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11 Andy» All time greatest

11 Jimmy P» I had the privilage of drinking Caffreys when it was available in the US. It quickly became my favorite ale after only a few pints. Would love to see it at the pub again. There must be another reason why it was pulled. Bad Move. Could be political.

11 Leslie» I discovered this beer in Sweden in 2004 and LOVE IT. I've had none since then because it's not available in the US. :-(

11 Dave » I love Caffreys and I used to be able to get in Cincy, not any more. Coors get with the program there is a following for this Bitter

11 Alcaff» when will it be available again in the US

0 Beer Nipple» Too flat and too bitter. It sucks.

11 Morgan» Its the elixir of life...

11 Terry» Drank Caffrey's for 3 years until I came back to the states. I had heard that its rights were boiught to protect coors other beers.

10 Aussie drinker» It is accually posible to buy brewing kits for this beer that look and taste like the real thing.

10 Jim» Greatest beer of all time.

11 Shipmate Des» My boyfriend LOVES this beer, I had it shipped over from england warning VERY VERY expensive to ship. Enjoy guys.

10 Guy» This is my favourite beer at the moment. We get it in Canada, is it really not available in the US? It's like guinness for people that dont lick the thickness of guinness. A great creemy beer.

11 Gary Fitz» God, I love Caffrey's. I found and fell in love with this beer back in '98. I moved to Italy in 2001 and when I got back in 2004 I was really sad that I couldn't find it anymore. DAMN YOU, COOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

11 David James» Mmmmm... I love Caffrey's. It sets the standard for me. Maybe not for others but after skipping multiple dinners in lieu of Caffrey's, it's hard to drink other beers back in the states "but I do" :-)

8 brian» had it in machester, was good, but didn't have the heaviness i was looking for. hence, i suppose it remains a light beer.

11 Bill» Had this in London in 2001 and have dreamed about it ever since . PLEASE BRING IT BACK TO THE US!!!

10 scot free» drank this in london in september '07. i agree with previous rater chris c. it reminded me of guinness with the thick head, smooth but with more like an ale taste. great stuff!!

11 Not a Lite beer fan.» This was my favorite beer and I miss it dearly.

0 Beer Lover» Tastes like flat beer. That is YUMMY. Yuck!

11 Mark» I am going to work on somehow getting Caffrey's to the US. I was in the beer industry and I can tell you it was the best I have ever had. Do what you can to help

11 Dwayne» Lived in Scotland for three years and Caffery's is the best beers around.

11 tom» airline pilot, much UK time, it was a favorite of most of us.

11 troy» got hooked on it while back packing in australia. It is like sitting on a wheat cloud in heaven.

11 jimmy doodah» I drank this in freehouses in the U.K. It is the best beer ever. They need to market the beer like they do guiness and it will be the most popular irish beer in the U.S. My friend was allergic to alcohol and would still drink it cause he loved

10 Chris Cammarata» One of the bars I used to frequent had this and it was very good. I miss it. Its like vanilla Guinness. I hope were able to get it back here in the US.

11 Darrow» I had this for the first time in an Irish Pub in Vicenza Italy, heaven at first taste. this is the creamiest and best tasting beer. It far surpasses Guiness or any other beer of this type.

10 Bart» I had Caffrey's for the first time on a trip to England in 2007. It was love at first taste..

10 BRANDON» The day that Coors stopped importing Caffrey's was the day I lost all respect for them. This is one beer that can't be replaced by beers such as Boddington's and Smithwicks. I have been a fan since '99 where I discovered it at the Rose and Crown Pub

11 Don» Caffery's is the best! Coors needs to bring it back

11 Ralph» Wish we could still get it in the US, COORS blew it

11 Kelley» Years ago, my husband found this beer on one of his out of town trips and raved about it. While in Seattle, we went to an Irish Pub and they had it on tap. Absolutely wonderful!! Best beer I've had since I lived in Germany.

11 Wayne Cleary» I lived in Huntington Beach Ca., and we would drink Cafferys all the time a little pub called Galleghers. The proprioter Ciaran Gallagher sold plenty of it, and I did my share to help promote sales. I sure wish it was still available in the U.S.

11 Frank Conner» I have just started brewing my own beer and would like ingrediants and process needed to make a Caffreys type beer.

11 Dublinite OH not IRE» Glad to see I'm not the only American wishing for it's return to the states! I dream about the silky head! A friend is touring Ireland in a few weeks... my taste buds are working overtime!

10 Alexandre» the first time i tried is in an english pub in algarve, since then i considerer the best beer ever that cream is awsome

11 Steve» I had it the first time at a pub in Nottingham (yes just like in Robin Hood). It settles in the glass like Guiness, but has a golden/amber color. Smoooth and creamy. I fell in love immediately. Best beer I've ever had.

11 Brian» One Caffrey's and your hooked.

11 Chris» I used to live in Bristol (UK) and this was my favorite beer ... now I have been dry for 10 years ... and I think im going mad ... get me a Caffrey's pleeeeeeeeese

11 Beth» Had it in Chicago in 2000 and still dream and yearn for this liquid gold!!!

10 Paul» Caffrey's: You can find Caffrey's on tap in Andorra so if you're touring Europe, make sure you go to Arinsal. The Quo Vadis and the Derby both have it! More info:

11 scotfree» juust got back from london. they had this in the pubs. it's absolutely marvelous. smooth, a nice head not unlike guiness, but lighter and foamier

11 RichW» A awesome beer out of the tap but also a very good beer in a can. Best tasting beer I have ever had.

11 RangersfanNY» To the people of Coors.Bring this beer back to the states and I will make it more popular than guinness within one calendar year.Trust me bring it to long island new york and it will be huge.

11 Jason In Vegas» Absolutely amazing stuff. when i live in NY the local distributor got 2 cases by accident and i purchased them. This is truely the worlds best beer

11 Jimbo» Best beer I've ever had, no question about it!

11 Jone Pone» love love love it

11 Charlotte» My husband adores this stuff and we can get it in cans here in England no problem, but trying to find it on tap anywhere is a nightmare.....

11 Dennis» It is the best ever, a shot of Jameson and a caffrey's, as close to heaven as you can get while your heart's still beating!

11 Jillian» I love Caffrey's! I'm trying desperately to find some. If anyone knows where you can find some, please share!

11» Me too, this is beer at it's finest. I had my last pint five years ago, when I left the UK. I too would love to get it here in Florida USA

10 happyface» Yeap, you can get it in Canada. That's great.

11 Rafi» One of the best tasting beers I have had & I have had many.. I used to get it (on Tap also ) in the UK few years ago but now its quite hard . Its a shame how good things tend to disappear due to the greed of these large cooperate companies.

11 Aly» Ok, I'm a chick that never even liked beer and I LOVED this stuff. Then they took it away!!! How lame!!! I want it back. I just called the helpline and had them take a statement and pass on my comments to marketing. Everyone here should do the same!

10 Can you get it in Canada?

11 Emerald Knights» It is the best beer. Liquid gold man.

11 Bri» Best beer ever... Please bring it back... Sales will go UP with simple marketing, then it will sell itself - way to give up on a true winner.

11 jason» My story is similar to many comments here. I had Caffrey's for the first time in 1998 while in the UK. I enjoyed it often when I returned home and no longer have that pleasure. Another example of corporations ruining a great thing for their profit!

11 Becky» Ha ha I actually have a Coors boycott going with all my friends too. They think I am crazy but they do it. I love cafrrey's and I miss it. I call that number and email Coors every few months requesting they bring it back.

11 Naomi» I need some Caffreys in my life! Does anyone know where I can buy it? Please!

11 Ralph» COORS SUCKS! They had an chance to offer a great beer & they blew it.

11 Rich» I have a 20 person strong boycott of Coors because of this (about half wouldn't drink Coors anyways, but still). I miss Caffrey's!!

10 michaelbrowne» Caffrey's is the crack of beer. As soon as you have had one you must have another and another. As others have said pure beer joy. What can you say about Coors beer except it is the suckiest suck that ever sucked a suck. Caffrey's = Yummy.


10 craig» I was intoduced to caffrey`s back in 2001 by an englishman who described it as drinking "liquid silk" That description was dead on. Damn I miss that beer

11 asxasx» The better beer I ever drink, I'm french and I tasted it in UK and i'm so sad not to find it in France

10 marty» where can i buy caffreys online and get it shipped to the US

11 Linda» I had the pleasure of having a Caffreys in British Columbia this summer. Now I find out I can't get it in the states.. Boo..........Hiss It is my favorite brew!

11 Dave» Does anyone no where I can go to by Caffrey's on-line and get it shipped to the US?

11 Caffrey's» I had the privilege of having this beer as my first beer ever tasted.It was the year 01 and since then have not been able to find it.I now know why and am very disapointed.Please bring this back to the U.Sit was my first and I never forgot it since

11 Laughingdog» I first had this one in some tiny bar in the middle of nowhere in central Ireland, which is of course a great place to be. I found it once in the US and that must have been a while ago now. Such an amazingly smooth beer-pure joy, my favorite ever.

10 Cracker» Had it in England when I was in the Military. Great stuff...been looking since 2001 for it and no one had it. Now I know why.

10 Clancysnephew» Had a few Caffreys in Victoria, BC. in 06 Very good stuff! Have written the deer pee bottlers (coors) several times. They have no interest in putting it out in US. Will NEVER buy another Coors product till they do.

11 USAF Vol» I wish Coors would fall off the face of the earth. I will never buy the crap they sell until they bring back a real Irish ale. Killians is a joke and all the tards who think it is good picture this...Coors with red dye. Bingo!

10 guzzler» An excellent drinking beer - had it in a bar on tap in NYC years ago and it was phenomenal.

10 Rick» As a Canadian I'm lucky to have a choice of many fine beers from "over there". Next time you're up here (Ontario) pop into one of our liqure stores (LCBO's).. they have a great selection of beers from all over the world. Try Kilkenny (Irish).

11 Lankks» Caffery,s is by far one of the best Irish bitter ales. I tried to get some shipped to the US from Canada. They would only ship empty cans for fear of Coor's suing for illegal distribution. Basterds

11 Sizzle» Every time I make a trip back to England to see my family I load up my case with cans of Caffrey's. In fact I'm drinking one right now !!! (only 5 more cans left) SOB!

10 TMS» I had it in London. I have drank a lot of different beer, and this was one of my favorites. If there was any justice Coors would dump that pisswater Coors Light and sell Caffrey's.

11 GoodBeer» Does anyone know of a similar style beer in the US??

11 Mark in LA» Being from a beer deprived city as Los Angeles, I recently had a chance to drink this in Canada. It is by far the best tasting beer I've ever had. I love it! I wish I could have more. I'm calling Coors to plead my case.

11 Keeran» Had it in Leeds in 1996 and loved it. Since my return to Singapore never had a chance to taste it.

11 Roger» Fell in love with Caffrey's in London. Must have more, but can't find it here in the U.S. No justice in this world!

11 Carl in LA » Coor's hotline: It's all about money, Coor's Light advertising money is for the USA and in the UK the opposite works for Caffreys. They have it in Canada, but Coors is not going to spend money on advertising for Caffreys, only Coors Light, that it!

11 Roudy» I'm a fan of English bitters, but Caffreys is one of my all time favorites.

6 liwmaaaaaaaaa» It was good .. not as good as guiness... crushing !!!!!!!!!!!

11 english» love the beer. was raised in england and is one of my all time favorites please try and get it here. i miss it dearly

11 Matt» I feel in love with this amazing beer in Liverpool England in 1999. Much to my shagrin it stopped being imported to the US, as you all know. I'm a homebrewer and have searched long for a suitable recipe to clone. Anyone have suggestions?

11 bobby from TX» I spent 3 years in England with the military and this was my favorite beer along with Carlsberg. I wish I knew where to get it in TX.

0 Barnyard Billy» Let the Irish keep this brew and the rest of the crap they brew. Drink PBR instead.

11 Michele in San Diego» My favorite beer. Went to my favorite Pub one day and it was gone. So disappointing. I'm having a friend bring some back from Ireland. let's bring it back!

11 Rmb» great beer, please get in the usa ,i will take it in large quantities you can tell coors

10 Matt» Great beer, one of my all time favorites, if not favorite. Had it in Wales and England. Just wrote to Coors, told them what bums they were and promised to buy it if they bring it back. Keeping fingers crossed!

11 Mort» Does anyone know of a similar tasting beer?

9 Brian» For anyone living near the border near Ontario (not sure about the rest of Canada), Caffrey's is still widely available in our liqour and beers stores. Over $10 Canadian for 4 cans, but you can still get it.

1 english george» i think this is an english brewed drink.but the irish can have it.must say their guinness and harp are great

11 Eric » Just called the 800 number for Coors and requested they distribute Caffrey's in US, such a great beer! and what a kick!

9 Pete» Like most of the comments I have read, I too used to love to drink Caffrey's. I truly mis not having access to it here in the USA. I did voice my opinion to Coors!

11 Sean from NYC» I studied in Ireland for 6 months and I became addicted to this stuff. It's the perfect combination between creamy richness of a bodied stout like Guiness and the lightness of an ale. It's a remarkable drink and I hope Coors decides to distribute it.

11 dm» This is one of the only beers I used to drink when I lived in London. Once back in Colorado we did get it for a bit, but now its gone. I just called Coors though and no plans to bring it back yet. Bummer.

11 Devin» I used to drink pint after pint of Caffery's up in Ann Arbor at the local Irish pub.. then it disappeared. We need to get this back in the USA! Great Beer.. my favorite of them all!

10 Vicki» I had Caffery's in irealand 4 years ago and am still looking.I have not found anything as good.I am depressed that I can not find it.I am going to call the coors hotline and request Caffrey's.

0 The BGC» My goodness, how the naive can be easily fooled. Firstly Caffrey's, for all it's advertising and mock ‘Oirishness’ was brewed by Bass, mainly in Burton, England. Secondly it tastes of Nitorgen (yep, that’s what the widget does). Please, kid yourself some more.

11 Mister» I like drink pivo. Thanks

11 FOM» Please call the Coors Helpline at 1-800-642-6116 and tell them you want Caffrey’s back in the US.They stopped importing Caffrey's , when they brought the brewery.

11 B-Money» Excellent beer! I remember it well when I was stationed in Germany. Unfortunately it isn't available in America anymore and all I have left are the memories.

5 Brian» Caffery's is bog standard, unless compared with the likes of Coors. I'm half English/Half Irish, but on the beer front, the English have it.

11 CSR» Caffrey's is the best damn beer in the whole damn world. It is a sin it is not available in the U.S.A.

11 Frank from Wisconsin» I studied as an American exchange student at the University of Aberdeen and some of the best studying I ever did in my life was with my organic chemistry text book in front of me and a pint of Caffrey's to my right. Ahhh, those were the days...

11 from Hungary» I'm a hungarian boy, and I was in England in April. Now, I know what means "british beer". The Caffrey's the best. There's only one beer: Caffrey's!!!

11 Lynlee» I am crushed this is no longer available. I go to Canada or the UK for my fix.

11 Keri Caffreys» I love this beer...hence the name change!

11 Canadian» We have it here in Canada, it's $10.68CA a 4 pack...having one right now. :-) slainte` P.S. They taste much better on tap.

11 Chris» My favorite drink while at school in Wales in 1998. I was excited when I started finding it at home in the states, and my friends were finally becoming converts when Coors yanked it. I've called and they say they are "looking at bringing it back".

11 minman» Outstanding, smooth, great taste and has an afterkick that goes straight to the head. Bring this to the US

11 Tgunn22» Caffery's was heaven. If I had one last wish it would be a Caffery's

11 Caffrey's MAN» Best beer ever, if you don't agree you never sat in the Crown Pub in Belfast and had it from the tap, shame!

11 steini» can someone send me caffrey's the best beer i have had.....

11 kevin caffrey» Bloody Good beer, smooth as silk. Bring it back Coors.

11 bob» What does coors know about good beer there to busy brewing mountain spring water

11 beer can man » This is by far the KING of BEERS !!!! I have been to many pubs and bars all over the U.S. and the U.K. and still the beer that will always make me go back for more is Caffreys. Please bring it back, your only hurting yourself!!!!!!!!!

11 STudent» I have this tapped at my Student Union. This is the best beer Ive experienced up till now. Excellent. I can only find it in various places around London.

11 jules» Caffrey's remains my all-time favorite beer. I hope to see it back in the states...someday :(

11 Firstoct» Had Caffery's on tap on a business trip to England in '99. As my Irish host stated "there's not enough 'o's' in the word smoooooooth to describe it. Found in in cans i nBoston and Chicago. I'm disappointed it's no longer available in the states, Pl

11 flsh» The best beer I have ever had. I will be calling Coors today.

9 jamawl» they've got it on tap at the Ryerson University pub in Toronto, Canada. It's good shite.

11 Thomas» One of my favorite all time beers. Used to drink it from tap in SF Irish pub when there on business. Would love to get it again.

11 Al Caffrey» Everyone loved Caffrey's irish ale at a Caffrey family reunion in 2001. I got the last 2 cashes in south New Jersey just before the reunion.

11 Joel» Best beer ever I also named my first dog Caffrey.

11 Camden» my god coors, please bring this beer back to me!

11 Brett» Best beer I've ever had!

11 The Colonel» had it in wales. then in canada. im in a band that travels the world so ive experienced quite a number of beers. caffreys tops them all and is singlehandedly responsible for turning me into a beer snob and has me never touching st. louis' own budweis

8 Enry» A good beer but there are better ones here in the UK.

11 GUD» I contacted the distributor to get it beer back and though I could never in my life imagine I would do such a thing, this beer is that good.

11 Dog-ma» I love it so much, I named my first dog Caffrey! I am picking up the phone now.

0 What is this» Not very good. Period.

11 James» A miracle in a can.

11 Doc Parks» Drank it while working in England...this rock. It is truly amazing...a light guinness!!!

11 Mike» The best beer ever!

11 Dennis» Had it in pubs in the UK and it is my favorite of all time. In military and got some delivered by an AWACS that landed in was I happy for about a week...12 Caffrey's and 24 John Smiths

10 Chris V (Hoboken NJ)» Great Beer. Just did my civic duty and called Coors to get distribution back.

8 Huw» Rated it 8 out of 10 for out of the can because the quality is not consistant(sometimes flat)On tap in the pub 10 out of 10

11 Whoobob» Simply the best Irish "Bitter" around - smooth and easy to drink! I called the Coors hotline and asked that they bring it back to the US - but was told (very pleasantly) that they have no plans to reintroduce it to the US!

11 Babiak» Simply, the best.

11 Kerry» A Caffrey's and Guiness "Black and Tan" is perhaps the greatest tasting thing ever.

11 Alan» We used to call Caffrey's "White Guinness" as it had a thick rich head and taste and was so very enjoyable

0 Phil McCracken» This beer is too flat. Irish beer tastes like mashed potatoes

0 Rappster» I don't like it. Phoey.

10 vancouver mike» first nitrogen treated draught i ever tried - and instantly loved it! after caffrey's i had to try guiness and i knew what my new favorite beers were. guiness is a little too bitter for me sometimes, but caffrey's is a little lighter & smoother.

10 Edie Caffrey» Have missed that great 4 pack of Caffreys. Wish I could find some.


4 Englishman» It's... not that good really. Mass produced stuff full of artificial preservatives. Go and find a proper beer.

11 Caff Fan» A glass of Caffrey's is the best. If it was available in the US, I would buy it often. It is the w/e now, but on Monday, I will call Coors.

9 Patrick» I've never heard of Caffey's before, but I have heard of Smithwicks which is also an Irish Ale, and is my favorite of all beers, why isn't it on the list of beers???

11 Dan» I was wondering what happened to it. Calling and leaving a message with Coors to bring it back. I miss the stuff.

11 DMB» We need this beer back in the US ASAP. This is a great beer, you cant even buy kegs of it for bars anymore either. Sacrilige

0 LOL» I hate irish beer. Thanks god, no caffrey's beer in states. great =]

11 meghan caffrey» hey it has to be from my family my grandfather is Thomas caffrey

11 Brandon» Caffrey's is the best! Just another big American corporation telling us what we can and can't by. No freedom in that.

11 Coors_Sucks» Caffrey's is/was great.

11 Kamikaze in Virginia» I had it in London and fell in love. My favorite beer now. Too bad I can't get it in the states.

11 posers» Caffrey's is the nectar of the gods, Those of you who think otherwise can SUCK IT!!!

11 chris» liquid gold. never had it in a can. only kilkenny comes close.

1 Nigel L» Don't! Any resemblance between this marketing-inspired mixed-gas guck and real ale is laughable. Fortunately, in the UK, this brand (which is what it is) is disappearing fast.

11 Todd-Centennial CO» Love this beer. Coors let me down when they stopped distributing Caffrey's. I am trying to figure out how I can get a keg shipped to me from Canada. You hosers are lucky to still have Caffrey's.

11 Stef w/ an F» I bought it about 3 years ago in College Park MD, just to try it and I think about drinking it every weekend. So sad not to be able to get it NEMore

11 Norwegian» This is my absolute favourite beer, It's usually the only beer i buy if I can get it

11 IrishBeerDrinker» This is one of the best beers I have ever had. I took one taste and fell in love. Great taste and not too feeling. I live by the border and its well worth crossing to get a pint!

10 Brad in Georgia» Well at least we have Killian's, because thats just as good as Caffrey's. Screw you Coor's!

11 Finland» Just love the taste.

11 RAC» was my favorite until I couldn't get it anymore, even at an Irish pub, now I know why!

0 ur mom» when i taste this beer it tastes like i just licked my grandma's taint.

11 Andy in Iowa» When Ben Franklin said "Beer is proof that God loves us & wants us to be happy", he had Caffrey's on his breath.

11 Mel - Canada» Had this beer for the first time tonight at a pub at my university... FANTASTIC!!! After one sip I knew I could drink it all night... and I did!!

11 Paul» My absolute favorite beer. Thank God my family lives in Buffalo so I can go and buy 2 or 3 cases in canada when I go home.

10 Guest1» Caffrey's is in Canada

11 Tim Birney» Coors has the Label? Then why was the Importer Guinness? If it is tue that Coors owns Cafferys, then kiss it goodbye.

11 jordan» Me and my fellow MARINE boys agree this is what GOD would drink.Hands down the best brew in all of eden. SCREW Coors for pulling it of the self.I feel honered for the chance to enjoy it as every AMERICAN should.

11 Swans» I loved this brew at my favorite pub Dukes. Sadly, Duke's was leveled for a strip mall and Caffreys is gone!

11 Dan» This is my all time favorite beer. Now that we know Coors is responsible, let's add them to the Axis and boycott their butts.

11 Jason» Caffery's left the states and took a part of my soul with it.

11 Dan McCall» I went so far as to write the president of coors brewing and ask him if they would consider a distributor in the Boston area. if anyone knows how to brew a similar beer, write me at and we'll start a brewing company. I'm serious.

11 Connors» The best! Any questions? I didn't think so!

11 Beer Breath» Although I've never had one - it is the most recommended beer from those who have had it.

11 Joe» Love this beer. Very disappointed this beer is no longer available. It is also no longer sold in some of my favorite pubs in england. Needless to say they are no longer my favorite.

11 AA» Caffrey's........ I miss it so much I want to cry.......

11 Terrance» I am fortunate to have this on draft in my basement bar here in Michigan. I travel across the bridge to canada every other month for a fresh keg - I love Caffrey's and Canada...

11 Brendan» I had Caffreys in Ireland and it was the best beer ive ever had. I wish i could find it somewhere in the U.S...that sucks Coors!! Bring it back!!!

11 wanohh» it is my jones. nuf said

11 Chraleston, SC» Best beer I've ever had. I only wish you could get it in the States.

11 JBPanic» My #1 beer of all time. Still have one can left from when I cleaned off the shelves of every grocery store in Atlanta when I heard they'd quit selling it in the States.

11 Shakespeer» This truly is the best beer in the world. Up until recently you could still drink a pint at Epcot in the English Pub but they do not have access it this fine beer anymore. Everyone should write and call until we can get this great creamy beer in Amer

1 Pete» Nitro rubbish. I don't think they sell this on draught in the UK anymore.

11 Anna » My fave beer in the World- Caffrey's! I am welsh and live in The US and cannot get any here. FYI you can now buy it online and have it shipped to the U.S. via There is a nominal shipping fee but worth it if it's been years.

11 Frank Caffrey » The beer tastes like crap, but I drink it because of the name and all...hahaha

10 Joe Bob» My absolute favorite! For some weird reason we suddenly can't find this in the US anymore.. very sad.

11 julie» Im from Bundaberg in Queensland Australia love this beer ... is hard to get in tins here but is very dreamy and its woonderful to drink when u can get it ... we will be traveling to ireland in the not to distant future cherrs Jules

1 Adrian» It's liquidized keggy shit , dont even think about drinking it..this isn't a beer , its a botched abortion

11 alienone81» Coors should never have messed with this finest of all beers!!! is it still available in Canada as of 05/28/05? It's been years since I've tasted my favorite beer.

11 Terrance» I live in Michigan and run to Canada every other month for a fresh keg of Caffrey's for my basement bar. This is the best ale on earth and is alway on draft right next to Murphy's stout.

11 brian» I was fortunate enough to get to spend 2 months in Scotland, that's where I fell in love with this beer. I had no idea that coors took it off of the shelves, I'm going to call them on the regular.

11 Dennis Caffrey» I was interested in getting Caffrey merchandise

11 Grizo» I was living in Europe for two years and discovered Caffrey's at the Gypsy Pub in Desenzano, Italy. I have been looking for it ever since I have been back and now know why I can't find it. Even if you haven't tried this beer call Coors! Its awesome

11 Robbie» Used to be widespread from the pumps in England but no more, I MISS this pint. Proper falling over juice.

10 BeerQueen» My husband tried it. Loved it! I tried it and love it too! I didn't realize the Coors took it off the shelves here. I guess we'll just have to contact Coors. I wouldn't drink their swill. I'm from Milwaukee...home of beer and brats.

11 torontojoe» the best irish beer i've had. everywhere in canada, tap and cans.

10 Sore head» Rocket fuel

11 Brad» Great beer. And I have the advantage of living in Canada where it's available all the time. On tap, it's great but the cans can hold their own. Coors made a big mistake dropping it in the USA.

11 kaneguindreams» Had my 1st, 2nd & 3rd pints one night celebrating with friends from an Irish play I was in. Sssmmmmooothhee! I went back to the pub the following St. Patty's Day to find out what Coors did! Aaaaargh!

11 David» Some friends of mine and I consider Caffrey's one of the finest beers out there. Any time one of us, or a friend, goes to Canada, this standing order is to bring back as much as possible, legaly, of course.

11 Greg» We had this in the pub of our hotel in London. It was extremely easy to drink with a very good taste. I'm disappointed it's not available in the US and will be calling Coors.

11 Troy» I first had Caffrey's on my honeymoon while in London. My wife and I fell in love with it, and miss it dearly here in the states.

11 Robert» I phoned up coors and complained and they said if they get enought complains about not having it any more, they will bring it back. Call your friends, families, co-workers and everyone know the street to make a call to coors and get it back.

11 Roger Caffrey» A terrific beer. I have not bought a Coors product since they dropped Caffrey's in the U.S. Killians Red is make-belief Irish.

10 Anon» You can find it in Canada!

11 Danny» My favorite beer period. Too bad that watered down crap Coors had to block distribution.

11 Jamie Hackwelder» Probably, my favorite beer. Too bad Pete Coors had to cut off the U.S.

11 Sean» I love this beer. Haven't been able to find it for the past 3-4 years. Was in Ireland last summer (2004) and couldn't find it anywhere. COORS, BRING MY CAFFREY'S BACK!

11 Tim» I had first Caffrey's back in college, and after my first glass I was hooked. I was surprised and very disappointed my it was taken off the market. GIVE ME MY CAFFREY'S BACK!!!

11 Hank» I first tasted Caffrey's on a trip to Ireland in 1999 and thought it was the finest beer I ever tasted. I won't drink (or buy) a Coors product until they bring Caffrey's back to the US market.

11 Chris» I really loved this beer. I found it at a Fado pub in Ohio and then began to buy it in the cans on a regular basis. I can't believe it's gone. I guess I'm heading to Canada to fill up the trunk!

11 Dave» I grew up in England, on an american military base, and love this beer.

11 Bryan» if you live close to canada you'll be happy to know that it can still be bought there.... i try to get as nuch as i can whenever i'm there.

11 JoeRed» Thank God for Caffrey's. I spent 5 weeks in Manchester England for training. We spent every day training and drinking Caffrey's at night. The group I was with decided Caffrey's was sent from heaven to get us through. It will always remain my favorite

10 Chris» I found a bar on 1st and 63rd in NYC that served in on tap. The greatest beer I've ever had. The cans were a bit of a letdown. Do you know of any bar in Connecticut which has it on tap?

11 John McCaffrey» My family dates back to the original founder thomas Caffrey And they used to sell it in my home town and I bought a case of it when I was underaged and it was complete bliss and now that i am of age i cant buy it maybe ebays got it

11 tgunn108» I used to drink caffrey's in college it was $2.50 a pint and it was great so smooth and great tasting. I would love to see it back on the selves here in boston

11 Ben» Anyone know if you can order Caffrey's online anywhere?

11 bt» It was the greatest beer ever served in the US. i think that Coors bought it and took it off the market because it would eventually put Killians out of business. I will never drink a Coors product in protest until it comes back to the US.

11 Dave» I found it while on Vacation on Vicoria Island B.C. 2/2005 at a great Irish Pub called Irish Times a block from the wharf. Being a long time Guinness fan, I found this cream Ale very refreshing! I'm from California and can't seem to find it here.

11 Hugo» Sniff... and they don't even want to talk about it at Coors, at the very least they should sell (or give away) the distribution rights to it!

11 danny» I first had Caffrey's when i was in Bermuda after one it was all i drank all week long after that i only got my hands on it twice i if i would have know that they would be the last time i would see the ber again i would have savored them alot more.

11 Scott» First had Caffrey's in Chicago when the waitress mistakenly brought this instead of the Harp I ordered. I was hooked, then devastated when they stopped distributing it 4 weeks later. Life is cruel.

11 Bill» First had it, and brought 4 packs home when I used to visit London on business. Have 1 can left from my stash. Any bidders ? Just kidding, its priceless!

11 Darlene» Next to me,Caffrey's is the only gift i'd love to give my man for Valentine's day!!!! Where and how can I get my hands on it?This canuck know's no boundaries,any resource to obtain my quest is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

11 Jimi» I had my first Caffrey's at an Irish Pub in Chicago. Best Cream Ale I have ever had!! Boddingtons, Speckled Hen, and Tetleys are an ok alternative, but they are just not the same.

11 Brad» This is my FAVORITE beer. I got my first glass in Newport RI at the O-Club at the Navy base. I have it exclusively every time I go to Canada!!

11 Love at first Sip» I found Caffrey's on Thanksgiving in a small pub in Maine and watched it slowly vanish from being served in all the Irish pubs in Boston, its disappearance is tragic!

11 AR» One of the best beers I've ever had. I first tried it back in college at the University of Illinois at Murphy's Pub. Is it available in Canada?

11 Ang» I have been a devoted Caffrey's drinker for years now and was deeply saddened at it's disappearance in the U.S. Last year in Portsmouth, England I found it in a little hole in the wall pub on tap an heaven pursued for hours. I miss my Caffrey's.

11 Sebastian» I had the pleasure of this ambrosia across my palate while visiting the UK back in 2000. Unfortunately I quickly discovered it was unavailable in the US. Good thing I made overseas friends willing to smuggle me some every time they visit.

11 Rick» Caffrey's is what I drink whenever I'm in the UK (also at the pub in Heathrow Terminal 2). Recently my local California BevMo claimed they could get it again, but it's been two months and no dice.

11 Denny» First enjoyed this on a visit to Wales and was delighted when it came to the USA. Almost cried when it vanished but never new exactly why until now. This is a great beer.

11 Caffrey's Fan» This smooth, creamy ale needs to come back. We just returned from Ireland and it is no longer available there. But crappy Coors Light is.

11 Bill» The best damn beer ever made. Silky smooth, like drinking a beer milkshake. Coors needs to bring this back. I had my first in London, then I purchased it in my neighborhood Safeway. Now it is nowhere to be found. Bring it back PLEASE

11 TD» Drank my first Caffreys in Cambridge and then in Sydney. I think it is the best all around ale. I found earlier this year in Canada. I may have to make a run up there like we used to make runs for Coors when they did not sell east of the Mississippi.


11 Marc» Loved drinking Caffreys when I lived in London a few years back and was distraught upon learning it was no longer available in the states. C'mon coors, bring it back!

11 Caffreys rules» Man I miss this beer. Please bring it back to the US!!!

11 The Rat» We used to drink this stuff all the time at Brennan's Irish Pub. Now we're suffering. My favorite beer. :(

11 bg17067» This is an outstanding ale! I fell in love with it while living in London. I was lucky enough to find a bar in California that had it on tap for a limited time. I just had a 4 pk shipped over from England. Let's get it back to the US!!!

11 CaffreyFan» I may have to take a trip to Canada. This is my favorite and my luggage is FULL when I visit the UK!

11 Bargain» I Live in the UK, and when i heard this review i went out to get some. it ranks among the highest beers i've ever had

11 Chris Currie» For those of you close to the border, Caffrey's is available at the LCBO here in Ontario, Canada and at any of our better pubs. It's my regular beer now. There's nothing else like it.

11 Dan» I first tasted it in Dublin and could not get enough of this smooth, foamy, creamy ale. Not too heavy, flavorfull, and easy to drink. Too easy some days as my hangover the next day would prove. COORS: Bring back Caffrey's to the US!!

11 RPierce» Maybe the merger of Coors with Molson will bring back Caffrey's to the US...Oh how I miss a cold smooth Caffrey's! Last one I had was in Nassau,Bahamas...was sooo good! Killians tastes like licorice flavored's NASTY!

11 Saddened» I was wondering why I haven't been able to find Caffrey's these past two years. I just called Coors and gave them an earful! BRING BACK CAFFREY'S

11 Larissa» From where can we get Caffrey's shipped to NJ? There used to be a few bars in NYC that carried it, and my friend in MA used to pick some up when I was coming to one of his parties... the thought that I can't drink it here anymore is horrible!

11 Mr Caffrey(no joke)» im not thomas caffrey (the one that runs the show) but i am a caffrey and love drinkn this fine irish ale. i would love to see it back in the U.S. but for now i will have to have it imported.

10 tubbylad» awesome gear and after 18cans it kicks in baby ;o)

10 dan perrier» yes we still can buy this grat ale in canada, you americans should vote for a president that would promise to invade coors land and force them to distribute it in the stores, what a shame that it is no longer available,impeach coors i say

11 Guinness» Simply the BEST! Lighter than Guinness. Heavier than lager. Requires patience when pouring.

11 Ed Wagner» Caffrey's is simply the best beer going. I am appalled that Coors Brewing Company discontinued its sales in the US. Typical of a company more concerned with profit than quality. No Coors product can touch Caffrey's Isish Ale.

11 GI» Just got back from Scotland and Ireland. You can no longer find this beer in Ireland. Brewing of it has moved to the U.K. I have can's in my house that I brought back for proof. While I was in Scotland, Caffery's was everywhere.

11 Anthony Myslinski» Caffrey's was my favorite beer about two years ago. I am a beer connoisseur that got my start drinking good beers by drinking Caffrey's. It was an amazing pour and a great all night drink. Dear Coors, you are losing your high end beer market share

11 Bewildered» I cannot believe the Coors brass stopped selling the smoothest beer in the world because of that Killians-crap-in-a-can. Ridiculous.

10 Jenkins» This beer ROCKS. I cross the border and buy a couple cases in Canada every once in awhile. I, too, will never by a Coors product again. I would rate the beer an 11, but I reserve that for my favorite: Guinness. Caffrey's is REAL close, though.

11 Nolan Smith» ATTN COORS: You are crazy with your light beer campaigns. You should be giving Americans Caffrey's and not worry about calories!

11 dwbunch» fell in love with this ale in Rota Spain at the Boars Breath (actually it was the stout) havent found an equal yet.

11 Beer Chick» So sad to see it leave the States. I wish they would try it in the US market again. I don't know why they felt it competed with Killians. They aren't even close in taste. Boddinton's is the closest I have found, and I am not that impressed.

11 moleman» Caffrey's is the best brew bar none! I found a case burried under some cases of Guiness at my local distributor a few weeks ago. The case had 1/8 inch of dust on it but it tasted like the nectar of the gods. Please Coors, bring it back!

11 gsxr48 chicago» I have been drinking Caffrey's for years and it is the only beer I actually enjoyed, since then I have been drinking (kill kenny) almost as good

11 Mike» Actually recieved a comment back from Coors on this one, decisions regarding choice of product line in the United States are made at the top of the organization and there is nothing I can do as a consumer to get it back in the US.

10 Token User» Fell in love with this in a pub on top of a hill near a B&B in County Cork. Twlight lasted until 11pm, and this was the perfect accompanyment. Loved it at home in Oz, disappointed it is unavailable in USA.

11 SnapperBrew» ATTENTION COORS: Caffery's is the best damn beer I have ever tasted PERIOD. Get off your collective ARSSES and bring it back to the USofA!

11 Caffrey's Irish Ale» I just found out why I haven't seen it on the shelves.

11 irisheyes» I will never drink another can of any beer made by Coors Brewing Company ever again until this beer is brought back to the US.

11 Tom Kilgore» Tried this ale at EPCOT,and loved it ,haven't been able to find it since,BRING IT BACK.

1 Penn State» This shit sucks. A good beer is cheap.

11 Tom on the Border» Fortunately, I live across from Sarnia, Ontario, and our clever Canadian friends still serve this up in pubs and at The Beer Stores. It's either Caffrey's or Guinness, depending on my mood. Outstanding!

11 Nicole M., WI, USA» It needs to come back to the U.S. I LOVE this beer and might have to move back to Ireland to get it.

11 Mike and Amber» It's the best beer we ever had. Was our beer of choice until some boneheads at Coors decided to yank it out of the U.S. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!

11 Neal» Best Ale on the planet. Too bad you can only get it in Europe now.

11 Danny Passarella» hey dave thanks for the Caffrey's on ST.Patty's day it's by far my favorite and it needs to be found. and we will find it

11 Dale» I found this beer by accident. Soon after, I couldn't find it! Coors Brewing Company, BRING IT BACK!

10 irishinexile» the nectar of the gods...

11 Henderson» Best Beer Ever

11 David» My favourite beer

11 Rick Caffrey» Yeah, its the family beer...and I can't even buy it anymore!! BRING CAFFREY'S BACK!!! :(

11 john socolofsky» Started drinking it in Scotland in 1995. Remarkable. Nothing else comes close. It's truly the two minutes worth waiting for.


11 whitey» one of my favourites... sad that it is gone, looking forward to its return.

4 Chris H» I used to really like Caffreys - drank it from when it was introduced here in Toromto, Canada. Over the past while I've found the quality really inconsistent and frequently flat. Threw one out tonight it was so bad.

11 Seb, Montreal» My favorite pub beer, We use to have some in Montreal but we don't anymore. When i travel in the rest of Canada for business i make sure i bring a four pack back home with me. It's just so creamy!!! Love it

11 Terry Wade» Living in the UK for 3 years I have found Caffrey's to be my chioce in the pubs. I have always wanted this beer in the States. If Coor's banned it from the States then they never tried to sell it -- This beer will sell its self.

11 madfiddler» Great drink while gigging. Actually quite hard to get a "good" pint here in the UK, as it tends to have a bitter after taste, which it shouldn't have. Give me a good pint, and I'm in heaven :)

11 Andrew S.» My blokes and I feel in love with this beer after a summer in Cambridge in '95. When I came back home, there was nothing that could match it. Then, my dream came true: The US starting importing it. Now it's gone again! :(:(:(

11 Jake» Caffrey's was my lifeblood during a term abroad in London. To those who have never had it, it is like drinking a pint of silk. I pray that Caffrey's will once again be available in the U.S.

11 Robert» The white Guinness! It's got the same feel as Guinness with an entirely refreshing taste. They make a great black and tan.

11 Wes» I brought back two cases from a Navy deployment to England a few years ago. I only have two left and have decided not drink them until they bring it back. Hope that is sooner than later. It is the greatest!

11 katie» I MISS CAFFREY'S...I want it back, I have been on a mission to find it and now I am calling the bastards who took it away!

11 steve s» Suicidal over Caffreys!! But, I found something called Wexford's Cream Ale. It's as close as I've been able to find.

11 Earl» First experience with Caffreys on a ferry from England to Ireland. The best beer I've ever had! PLEASE get it back in the U.S.

11 David, Toronto» I guess I'm lucky to live in Canada where I can still get Caffrey's. I'm a little pissed that Coor's took Irish jobs to England and was considering boycotting - but it's too good. Slainte.

11 Dan and Nick» So Coors are the ones who took our precious Cafferey's from us... scumbags

11 BG» After living in London I fell in love with Caffreys. I moved to Californai and there was a bar that had it on tap. Now it's gone! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!

11 Katie» Being a real beer lover, Caffrey's is one of the best I've ever tasted. I will definitely call Coors! Killian's isn't even REAL! And one cannot survive on Guinness alone!

11 Sean» Caffery's has the smoothness of a lighter beer going down combined with the richness of Guiness. Certainly a beer that I've missed seeing on the shelves. I hate Coors

11 Christian» SCREW COORS! This is the greatest and best beer in the entire known universe. Thanks the these F*CKING WANKERS, we're all stuck drinking second rate Killian's. Hope your kilt lets in a draft and your d*ck gets an icicle, ye b*stards.

11 Chad Mirr» Bring Caffrey's back to the U.S.!! This is an excellent beer. The only reason this beer did not do well is that it was not marketed aggresively (i never saw one commercial!!) Caffrey's rules!

11 Dennis, Nashville» Discovered this awesome brew in Europe and been looking for it in the US ever Since. Coors is killing me!

11 brad» Had it in Canada, as good, if not better than guinness. Bring it back to the states.

11 Mark» Stumbled accross Caffrey's while in Sweden. After one taste, it was all I drank. Best beer I have ever had. Gotta get this stuff back into the States.

11 Jon» I fell in love with this beer while in the UK! It's the creamiest, most delicious affordable beer out there.

10 Max Robins , NYC» Love it, couldn't find it anywhere But the Pub "One and One" at First Avenue and First St in NYC has Caffrey's on tap. I'd love to be able to buy in the can to drink at home though.

11 jack» Caffrey's was the highlight of 2 weeks in the UK, and I liked everything! I'm calling Coors

11 Geoff» I was reminiscing with a friend of mine about Caffreys just this morning. Used to have it on tap at a local Irish restaurant, and if I'd known that it would be my last, I would have had another.

11 Jimmy d» Best Ale in the world come on Coors bring it back to The U.S.A.

11 stiletto» Coors really bites the big one here. BRING BACK CAFFREYS!!!

10 Paddy» You poor souls in the US! Canada luckily still gets its fair share of Caffrey's and its awesome!

11 Matt» Recently went to London to study literature, wound up studying caffrey's. I am extremely upset with the news of what Coors has done to Caffreys. I only wish I would have brought some back with me.

11 Karen» Even the women love Caffrey's!! Come on Coors--give the girls what they want!

11 David» I lived in London for a year and drank Caffrey's daily..I was crushed to move back to Texas and find it unavailable. It is by FAR the best beer ever made..even better than Guiness.

11 Jim Horner» Damn best beer I ever had, Damn Coors for takeing it away@

11 Chuggy» Recently had my first at the Hung, Drawn and Quartered pub in London. Wish I could find it in the states.

11 Marty» Being originally from Belfast, Caffreys is my beer of choice. I thought I was loosing my mind when I couldn't find it anymore in the US. Thanks for the explanation - I am calling Coors right now !

11 blackturtle» this is one fine demonstrations of irish alchemy. i was crushed to find out that it was no longer available in the US. what a pity that coors purchased it. I only hope they have the wisdom to start selling it again in the states...

7 Pypex» Its a good bitter, but doesnt meet the tetleys standard.

11 EC» Caffrey's is the greatest beer ever made. I have had many different beers, but this one crushes them all. Coors be damned! BRING BACK CAFFREY'S!!!!!

11 Gloveside» This is available, here in Canada fresh from the tap and is pure heaven. Can still be bought in cans here as well but doesn't compare to the real draught experience. Don't let Adolph deprive you guys of one of the world's great beers! Cheers!

11 Brian» This beer is unlike any others. I am a huge guinness fan, and this beer rivals my favorite brew. This doesn't taste like a normal beer, and probably scare away those who are used to the harsh "beer taste" and aftertaste. But to me: It's heaven.

11 Orlando» Just called the number you posted to Coors. Told them my complaint and they filed it. They also said that they are going to put it back out on the market. Hands down the best beer I have ever had.

11 Mike» Best beer I ever had also. First time I had it was in Scotland. Was so smooth I had three pints in a matter of minutes. Sure would like to get it here in Oklahoma!

11 Found this beer while on trip to Ireland - The best beer I have ever had. Have been looking for it in the Good Ole USA and of course see that it is no longer available. %$#$%

11 Willie» Throughout my travels of the earth, Caffrey's is by far the best beer I have ever drank!

10 Clanky» Excellent beer. I had heard rumors why I couldn't get it any longer, but I am glad your site cleared up the mystery. I will be calling Coors on a regular basis.

10 BobZ» Drank this on draught in Ireland. In a land of stouts, it was refreshing to have this Ale to clear the palate of Guinness-Murphey's Stoutiness.

11 Bob» I'm with Dave......

11 Dave» A very satisfying and excellent beer. Everyone who likes ales and beer in general would like Caffrey's and should call Coors to complain. Proper marketing of this product is all it would take to be a hit Stateside.

11 Alan» Quite possably the best beer ever. I've always been a fan of Irish beers. I was luckey enough to find this one while it was being introduced in America. From the first sip on I was in love. I still have one can left. I can't bring myself to open it.

11 My family went to the UK and came back telling me the wonders of Caffrey's, and I didn't think a beer could be that good until I tried it. I finally get a taste of it, fall in love and then Coors pulled the plug one week later. Major bummer.

11 Chaz» Awesome ale - found it on anniversary trip to Grand Cayman at an Irish pub - I want to order a lifetime supply.

0 Beer Bomber» Very nasty Beer

11 Rick» The poor sales was obviously due to poor advertising. Any true beer drinker would LOVE this beer and boycot all Coors products until they bring it back to the US. So please, do not buy ANY Coors products until they agree to bring it back!

10 Gerryo» What a shame that this beer was stopped from distribution in the United States. I remember this beer was popular in England

11 andeh» easily my fav beer... tho a lil expensive, well worth the 9.50 cdn a pint

10 BobM» I had this on tap in Ireland and it was great. Nicer for the long haul compared to stout.

11 Sean» Unfortunately, I only discovered Caffrey's Irish Ale 6 months before it disappeared from the U.S. It is my favorite beer, and I want it back. I've let Coors know. Please do the same.

11 morrissey» simply the best out there... first had it in london back in 96... found it stateside in 98... stocked up as much as possible... still have one precious 4 pack left...

11 Matt» I found this beer while working in the UK. Would head straight to the pub for a Caffrey's whenever I went over there. The only reason sales were poor was that they didn't advertise it and people hadn't heard of it. Bring it back!!!

11 Jimbo» When in the UK a few years back I tried a Caffrey's - then couldn't get enough. Was supprised to find it in a Bennagins in MI on a vacation, and again at a Bennagins near my home, life was good..then it disappeared. Now I see why-- Thanks Adolph :(

7 Nick» I enjoy a nice thick Irish beer from time to time, and with all the great reviews decided to try Caffrey's. It was ok, it didn't quite give that punch that Killians or Guiness gives ya, but was different. I would rather sip on a guiness..

11 Nigel Tufnel» On a scale of 1 to 10...Caffrey's goes to 11! I wish Adolf Coors was a "real" beer company. If so, they would import Caffrey's.

10 Lisa» Excellent stuff we had at a bar last night on a $3 per can special!!!

11 Dennis» While the shelves are stocked with watered down beers like coors,I cherished the memories of years past while I sat the pub drinking a real Beer likeCaffreys in San Fransisco. I loved this beer, Bring it back to the US!

11 Jees» Very soft and good beer. I like it.

11 James» I found this beer while stationed in the UK. There is not another beer from a tap that can match the taste of Caffrey's.

11 Bahb» I found Caffrey's when I was living in England and there was a small Irish Pub here in Reno, NV that began serving it. I actually had the last pint of Caffrey's in Reno and a tear ran across my cheek as I finished the last sip. Bring it back!!!!!!!

11 I Love Caffrey's» I came upon Caffrey's irish Ale in washing ton D.C. in 16 oz. can, 6-pack form. My dad had had a caffrey's pint glass so i wanted to try it. Ever since then, i dream about this beer when i drink all the other crap.It's the best beer i've ever tasted.

11 gene brady» I discovered it at Gatwick in London.Itwasloveatfirstsightandtaste.Then I found it at alocalpub in my hometown.I was so happy then they took it away I want it back!!This was aterrible tragedy.

11 akirishman» caffrey's is on the to of my list for beers, well almost. right up there with guinness. only wish i could get it in the U.S.A

11 jon» I lived in England for 5 years with the Air Force. Caffrey's is the smoothest beer there is! I am honestly flying back this summer just so I can drink some more!

11 Fast Eddie» Caffrey's is the Best, period!

11 Wayne» Edison light beer brewed by the Father of Light Beer. The best light beer ever invented. Currently available in Boston and Atlanta. Try it and you will never drink anything else.

11 Antony» I found this beer on Friday night when me & a buddy went to O'Neils (Irish themed bar chain) and we decided it was only right to choose something Irish. Its now my favorite drink!

11 Old Faithful» This beer is definitely the best around. It made a huge hit at a family party in which many became loyal drinkers until it unfortunately stopped being distributed. Please help save my dehydrating family.

11 Caffrey's #1» The best beer out there. It needs to come back!!!

10 Michael» I had this beer while visiting my wife's Uncle in Scotalnd. I have not been able to stop talking about this beer since that trip. When he comes to visit I now ask him to import it for me since nobody else will nationally.

11 art in atlanta» I had never been a beer drinker. However, if I had to I would usually order Guinness, until I found Caffrey's. You can not imagine how upset I was when they decided to stop selling it in the U.S. Does anyone know if it can be ordered from overseas?

10 mongin» A very nice english style bitter, not unlike Boddingtons. A great beer for yard work, and still available in Denmark!

11 Leeneh» My choice any day!

10 Gene O'Freeland» Best beer I have every had as well. Wish I could get it in the US again!

9 revla» A very enjoyable brew - a shame it's no longer available

10 Irish Beer Only» This is the best tasting beer I have ever had. Coors needs to bring it back to the States!

8 Big Al from Florida» Caffrey's is my drink of choice when in Old Blimey; I've often looked for it here - now I know why I can't find it

10 Beer lover» Absolutely the best beer I've ever had!

8 Darren» An excellent session amber ale. Too bad Coors who now owns the brand has pulled it off the shelves in North America.

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