, and I've had a LOT worse.

0 Michael» Pure mountain water p!$$.

11 marketingsupporter» gotta love the twins!

9 blknblubeerballz» come on now, would you REALLY rather drink piss. i love all beers and CL is one of them. especially in mass consumption.

10 big_jon_c» it has me hooked as far as light beer goes. i wont even give the other light beer a second glance.

3 Brian - Portland OR» Coors light gets a rating of 2 for beer, but a 4 as a "beverage". The key is not to think of it as actual beer, drink it cold, like soda pop, and its OK.

0 Georgia Asphalt» Extra foul.

11 Cummins» Should be the choice of all emericans that drink beer

11 slam'endacl» I first tried a cl in 84'. Then again and again and again. Now I'm addicted. Nothing say's great beer then drinking a 30-pack in one setting. guinness can't do it.

1 mjb» best shit in plaza

0 biggin» 100,000 toilets up stream of thier pure mountian spring.

0 tonedef» the worst beer i have ever tasted. i would rather drink brine.

1 Jhouston» This is a dsgrace to the art of beer making!! I said it once,and I'll say it again- This is why the world laugh's at American beer,because of shit like this!!

11 JON STUART» it's emxican piss

10 Manase» The best mainstream domestic light beer in the USA. Like others I drink this when you need to put someone under the table, it tastes good but doesn't hit you too hard.

10 JDOTofHeadline» I like my drunk to come on slow, And I like it to stay steady all night, while im partying or hanging out with friends, and CL does that perfectly, i can drink all nite,and it taste pretty good to me, so it does its job perfectly

1 Synthobsession» Rocky mountain piss water.

5 seth» i highly agree it is not the greatest beer but when it comes to a drinking weekend it is better than any other light beer

0 El Diablo» Tasteless watery beer DESIGNED to make you an alcholic. You can drink 30-48 at one event. Its made for that.

5 DANg» as far as actual quality beer goes, it sucks, but it's appropriate and is ridiculously refreshing and goes down smooth. tastes OK too.

0 ticosuave» its mexican piss

0 ilbts» no taste

11 Mike » Nothing goes down smoother in a beer bong then some coors lite it is the best try drinking your fork and knife beers beers at the river gentlemen while i am scoring with chicks on my boat you will be throwing up in the heat have fun with that !!

1 Hall» It'll do if your in a boat, in saltwater, and you're REALLY thirsty and it's ALL that's available. My good friend and fishing buddy drinks it. I just can't see why. He's a pretty smart guy otherwise. I drink PBR myself.

0 Psykic» This shouldnt be called a beer, but rather water with a drop of alcohol in it. People argue that its good because they can drink it all night and it wont fill you up or anything, but thats because its WATER!

11 the man» coors light gets you drunk and keeps that shit cold all night, it don;t fill you up and whats better then getting wasted, ill take 10 coors lights over 2 sam adams any day of the week that im not gettng up the next day at an early hour, im it now

1 dRinK PBr_1» i give it a 1 cuz maybe if i drink it enough it will get u drunk but i would probably rater drink melted ice cubs

0 Ummmmm» I would have given it a one, but I honestly can't taste anything when I drink the stuff. I've had others tell me that is tastes horrible, so I guess I am lucky to not taste anything.

6 a pig's ear» okay okay, ill admit it, not really a good beer, but it is cheap and refreshing when cold, better than other american crap varieties, even if it does taste like ice cold perrier.

1 keith» water gets a 1 also on the BEER scale

2 Jimbo Caesar» "Like making love in a canoe -- f'ing close to water!"

10 CHillyCHillChilliN» OK..I never thought I would say it. BEER is not art. I'm sorry. I don't want to taste berries or wheat or malt. I want my beer to taste like beer. AB products give me a headache. Coors light is good..get over it. I'll wake up tomorrow, hangover free.

1 RevJim» U2:Dundee Britney Spears: Coors Light

2 Dizzy» Just give me a glass of ice water.

5 germain» it's better than miller and bud. and it's my beer of choice when coming down "Grindle". Grindle is our mythical-sized beer bong.

7 Meathead in Texas» It's a simple formula: 1. Go to store 2. Ignore "value" beers to the left 3. Look closely at the "cents per ounce" figure in the lower left hand corner of the price tag. 4. Buy Coors Light in the 16 ounce can in 18 packs. Relax!

0 JN» Taste like ah ah water, boriiing


3 RET LT FROG OF S-4» alright when my 23 year old son buys it and there is nothing else here. give me pabst, yuengling or any of the "good old beers" instead.

6 RobABeer» CANADIAN Coors Light might change your mind about this beer.Noticed in Canada bars that locals drank a lot of Coors Light,yanks Blue Light. Brewed by Molson,CA under license of Coors.Living near the Canada/US border got a case duty-free for $15.

5 gary» I get what Ed's saying. No question that Coors Light has a weak taste, but what does come through isn't unpleasant. When there's no choice but a mass-market domestic (concert, sporting event, hick bar) its my choice over Bud/Bud Light/Miller Lite.

4 gobosox» it is what it is, its mass produced american swill, but its cheap and gets the job done and there is something to be said for a beer of the calibur

4 CheapBeerForever» Typical American light canned beer, no better or worse than the mainstays. Which is to say it's very close in taste to water. And suffers for being overpriced and overrated. Could be worse though.

1 MHS» When ice cold, it's almost better than club soda. I've had worse tasting beer, but then they had taste.

3 Reed» My roommate got drunk and pissed in a Coors can, and I accidently drank was the best can of coors I ever had

3 Luke» Tastes like shit, but a full can makes a good paperweight.

1 DrJon» The best beer to have if you hate the taste of beer. It is water with a whisper of beer flavor.

0 Jesus in a Handbag» This beer is total crap. If I want to get drunk i'll still drink a micro. I'm not this poor.

0 TNT» Coors Light is crap.

5 Erique Max» this is the kind of beer you drink when your bored and could care less what your drinking, i wouldnt bad mouth it though.

0 KayakFisher» If you like giving head, try it... tastes like foamy head and you can drink a case and still be sober! Ranks down there with buttweiser as worst beer.

7 RWB» Best beer to drink in a marathon when it is ICE COLD !!!!!

0 beerhater» All beer tastes like sh*t

1 John» Coors Light is the most over-rated, over-ordered beers of ALL TIME! This is for losers who don't know what to order or are stuck with the unfortunate dilemma of being at a party where that is all they have...

7 Kc F» I'm the type that does not like to switch back and forth with beers. As long as I start with Coors, I'm fine. I rarely drink it.

7 Bobby» Best cheap beer. $10 and below. PBR is $11. It is perfect for mass consumption. I can drink 15 and not feel a buzz.

0 Big T» This IS watered down urin!

11 husker-1» grrrrrrreat If you want something with a little more flavor but also less filling go for the Coors Original

11 go bosox» great beer to drink on a hot day at the ballpark or hanging out with friends, you just drink it cause its refreshing not because you are trying to detetct subtle flavors and aromas

11 pecos» I like it alot. Im what makes them work nights

3 rankin fred» I have a buddy who only drinks this stuff. He usually consumes massive quantities of it on all occasions, but I find that it tastes like it was starined through wool, I'd rather drink any other light beer if my purpose is to avoid the extra calories

11 Shovelheat» I like it for the taste and gentle buzz and the fact that after a 12 pack, NO HANGOVER! Coors Light and its country cousin Keystone Light are always fully stocked in my garage fridge...

11 CollegeConsumer» CoorsLight is one of the best "cheap" beers on the market. Its cousin keystone is alright but I'll pay the extra buck and have the bullet. This is not a dinner or formal beer, like LemDog says, "Coors Light is for mass consumption". Tap The Rockies

10 BC» Love it...can be alittle watery, but thats not always a bad thing.

2 PissDrunk» nothin to be proud of

7 LEMDOG» Coors Light is ideal for mass consumption. Unlike other beers, C.L. does not become belaboring to drink after 12 or more. If I am only going to drink 2 or 3 beers I would opt for a porter or stout, but if you want to pound beer ideal.

7 gobosox» hey it beats the hell outta mich. ultra and is close in carbs...ah what the hell am I saying go grab some guinness!

11 Chiller» WTF....You'd rather drink frickin Bud Light or Miller Lite that the bullet?? Please. Bud is the skullbreaker. Have you seen the Mississippi river next to the brewry in St. Louis? They're bodies in the river. Miller tastes like burnt corn.

1 Wikdog» The only time drinking Coors Light is acceptable is either A) you're the designated driver or B) you're at Lampstock. Now get on that bike and help me tip over this Dodally Duckin Dawesome Blazer!

0 Rosco in CANADA (#1)» Canadian beer is REAL beer, with 5% to 7% alcohol content. not the wussy stuff in the U.S. hell our light beers still have more alcohol in them than the regular beers in the U.S.. saying that, it taste like water here so it must be worse in the U.S.

1 ToddTummy» When Stifler & Keebler are finished licking each other's ass, they need a cold can of coors light water to quench their thirst.

10 IndyR» Belly up, this is a great smooth easy drinking beer, made for volume not sipping. Give me a break Mich Ultra over Coors light, I agree if you like water soaked in your socks!

0 Anthony» If I could give it less than 0 I would. It's a nasty tasting beer.

10 stifler&keebler» Me and my friend buy about 4 cases on the weekend and have a party through friday and saturday and we love it and we get so much ass so we dont care what any one calls it

0 kayt» coors induces headaches...why? plain N simple,, cuzz it SUXXX

1 Mike» I've tasted stronger tap water. Only gets a 1 because tap water doesn't have alcohol.

8 justin» Man this is what we drink when we wanna get drunk down here in hot, humid, south louisiana. Although, our favorite beer IS Budweiser.

3 Grub» It's like sex in a canoe.... F-ing close to water.

11 coorsny» coors light is great...and for those guys that say coors light is a girly bear....whatever.....i've banged more girls than all of them put u like them apples???

1 Brueno» Adolf would not have allowed this to happen.

2 'jammer» I'm not sure it's beer, but you still have to be 21 to buy it!

1 Vodkalager» I recall drinking this when I was playing football on a hot summer day. I don't recall ever running such crisp routes. Still tastes like well...cold liquid metal basted with piss.

3 aj's mom» Arent you supposed to be studying? You know you're not old enough to be looking at these websites!

4 Rob» Giving it a 4 for sentimental value only. The summer after I graduated highschool, we drank this stuff like water (close enough anyway)Original Coors is somewhat better and usually costs the same, give it a try.

11 lc» If your drinking to have a good time this is the beerto choose.

11 Chris» Coors light is the Greatest Beer. I don't like eating my beer with a spoon and a one that is not cold is hardly a one at all !

0 higherimagez» cheap nasty beer yuck

1 BobQ» Watery, girls beer. In a word - Weak. Stole "Silver Bullet" name from Sterling beer, which we were calling by that name years before it came out.

0 jimbouk» typical american chemical swill

0 aj » anyone who rates beer or whose life is somewhat influenced by what beer other people do or do not drink is a loser

9 MMM BEER» coors light is good buy it

11 Valerie » Trying to find out, how old of a can or coors premium with the pull tab, would like to sell it.

5 moocey» Drink it cold, and you can't taste a damn thing. But if cheap buzz is what you're going for. there are better alternatives. Pick up some Beast and drink it ice cold.

11 Coop» Love it. Always have, always will.

5 Warth» For people who've never had anything different than a Budweiser or Miller light, Coors light tastes ok at first... Personally I hate the crap. But I also like a Corona with a whole lime.

9 Jim» It's the only "lite beer" I can drink.And the one of the few beers I can drink if i'm eating. Again, best when VERY cold, especially in the summertime - it goes down like water.

4 Steve from Otown» A girl's beer despite all the marketing. Basically fermented rocky mountain stream water. No taste. No buzz. Waste 'o time.

0 eightkid» The beverage to have when you don't feel like having beer. I think it would be manlier to have a Smirnoff Ice. This is garbage.

8 Voo» Not only is it a good beer to get drunk on, you forgot to mention - no hangovers with coors light.

6 Rob» If you are going this cheap, buy Keystone Light and save your cash!

6 JoeyC» Billybob hit it on the head. Not very flavorful, but still head and shoulders above your standard large brewery light beer. Bud light has more flavor, but not good flavor. Best buy in the price category.

6 Michael» When served very cold its not bad, for a lite beer. Has a unique taste. Have to be in the mood for it.

8 billybobbeerbrewer» Well, I'll everyone tastes a hell of a lot better than that nauseating keystone, and WAY better than miller lite or bud light. if you don't wanna waste a lot of money, and still drink something good, go with this.

9 girlguzzler» As one of the best girl beer drinkers around I feel that I should stick up for my old friend Coors Light. Coors Light is cheap, great for games, and helps keep us ladies slim for all you fellas out there. Have you thanked your Coors Light lately???

11 BeerDrinker» Great Article!~ Not sure why people think Coors quality is bad, I've taken the tour, its not pasteurized, malt their own two row barley, etc. Enjoy micros, but when I want to pound more than a couple of cold ones, nothing is better than Coors Light!

11 Beerman» As a session beer it beats Bud. The King is dead - long live the new King

11 Beer Thirty» There is not a better Keg Beer.

11 parasiticz» It is what it is, a refreshing beer, meant to chug like water. When you want a beer with lots of bite, drink something else. When you have the all-day BBQ in 100 degree heat, and want some smooth drunken goodness, Coors Light is perfect!

9 Big Bad Boozehound» The author of this article is 100% correct. Not the flyest beer on the planet, but absolutely perfect for quantity drinking. Not my favorite, but I probably buy it the most. Because I like to get drunk. Quickly and often.

3 Goat» Club soda with a little alcohol and a touch of grape juice flavor. Beer?

0 elpadrino» I drank this beer warm. It tasted terrible-then I barfed tortilla chips. Not a good experience for me.

0 Trailer Trash» Ain't nuthin better than a coor's lite after a hard day o beatin the wife, watching nascar, and doing the cuzins! If you love wal-mart, and think cars going in circles is fun this is the "beer" for you. Cool thing is you can recycle it and get double the taste!

1 Volkman» Yuck - life's too short to drink crap beer. I'll drink water first.

11 Me» Nothing better to drink when you want to get hammered w/o the hangover, its so not filling and thats great, cuz you can drink more and its pretty cheap.

11 coors man» GREAT BEER

7 Happy Pappy» WOO-Hoo!! Rates a (almost) full point over Bud Light!!!!

11 Liz» I have a whole frig stocked with nothing but ice cold Coors Light 'em!

8 Stacy» I love Coors Light. However I do enjoy GOOD beers. But it's cheap and I can slam 'em when I want to get my buzz on fast.

11 tonytone» coors light is great it represents the # 40 winston cup team and it promotes the well being of hot wemon what else do you want in a light beer. To me beer taste like shit a nd coors light has done a great job. To me water taste beter than shit.

1 Jimmy» What do Coors Light and sex in a canoe have in common? They're both fucking damn near water.

3 IGETFUCKEDUPALOT» This is a good beer if you have nothing else to drink....compared to a good natural light or a PBR it aint shit uncle drinks it...enough said.

8 The Bush Twins» If you can get your hands on a bottle that is less than 30 days old it's great. Get a bottle even a month away from expiration date and even our Dad wouldn't be able to choke it down.

1 Rob in NJ» Crap. Pure Crap. Although I give it a 1 because technically, it is beer.

11 wikked» lets see, 18 holes...24 beers...that leaves 6 for the driving range!!! Nothing beats a cold Coors Light when you're thirsty!

11 weasel» if there is beer in heaven it will be coors light

0 Scott» Poop in a can. sad to consider all the orangatangs out there drinking it because of the ad campaign.

4 Mike» Coors is alright if it didnt taste like piss water.

8 Jeff» Damn biotch

3 SuperDave» The taste is a little bitter. Smooth enough. Somewhat nasty aftertaste. Some ingedient on this makes it taste (to me anyway) like rolling rock. Like rolling rock it to causes headaches after 3 of them. They need to lose that "special ingrediant"

1 Tha DPK» Garbage.

1 Drew/KY» Simply the worst domestic beer from one of the major brewers I've ever had.

11 Big Daddy» I love tapping the rocky mountains about as much as I love tapping trimsters mother

8 TD» Try this experiment. Pour a glass of Bud (not Bud Light, regular Bud), and pour a glass of Coors LIGHT. The first thing you will notice is the Coors Light is much darker. Now which one is water ?

1 Achibald» Drink the real thing in the camel color can, Coors Beer. Silver Bullet is indeed near water

3 Evil Elroy» The one thing screwing on a beach and Coors Light have in common is that both are near water.

1 man with a brain» Coors Light, it's advertisng campaign, and those who think it's a great beer without a doubt proves that this country is going down the crapper.

3 Ben » Coors actually has a Nazi for a president (Adolfe).They did the whole thing because they were loosing money due to public criticism of racism and prejudice in hiring workers. 1991 they were fined700k

1 Timster» Invented the aluminum cans, huh? I bet they taste better than the "Silver Mullet."

11 Hugh_G_Rection» Not a bad beer..It got me laid alot in college...Boy, the memories, gulping a silver bullet, she is passed out on my bed......oops got ahead of myself....GREAT BEER for the price

6 collegeLIFE» Its not that bad of a beer...$14 for 24 is a great price if you're looking to get drunk with some girls and don't have a lot of money to spend.

9 Tina» I can't stand the taste of any beer !!I am a Captain Morgan girl RUMMY!!If I had to choose a beer,it would BUDWEISER but all my fridge holds right now is COORSLIGHT!!!Who says its cheap???

2 nick» nasty, pbr is much cheaper and much better

1 JD» Used to work in a bar. We had a cartoon next to the cooler. Coors guy hated it. Showed a horse drinking out of a bucket of Bud and pissing into a bucket named Coors. A beer for nancy boys and wimps

2 LiquidDanno» The only reason I gave Coors Lite a 2 is because of the comercials. I like the twins. If you need a real good summer beer, grab a Rolling Rock.

5 Scoop» The best American light beer. Amstel is still the king of light beers worldwide!

1 IamJacksBrain» Back in my poor college days CL was free at a party, so I thought I'd try it. It was like drinking beer flavored water. I was desperate for beer, but not desperate enough to continue drinking.

1 Gary from Ivyland» I'd rather have a frontal labotomy than a bottle of Coors Light in front of me!!!

2 Gman» Not much flavor, great to chug on a hot day before during and after mowing the lawn, thats about all its good for



2 c00kie» I think the best niche for Coors is when you feel like a beer of two in the afternoon, but still need to remain 'sharp' for the evening....

10 driver123» nothing like getting two 30 packs and start drinking that friday and quitting that sunday night while U and all your friends are there. I love it.

7 drinker» Must remember -- CL is a LIGHT beer. It's just fine when that's whats required. My problem is that I fon't require LIGHT beers all that often.

1 Sazerac» CL for guaranteed seasickness while boating.

6 DanTheMan» tougher when there ain't none

6 Lifelong beerman» I agree with Ed McShea. CL sucks as a drinking beer, but it is great to guzzle on a really hot day.

1 Rob» Yellow Fizzy water, is NOT beer

1 Rugman» Worst beer ever!

1 Snappa Head» I wouldn't feed this piss to my mother-in-law.

2 The Guzzla» Brewer, patriot or raw sewage brewin' racist? For American beer Sammy's the one!!! Duffman says "Oh yeah!"

2 gormie» I would rather take a silver bullet than drink Coors

1 Sassafrasquatch» 2 parts Hillbi ly Piss 1 part Carbonated Water 45 parts Splitting Headache ... If that's your recipe for a good time, then the world is all your's (apparently).

1 CervezaMan» id rather drink water then have coors light.

1 Benjimady» I've been rasied on CL. All my uncles drink it. I love it warm, cold. It doesn't matter!

8 DonKey» Most of those "top beers" require 2nd mortgages to buy, and Bud makes me "go" like a fountain. A cold Coors Light is just fine for the volume drinker. Also, I want my liver killed by an American beer.

2 g-money» they don't make a wide enough mouth to slam this goat piss fast enough

8 Sticky» When it's the only beer around... why not? But you gotta stick with it- no switcheroo.

8 perro» great to enjoy ice cold with your good friends on a hot day with spicy hamburgers

1 Ed in NYC» coors light is right down there with corona light........ american piss water as opposed to mexican piss water

1 Tom from Ventura» I'd rather have a glass of tepid water thank any light's better for you and compared to Coors Light...more flavorfull!!

1 the Miltonian» If you are going to tout his 'environmental' record, you should also mention that he was a distinct RACIST.

2 Crow» I grew up drinking crap like Coors--now I know better.

1 RH» Coors light taste like warm piss, unless it's ice cold...then it taste like cold piss. I'd rather drink (gasp) water.

10 Jeanne Bean» Take it from me, a female on this website, Coors Lite is a great beer to drink (Especially if you don't really like beer). What's the big deal is about beer? You should try a nice frozen drink!!!

3 BrewskiLaw BeerAdvoc» While Coors Lt. is not my favorite light beer, I definitely agree with McShea's rationale - there are no substitutes for the place good 'ole American-style lager holds in the world of good beer.

11 rik» this is the bezt bere of all tym!

2 davnjersey » I agree. It`s cool to drink in mass quantities when it`s hot and the CL is ice cold. That`s pretty much it though.

11 chchumba» why ask why??? bud dry!!!!!!

1 maestro» living in Oz means that you grow up with bad tasting, poorly crafted, munchkin crap but really...buying this stuff is like investing in Enron, drinking it is absolute proof of insanity.

2 Tom in Arkansas» If you shake up a can of CL and open it pointing at your tires it respectably removes brake dust. As for drinkng, MILLER HIGH LIFE LITE beats anything those yuppies at Coors can come up with.

1 LL Cool Dave» I would imagine that Nick's Piss probably does taste better. Coors Light is a sissified beer wannabe. How about a Zima!

1 Nick» I would rather drink my piss. At least that way I would know whose piss I am drinking.

3 Champ» Great for pounding back a few on a hot day. And for those of you who say it gets warm on those hot days, YOU'RE NOT DRINKING FAST ENOUGH!

1 real_beer_lover» I get the same sensation from licking a railroad track (after a dog has pissed on it)

1 Chris O.» People who drink light beer don't like beer; They just like to pee a lot...SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BREWERY

1 PoundBeerz» Can you say NASCAR?

3 Richard from Ventura» Sometimes you just want a pitcher of ice cold swill. The biggest problem is that on days hot enough to warrent it, it gets warm too fast.

1 THROAT WOBBLER MANGR» It sucks the evil dick of Count Dracula.

3 eric» got to go with Amstel when you go light. And Dennis Miller plugs it!

1 jaw2000» Yeeeech

3 Maximum Bob» It's definately a step up from Bud. Budweiser is the weakest beer brewed in this solar system!

2 steve» It's like makin' love in a canoe. You Monty Python fans can fill in the next line.

1 Geronimo» I like the Silver Bullet! I take a can of CL, pour it out in the garden , fill it with real beer, and steam a chicken!

1 Geronimo» I like the Silver Bullet! I take a can of CL, pour it out in the garden , fill it with real beer, and steam a chicken!

2 Darren from WI» It's wet. I'll give it that much. As far as beer goes, Mr. Coors should hang his hat on the Coors Original "Banquet Beer" It's great stuff by the pool.

2 WrongWayDave» The only reason it gets a 2 is because I save all of my 1 ratings for my mother-in-law...

2 Henry» Know what you mean by refreshing, light summer beer, but try Miller Lite instead. It may not be a microbrew, but at least it tasts like SOMETHING!

6 MLH from WA» I would use my experiences to rate the bullet @ about par with BUD LITE -- average @ best! Might as well be buying OLYMPIA beer. l have drank it, but do not ever prefer it.

1 pounder» For beer drinkers who don't like beer (and should stick with water).

4 Boomiemyster» OK, I'm man enough to admit it. CL is great for that hot summer commute home on the LIRR. God forbid they fix the A/C to cool us down.

4 Mike in Korea's DMZ» Coors Light is a great beer to use as an escape from the world. It is great to remember the best and worst from back home.

3 chef dave» Coors does suck, but when its really hot,and your thirsty pop one open and pass it over.

6 Sean Maguire» Rating of 6 only if used properly

5 Tom Gallagher» For college kids who can't afford better.

1 Richbon» If you want refreshment, drink water. If you want beer, drink something else...ANYTHING else.

4 Jim» O.K. so it's refreshing, but then so is water! Poor Taste & Bad smell. Rather you had used Rolling Rock!

5 Joe Parizo» I'm a recent college grad and Coors Light is a great cheap beer to play drinking games and get you drunk off you ass.

5 higgybaby» I like the contests. Cold hard cash. Keep the pork on the grill Eddie, and I'll help you drink your CL smoothes.

1 William Hickey III» One of the worst beers I have ever tasted. It has an aftertaste of moldy bread(no joke). My friend swears by this swill. It will stay in my fridge long after he has left and long after my usual brand is gone.

1 Dave» I always keep a 30-pk of "bullets" in the trunk, in case the radiator blows...real beer gums up the cooling system.

8 Joe from Wisconsin» Yo man, Ed's da man! Coors Light is the best! Great refreshing beer, dudes! Joe from Wisconsin

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