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10 BigShyBear» Try holding onto a case of Celebration for a couple of years, like red wine it improves with age. I've tasted 10 yr old Celebration Ale, and it was MAGNIFICENT!

0 Beer Lover» Compared to PBR- this is cat pee.

10 Mondobizarro» I'm lucky enough to have a local distributer who stocks up. I enjoy this beer year round i and it's amazing.

11 Green Heron» This is far and away the best beer in America. Every season, sometime around February, the supply runs out and I'm always shocked at how bland the regular pale ale seems by comparison. Luckily, after a few days, I adjust.

10 100 Years of Trash» I picked up a barrel of Celebration Ale on special today. It's the perfect winter beer for staying in and watching playoff football. OptimusPabst sums it up. It's like Sierra Pale Ale's pumped up, punk rock brother.

7 Danielle » I really like this beer. If your looking for holiday beers, this is definitely one of the top. A very good beer.

10 JohnnyRCP» Wow, love the regular stuff, but this is a great beer !

10 Z-Man» I've always been partial to the pale, but we sell this at the bar I work at (seasonally of course). Very popular, and when put into a cold glass, is top notch. Refreshing for an IPA...

11 bigfoot» This is the best beer in the world. In Chico its $20 for a case....i got spoiled fat living there, but since i have moved i can't stand to drink anything else than S/N..gonna be broke!

11 beernut» i love sierra nevada beers. celebration ale is one of my favorites; only problem is it makes me fat. just wait til they serve up the Bigfoot - like liquid candy with bigfoot kick! yum!

11 phat&sassy» excellent brew. by far the best seasonal and perhaps the best beer period

11 Tom» Thankfully Sierra Nevada does not offend us by despoiling their Christmas beer with icky spices. Leave that to the Belgians and the Christmas cookies.

9 Octoberfest» WOW. Thats really all that needs to be said. The people in Chico brew some of the finest ale , this beer is gentle, crisp, and powerful , and it leaves a violent aftertaste. This beer however much I love it is a preferred taste

11 OptimusPabst» I love Sierra Nevada's brews and this may be their finest. IPA at its best. It's like their Pale Ale got hit with gamma rays, got angry, grew to 3X its size, ripped its purple pants and *SMASH*! Merry Christmas to All!

9 MrQwerty» The only India Pale I've drank this year that compares is Avery Maharaja, and Maharaja is definitely different in 2007. Excellent brew, really tasty IPA if you have the hopped tongue.

9 Scrappy» A very very good beer, love the hops. I like all S/N prods! Where's the S/N Stout review?

11 Ryan Miller» Yes, I'm from the Chico Area and may be prejudiced. That being said, if you have acquired the taste for a stronger hoppy-flavored brew, it just doesn't get any better than this. And - Sierra Nevada is a great company to boot....

11 JoweeTee» Best bottled hoppy beer out there! Those who don't like it should stick to their Bud Lite.

0 Way too Bitter» Too strong in taste. My dog wouldn't even drink it.

11 jamie» i cleaned out my liquor store today. It's March 4th and they were offering this for $4.98/6 pack to get rid of it as the seasons over. No problem there as I got one of the best American beers ever made if not the best - for 83 cents a bottle, yeah

11 David L» The best beer made. If it were available year round, my kegerator would never hold anything else.

9 PeggyLeeZorba» This brew will knock your socks off. Damn good stuff.

9 madbowman» one of the best for us hopheads

11 mmmmBeer» this is the BEST beer ever!

10 Dustin» Hey, Celebration Ale is Sierra Pale Ale on steroids. That's the best comparison I can give it and I highly recommend trying!

0 Sammy Davis» Nothing to celebrate about

9 ThirstyGator» this brew has a kick! nice n hoppy. yea c'mon!!! great for winter can't imagine in august.

10 LawStudentsForBeer » This is simply a great beer. I love strong ales, and this one just makes me very happy!

10 Eric B.» definitely a wintertime must. Good for drinking outdoors in a cold climate. The magnitude of unique flavors is sure to please any high-class beer drinker's palate

10 the MerzMan» This is the best beer around. I look forward to the start of every winter to get some!

10 aaron» Great beer. Though it doesn't really change year to year like a more traditional holiday ale, I always look forward to something that I'm certain will please!

6 AClaussen» Not A huge fan. Give me a stout or porter and I'm a happy man...

11 GlugsomeNevada» By far the best keg beer for Xmas holiday parties.

10 NorCal boozer» The Best! I have the opportunity to drink it on tap at the Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico, CA. It is even better on tap.

11 Steve» I am with Rusty on this one. Make it year round. Oh well at least it's something to look forward to every year.

11 johnny stackem» finally, it's that time of the year again!! got the word it's back on the shelves here in columbus, ohio. heading out to get the first case of the season! the best seasonal beer around!!

10 Sean G» OUTSTANDING. The hops blend nicely with the malts, 6.8 abv is nothing to sneeze at. Can't get enough in stock for the long winter season.

11 Eddie» I'm a Chico Local that loves all Sierra Nevada has to offer. I just moved to NY and am looking forward to getting my hands on Celebration this me feel at home.

11 Will T» I honestly believe that this is the best beer in America. I am eagerly awaiting its late october or early november release

8 Chris» This beer will knock you on your butt. It's got more alcohol than you may think. But on a snowy winter evening, it will get you there!

11 Sandman» Favorite beer of all time. Look forward to it every season.

11 Chris D.» The best beer brewed in America? That's what I'm saying! Complexity and crispness are stunning. Dry-hopped flavors and aromas dominate but don't squash the deep malt flavors. Stash a case in the closet for Springtime campfire swilling, ooh yea!

10 sierraman» outstanding seasonal, drink it every year...good variety from all the other ultra-malty/spiced seasonals...not as heavy so having more than one or two is easy.

9 Rusty» Wish it was not a seasonal. I'd buy it year round.

9 TonyC» I love IPA's but I didn't realize this was an IPA when I bought it, so you can imagine my joy when I tried it! This is a very solid brew.

10 EKDatDKE» The beer was very delicious and I must say one of the better seasonal beers I have. A little bitter, but a ton of flavor and a great feeling when it hits the lips. Would recommend for a couple of nice brews.

9 krackr» Yes, good beer

8 Darren Boston, MA» I certainly recommend this beer, but its claim to winter seasonal beer is a curve ball. I expected a malty-spicey Christmas brew, and instead got an IPA. Fortunately I love IPA's, and now I can accurately recommend it to others.

8 DRY HEAVER» Not as good as last year, but still a great beer.

10 Dirty Mike» Each year a few barrels find their way to my corner bar (Croxley's Ale House) in Rockville Centre, NY. It's truly a cause for CELEBRATION when they tap these babies.

9 ROLAND» Great, hoppy, big bodied ale w/character...some bitterness, but clean finish. Great after dinner and even better aged;ie: 2 year old keg.

11 Rich» I'm a very lucky beer lover, to live in Chico. My #1 favorite, on tap @ the brewery, the day it's released. I don't care about the outside temp, Cele's the best!

11 Deadlobster» Liquid sex!

11 JD» One of my favorites. Great winter brew

11 Moosecrik» .The best part of the Holidays. Try it at cellar temp. Awesome!

9 Patrick» A seasonal favorite for many years here in MD. Hop (I mean hope) it's cheaper as you head West.

8 dan» great hops, but I would like a little more maltiness for balance.

9 Scruff» This is a seasonal I always look forward to.

8 ChoctawChad» Made me oh so "hoppy"

8 jkb» when in Nashville, drink it at the Flying Saucer Beer Emporium.

8 jocko» bitter makes it better. great review.

8 chris h.» Holy Hops Batman! Good, smooth, and HOPPY beer!

7 sid» This brew has hops coming out the wazoo. After reading the review and trying it, it was better than I thought it would be, but I'd probably drink something else.

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