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10 C. Blanca Lover» This Mexican beer is the best I have ever tasted. I am hispanic and know my mexican beer flavors. This beer is not skunky at all and goes down very smooth has a clean taste. Gets you buzzed very fast. I highly recommend this beer!!!

0 lucy» it made me burp and fart for 3 days but maybe it was the cabbage and beans i ate with it

10 Palmetto» I know what I like & I also drink CBlanca.Dont tell me; "some dont know good beer".Drink what you think is good & shutup!!!

8 Gregn» My fav Mex beer. I used to love alternating Carta Blanca and Shiner Bock. The fist taste is definately better than the last, but that first taste never lessens.

11 joey bova» awesome!!!!!!! best taste ever

8 Badfish81» Had it last night...and the night before. I thought it was pretty good. It had a MUCH smoother taste than a Bud, Miller, Coors, etc., and the alcohol content did seem to be slightly stronger. I tried a lime in it as well and that too was damn good

7 DJ» Spend quite a bit of time in Mexico and Carta is by far the best of the Mexican pale lagers. Heavy gas, so it must be decanted into a glass where the quality over swill like Corona really stands out.

10 janet sowell» the only mexican beer there is. I love it. i want to know how many calories are in one though.

7 ElJefe68» Carta Blanca shines as a refreshment beer - they never tasted better to me as when, in Monterrey, I had finished cleaning my wife's grannie's roof in the midday heat. Elsewhere, however, the lure is just not there.

10 carlito» True. In Monterray, popping one Carta Blanca after another using the bomber bottles is a memory I'll always hold dear!


9 Mas the cool one» This is a fine, clean, light beer. It goes fantastic with Mexican food. I love it to death!!!

10 LoveBeer» This is a great crisp beer to drink on a hot day, its not pretentious like Corona and doesn't taste like piss either.

0 El Diablo» Trash. Just awful

10 Tripod» Lighter than Tecate, by far better than that swill they call Corona! Mummy was right and thanks for the quart bottle. You have to drink it by the quart, it tastes so refreshing, you'll be back for more! Don't drink while wiring your house though...

11 kickstand» great beer love the taste. tripod says he will give it a try and hopes it isnt another corona

9 SxyBeerBeotch» I recently purchased a "fiesta pack" which included 6 CartaBlanca. Refreshing! It has a permanent spot in the cup holder of my tredmill. Taste best after 2 miles.

9 Brian The Pappy» As far as cervezas mejicanas go, Dos Equis Amber is the wheel. As evidenced by my rating though, it's right up there with tits, Cohibas and mmmmm..chocha, I guess??? !Salud!

9 Rick» This beer, though not as popular as corona, is the best tasting mexican beer out there!!!

9 pine slueth» very good i spent 10 years in mexico city and this is all i drank

9 Matt» caguama

10 JazzyCat1» This has been my favorite beer since high school in Albuquerque, NM. I just moved back to the US after living in Germany - great beer, but Carta Blanca is better than all of them - Cervesa Carta Blanca!! They should export it to Germany!

11 Johnny Bravo» Switched to Carta Blanca. Wife calls me naco because of it. Says its for the people with no class. Guess I do not have class. Bottoms up.

8 Jr» very good beer. Of all mexican beers... this is on the top three.

11 cc» Great beer for the price.

6 germain» i was born and raised in monterrey. this is the first beer i drank. i probably give it a 6 just cause of nostalgia... however i do think its better than any of the big american 3.

10 D.Bird» Carta is what it is. A great Mexican beer light in taste. You can drink a bunch of them. Beer snobs need not register, they will not understand.

8 Dsmith» I have no idea why so many people drink Corona when this is so much better and cheaper.

11 Jay» This is by far the best beer ever

9 nw brewer» light easy drinking lager is possibly the best of its kind from mexico. good w/ or w/o lime. I rate this beer highly in its style; not compared to real beer.

0 wow» bums drink this because its cheap and shitty

8 BIG david» very good smooth beer if you like mexican beer this is one of the best. Compared to Tecate, you must have lime and salt with it.

1 NE BeerGuy» Drink Better Beer! It's out there.

10 A.Tamez» Cerveza de Calidad y muy refrescante...Quality beer and very cool.

7 Adrian» Carta is OK for a cold one on a hot day ,it's a lot better than a Bud , but it is no where near as good as a Yuengling

9 higherimagez» Carta Blanca has a good choice and will give you a good buzz for a cheap price. I recommend all beer drinkers try it

7 Hermo» Please do not compare Carta Blanca with Budweiser, any beer lover outside the US will go for anything before suffering a Budweiser

4 El Brento» You've convinced me to visit the brewery during my regular trips to Monterrey; however, the visit will be followed by a Casta - any style will suffice!

5 Nate» Please don't compare this water w/ our cherished Yuengling Lager. Signed a Central PA buddy.

7 Alb,NM.avid beer guy» 32.oz for $1.59 not bad.Great with some limesalt.

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