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9 kris hawkin» love the boddingtons nice and to the above beer smoothie review gas pressurised gas cartridge system don't you mean a widget good review though

9 Whitterz» Sitting at Pub in SF and enjoying my first Bodd. Excellent indeed.

11 Leslie» My second favorite after Caffrey's. I can get this one in the US, though!

11 djbfishin» It has been years since I drank American beers due to over-carbonation and poor taste. With my introduction to Boddington's, I am a true believer.

10 elenabelin» Excellent!

11 Yummy in my tummy» I had a taste when my friend ordered it one time while we were in college and fell in love with.

10 Ben K.» So great. A perfect beer after a hot MN summer day.

8 Alcoholic King» A good summer beer. Very sweet and creamy beer. A great beer to have with a sandwich or lunch. Nice but you would wish for a bit more complexity. Not the kind of beer you want to drink a bunch of at once.

10 Bill» So smooooth

8 alex baldwin» pretty good for being the cheapest non-domestic beer at the store I usually shop at. I prefer dark stuff but this isn't bad at all

10 C-Rizz» A superb Ale! I love this stuff! The only beer I like better than this is Guinness... I recommend this VERY VERY highly to everyone! AWESOME STUFF!

11 elmwood» In my young days the sold it in Bodcans - 4 pint unpressurized cans. bring em back

7 brian» while the taste is less than enchanting, and the smoothness almost unsurpassed, it lacks in strength, and lacks in "bite" meaning it won't leave you with a memory of its taste, rather its consistency. too weak by percentage likewise.

1 Roy» I would like to have Boddington's address so that I could write them a letter asking what the little plastic ball / valve is and why it is in the can of tastelss beer.

11 JGriff» Love it! got hooked at an Irish pub in Detroit, and since have had to "settle" for cans. But still love it!!!

10 Fredrick Whitaker» I had it when i was in San francisco. damn good beer, cant stop drinking it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Tommy bad teeth» im a brit, boddingtons draft is ok,from a can, not really. but if you think this is good you need to come to england or germany or belgium where you can find beers 10 times better. enjoy your beer!

11 HotBodd» Vanilla Guinness is the perfect description. Good stuff.

10 zorro» Wonderful stuff...very special.

8 berzo12» had my first one tonight and it is excellent ive been wanting to try this one for a long time and it makes me sad that i waited this long. just a tip have a glass handy when opening.

11 jack» awesome smooth beer. great head

10 Morgan» Worth drinking just for the creamy head. Certainly the most luxuruous beer I have ever drank.

10 ROY» I think it is a fine beer, this is my second time having it.The side of the can recommends to us to drink it at 41 degrees , i understand the cool beer thing. I drink most of my homebrew at cellar temps, usually in the early 50's degrees.

9 DJAccel» I love the creamy, head, the widget, and the glorious aftertaste,

3 Uncle Paul» Boddington's in the widget can is flat as a fart....Blah. I hear it's GREAT on tap in the U.K.,but what we get leaves a LOT to be desired. No thanks.

9 Jimbelly» I may be married to Guinness, but Boddie's is my "other" woman.

5 tigertiger1965» It seems to have absolutely no taste whatsoever.So dull,not like our Canadian brew.What's with the golf ball at the bottom of the can?

11 SquireA» With Bodd I`m back in the UK!

10 alex» i love the flavor and body of the beer. in fact im trying to figure out the flavors because im starting to brew my own beer. any input?

11 Lunatiki» Smoothest beer I've ever had. Outstanding, pure heaven, will do into debt buying large quantities!

8 charles» i was suprised at the rich creamy head of this beer.It is a fine balance ,not too overbearing ,just the right amount of flavor.

10 John» The smoothest beer I know. No bitterness, good head, holds up well in the glass (Imperial pints). That and Anchor Steam, Foster Bitters, Sapporo Golden are the only beers I buy.

9 Will» Great for a sit-down ale. Wish they sold it in 12 oz. though.

11 AWS» So creamy and smooth with the best aftertaste possible to man. I might not be able to drink American beer ever again.

9 yup» very good...but if in new brunswickm canada -> have yourself a picaroon's irish red. trust me

11 tyler cameron missou» bad ass beer only guiness compares, my english bulldog is in my corner on this one

10 Johnny Verity» I am a Whisky drinker, but this beer is the best. Washington DC, USA

10 Randy(golfnmarine)» Damn fine brew,,it replaced my fat tire as my favorite beer,,, :)

10 Bill» Good beer. Only have had it in the cans. I imagine on tap it would be even better.

11 Ian W» I used to stick to John Smiths but I swtched to Bodd after finding it to be the only decent beer availabe in the States...AWESOME !!!

11 Tom» so good it makes me want to weep.

11 Zac» Best beer you can get at a store

8 Tim» It's a fine beer with a creamy head. I wouldn't call it one of my favorites but if the only other "good" beer they have is guiness, definitely go for the Boddington's

11 nice» great fukin beer

10 Jens» golden, rich & thankfully nothing like Bass ale. Thank you Manchester. Joy division & Boddingtons--Too Much!!

11 Brian - Portland OR» Outstanding. Rich, creamy, but not too heavy. Boddington's is truly the nectar of the gods...

10 Bear» Tasted my first Bodd in a pub in County Durham with some English cousins...I've never cared for beer before, at least what I'd found in America, but this isn't what we consider is so superior, even to other English beers and ales.

8 Tony» Discovered Bodds in a Bar in SF. This is one of the closest things to a cask conditioned ale you can get commercially. Really Smooth, goes down easily, Little light on the nose and aftertaste, however. If you like this you also might try Tetley's.

10 Larry» The best beer I have Tasted Period.

11 marshall weaver» Turned on to this by a electritian buddy,in mid '06 i'm hooked, there is only one store in the rogue vlly. that sells this beer & I have to get it rite when it comes in or it is gone in one or two days.Central pt. OR.

0 jjjj» Personally I found it to be the most disgusting beer Ive ever encountered.

10 veslamy» rich, creamy, smooth--really nice! Live in a small town in Iowa and convinced the local liquor store to stock it---they are now selling lots of it!

11 Guinness Guy» The barkeeper told me that they were out of Guinnness. He suggested Boddingtons, and I reluctantly ordered my first one. The second one was ordered about 3 minutes later! Amazing!

11 Ian» Have to agree with the article about the suprise i got from my first "Bodd" Experience. Waldroop is more then right about the packaging

10 grambee» I stumbled on this review and it's killing me. Just drank my last birthday Boddington last night(it's the only thing that was on my list). I'm jonesing for one now. It is an incredible beer, nay, experience.

10 Brian» soooo good. just had my first one earlier tonight

0 Dirty Sanchez» This beer is too flat. Like some carbonation in it.

10 mitch waldroop» I actually love the great frothy refreshing taste of your brew however your packiging when in the four pack of your Pub Ale SUCKS! Paper rips beer falls nitros pops beers flat T-shirt? [Editor's Note: Well spoken.]

11 eric» Simply the best beer. Why not come in 12-pack in my town? That's my only problem with Boddington.

10 american humor» hey british brian. grow up. at least beer makes us happy and not angry about every other nation...

9 Nelson» Very good beer. Only problem is it's hard to find in small, Southern cities.

10 K-Diego» I happened upon "Boddies" about a year ago and haven't looked back yet. Best brew that I'VE ever had. Great from the keg or can. I'm drinking one

10 Don B» Outstanding Ale with an incredible body and taste.

9 Jim» I've only had the canned Boddington. Simply a very good ale.

7 anzac » tasty and refreshing but middle o the road for a pommy beer a good match for toad in the hole .. ps yanks dont knock it till you try - if big mac are arround in 1ooyrs you can talk ....

11 Joe» BEST BEER EVER!!!!!

10 mike» why does boddingtons have a bee included on the logo

6 British Brian» Again this is an example of Yanks starved off decent beer, who wet themselves over the most ordinary of bitters. P.S. 'bad teeth and ghastly food (like Big Macs?)' at least we're not all overweight war-mongerers, who struggle with basic English.

10 steve» ive always called this 'vanilla guinness'. i used to tell my friends 'this is the guinness that anyone can drink, weither you like beer or not'. perfect!

9 Mike D» Boddington's is a fine Ale indeed. When traveling to the U.K. the first thing I do is find a dark, dingy English pub and have them pour me a Bodd's. It's worth the trip every time!

9 Depew Dave» Surprisingly a very nice brew. Accurately described in the article above.

8 StavinChain» Happened upon Boddington's by accident, and while I don't dislike it, it's short on repeatability--it tends to cloy after a bit. And, hey, forget "Toad in the Hole"--I'm more worried about "Spotted Dick"!

9 mark» A great british beer for sure. The vanilla guiness thing is a perfect description. Try this ale!

11 James» My favorite beer since I first had it years ago in England.

8 Peter Smith» The worst Brit ale is better than the best Yank beer. I never had a drinkable beer in the US yet. I had a Bodd today (in Spain)(1st in 60 yrs serious drinkin & its good, man, good.

11 Hilbert» Tried a Boddington in a pub in Carrbrook Village and boy was I hooked. I found a couple of places in Tucson that have the 4 pack. Great brew! Need to find it on tap now.

11 NAVY E-6» The Best ale I've had in a lot of traveling. Reminds me of my trip to the UK. A great Ale, and my only Drink from now on. USN!!!

11 Matt» By far the best Ale I have had or probably will ever had. Great taste, more filling! I would not say it's "Vanilla Guinness" because that is a bit misleading, it stands by itself. Don't try to describe it, take you're friend for a pint.

10 Michael» Im 100% USA, but I've had the best of German beer and Brit. Bodd's goes down the best and as long as I can get it I'll drink it!!

11 jack» vanilla guinness is a great description it is an awesome beer. If condering just try it.

10 TexasBill» I found Biddingtons while in Edinburgh and fell for the creamy taste right away. I go out of my way here in Texas to find a store that carries the 4 pack and it is well worth the trip. Thanks to my buddy Kelvin for the introduction.

11 Dave» My favorite beer - I found a place in Salem, NH that sells the 4 pack for $5.50! However I can't get to the home page it sends me to some other page !

10 Dennis» When I could not find Caffrey's picked this one up, knowing the Brit's and their beers/ales. Very nice taste and I can get it anytime I want. Good stuff!!

10 Trey» Can't be beat.

11 lee» boddies is my an exellent ale. i get a strange look when i order it since im quite young and it is considered to be an "old mans drink". to all the young lads out there.... yer dont knoe what yer missin.

10 YankBoy» I enjoy a Boddingtons. Hung out in a few pubs while in England and I can honestly say, these people know their brews. The bit about us having a degree of highmindedness with respect to cold beer hits it right on the head. Drink em cool to taste em

10 Jay Krause» I'm from Manchester, and unfortunately 'Boddies' (as we call it) isn't brewed at the original plant any more :( But it is still a great pint. If anyone is ever in Manchester, check out Robinson's bitters, and also Holts' excellent range, both local

11 MelissafromCanada» Truly the best beer around. I've been faithful since I found it three years ago. None other compares with the colour, the aroma and that smooth, creamy goodness, and lack of major carbonation!

11 bill me later» the world cup and the cream of mancunia, it dos'nt get much better

10 json» The best "bod" in town...I have since quit drinking any domestic beer around...

11 mal» Its a superb brew,but back here in Manchester we prefare to call it Boddies.Just been sampling a few at my local.Happy drinking!

9 JSox» Bodd's is a brilliant PubAle and out of the can is strikingly similiar to its tap brother. This beer is a must try for any beer snob like myself. I had a nonbeer snob tell me he couldn't drink it because it was thicker than Bud Light, poor bastard!

10 Gilly» I really like this stuff(Bods). It goes down smooth and lets you enjoy it as you drink it. I am a friend for life of Boddingtons.

11 JimfromJerz» If you want a pale ale this is it. The Vanilla Guiness comparison is accurate. Now if only they had a strawberry version it would be neapolitan!;-P

11 Shar» I started tasting beer about 2 years ago, and have tasted most of the top rated beers. Boddingtons is far my favorite. Love the creamy, sweet flavor that makes this beer a delight. Cheers, Shar

10 mad scot» Bodd's on tap is the best way to enjoy but the can is an able substitute. Tucson, Az does not carry any more than a 4 pack. Makes carrying 6 of them awkward.

10 Chuck» I have a hard time finding it, but when I do, it doesn't matter if there are old people or children in front of me, they're getting knocked down on my way to picking up that delightful little four-pack.

10 a pigs ear» delicious beer all around, best one we can get this side of the pond in my opinion. absolutely shames the disgusting american varieties.

8 John Bull» "Toad in the Hole" is sausages baked in fluffy batter, best served with onion gravy. Mmm! Silly Americans :)

9 Lenster» One of my all time favorites, which they stopped carrying in my area though. Prefer it to Caffreys.

11 Ron» Great beer - especially while in the UK - only 12.99 for a case which is chilling now!!

11 lbhasher» My english girlfriend introduced me to it and its been my fav since.

11 Homebrewer» Boddington's is my favorite beer (but I'm a yank so what do I know about beer). Still trying to figure out how to brew something similar. Getting closer everytime!

9 Mike Knox» Had Bodd's at an Irish pub in Ann Arbor (draught) with a dish of shepard's pie.Man it was sooooooo good!

10 Gaston» One of my Favs... but you can't fully appreciate it unless you have it on Tap

11 Brettzky42» Great stuff. I bought a case for a party a few weeks aqo and it was the first beer to disappear.

10 jm coral» Just tried it last night, love the stuff. I think I like it better than Guiness- it is so smooth and creamy.

11 Chris» Guiness over Boddington's?, OK who's smoking the crack around here?

10 Admiral-SirJohn» I've only had it from the can, but the review is spot-on. It starts out great cold, and gets better as it warms toward room temperature. I'm looking forward to having it (and other British brews, such as Brains) on tap when I visit Wales next year.

9 ari» drank a substantial qantity at The Three Clubs, it beats all their cocktails!

9 Sam Adams» Follow-up: In PA, a case (6 4-packs) costs about $40. That's less than $7/4-pack, or $1.66/pint!

9 Sam Adams» Bodd stands up well with food, some beers taste great until that first bite of dinner reveals an underlying "alcoholy" taste. Of course, Bodd is good all by itself. I've had it on-tap & in the can.

11 Norwegian» In Norway, these cost about $4 (US) a can - thats about $16 for a 4-pack, and I still buy them almost every time I go to pick up some beer. It's my favourite beer after Caffrey's

10 Big Willy» smooth as a baby's butt.

11 fat bastard» best in a can but will drink it out of a paper cup 20 pints on a friday night finish off with some fries and gravy a dirty chick to wash it down im in heaven enjoy while listening to the macc lads true ale drinkers

10 Manuel O Audaz» Cream Soda.

10 antnee» awesome! truly the cream of the crop!


11 Tuxedo Bob» Nectar of the gods, boys! Nectar of the gods!!!

11 jimbo» what do you call a mix of boddingtons and guinness (like a black and tan, except boddingtons instead of bass)?

11 josh» if only they available for draught in ND, i am now to the point i will stay sober if i can not get a boddy's (only cans available here at almost 9$ for a 4 pack)

10 William the Yank» Thanks Boddingtons for an excellent ale!

11 Brian» Boddies is the delight of many a true beer drinker and I have yet to taste a better bitter than Boddies.

11 Adam "DeviousBehavio» I love Boddington! My all time favorite beer! The Best of the Best!

10 Shawn M» Exceptional beer. Having it right now with a snack of Butter Dutch Biscuits. Lovely.

9 Firefighter Beer Gal» OK, I enjoy a fine brew from anywhere, but the distinctive creamy texture, smooth flavor, and tempting golden colour certainly put Boddington's in my top 5!

11 Joseph» Very nice. Had it from the can tonight and though my first impression was that it was English Budweiser, I was so wrong. This is a quality brew. Would love to find it on tap.

10 the beer snob» One you've had the bod you can't stand the bud.

10 Evan» Off the tap is best, but the pressurized cans taste like a more natural, thicker version of Guiness cans

11 Jon» Smooth and distinctive with a lightly sweet honey flavored finish. Head is creamy and substantial, lasts until refill time. Excellent accompaniment to batter fried fish and other fried foods.

11 Adam» I try new beer all the time, this is my new favorite for sure

11 Robert the Great» Boddingtons rules.YEAH!!!!

9 T.G. Fisher» Been drinking beer since 1957. Have tried over 1000 dif beers. Brew my own. Travel in Europe to try new beers. If someone knows of a better brew than Boddington's I wish they would tell me.

11 T Pickering» living in the UK, this is a household name, and the fact it is a british beer makes it even better. its smothe consistancy and sharp and sweet taste makes it an awesome draught to drink

11 Brian» Best beer I have ever had!!!

11 Nick» My favorite beer by far. The smooth, rich taste is typically the favorite part of my meal.

10 KMac» I was very pleasantly suprised by this beer. Rich, creamy, a meal unto itself. A nice counterbalence to Guinness. I'm enjoying one right now! (hic)

6 Mac» Balanced, but not deep and not interesting in the least.

9 Vexatious» Smooth, rich, well balanced and tasteful. A beer to savor.

11 Monkey Boy» My absolute all time favorite! Never had a btter beer!

10 skro» I went to my local liquer store and spotted this. Try It! Great ale with a clean and smooth taste great for Americans. And, all others with a love for old world ales.

3 Pete» Rubbish beer for Northern monkeys.

10 olejive» excellent drink for the money.

11 paljoey» i was in Lagos, on Portugal's Algarve when I wondered why all the Brit tourists were drinkng Bods. Back home I spotted it in the store, and tried the 4-pack. Wow! It was the best thing I've had out of a can since baked beans.

10 Ken» Replaced NEWCASTLE Brown Ale as my no 1 beer

10 Rick» So smooth it almost hurts, but not quite; the fridge is always stocked with Boddington's tallboys.

10 Gin N Tonic Jil» Dang this dude hit it spot fu.ckin on! Great beer. Too right, it tastes better cool/warm with a good meal.

10 RSOXPATSFAN» Bodd is my favorite Ale, I introduce it to friends whenever I can.

10 Coyote» one of the finest beers I have ever had the pleasure to drink. Hope my local store can get this imported

11 Kalle» Boddington tastes luvly like a lady after several months since...

10 CBenn» Wow what a GREAT beer. One of the best tasteing beers ive had. Hard to get but not impossible. Worth the trouble looking for it..or driving a 1/2 hour to get it. Makes most amreican Comercial Breweries beer look like toilet water. Better than Guiness

0 Bailey» I know mike D. and if anyone knows beer it's Mike. He's actually coming all the way to Virginia to attend our annual beer fest this weekend. a 6 hour drive to drink beer? hopefully he'll bring a smaple of your crap, for his friends in VA.

10 Gary Y» I was also at Mike D's wife's party. Of note: there were zero broken pilsner glasses, and one broken television set. Everyone's priorities were in the right place.

10 k saas» I was at Mike D.'s wife's party. He forgot to mention that he provided the chilled pilsner glasses. Nothing completes a Boddington pour like a chilled pilsner.

10 Mike D.» I recently bought Boddington for my wife's birthday party. All the party goers had great comments about the ale and many are now Boddington fans. The great taste, body and cascade make Boddington a favorite. Two empty kegs offer proof.

9 Jimi» I appreciate the smoothness of Boddingtons. Though it is a bit heavy it is a real treat on special occasions and I have it on St Patricks Day. This is my 3rd favorite ale... I prefer 1st Caffreys (not avail in U.S.) and then Tetley's second.

10 Dave» First time was like the first ice cream cone. Now I keep them in the frig for a special treat.

11 Cpt D.» Love the Bodd! It's getting easier to find in regular grocery stores here in Texas. Fun to tell the locals that it's been brewed longer than they've had a Constitution!!

10 saganashkee slough» first boddington i tasted was in west ruislip england,the soldiers return pub and it was very good and good warm.abbot ale is my favorite from england.

11 Jeremy» Bodds is the best It beats guinness in my opinion.I'm drinking one right now!

11 The Best Bodd» Boddies is the best. Virtually unavailable in DC, which is a shame.

9 A.L.Guzzler» Very sad news that InBev (Interbrew/AmBev) are set to close Boddingtons brewery in Manchester England after 226 years of producing Boddingtons "bitter" beers. Very sad.

10 Bob» Recently visited NYC, asked for a beer recommendation at a local pub and I got was a Boddington's. I've been craving it ever since! Ultra smooth and the lack of carbonation is a plus. One of my top 10 beers but can't find it in Utah! HELP!

10 Rick» Wonderful, creamy, smooth (although I think "vanilla Guinness" is a bit over the top), readily available...what's not to like? My personal fave for day-today drinking (or chasing Irish whiskey) until I can get Caffrey's in the USA

11 Jim» I absolutely love Bodd' always quenches my thirst.

5 rappster» Too flat. Needs more carbonation. Just average.

11 frank» My fav.

9 Flad» I found this ale delicious but it never had me coming back for more. If I'm working with widgets and two minute pours just give me a Guinness.

11 Psyfan» simply the best. I try every beer that is collectively rated a 8 or higher, if I can find it. But this is the one that I always come back to.

11 Tim» This is the best beer ever made, at least in my drinking lifetime. "Like butter".

11 McPPants» If you want heaven in a can, that you can drink, then this is the beer. It also has that little noise making thingy in the can, that's where the angles live.

10 Hilbert» This is a delicious beer. Found it on tap in England and found it here. Wonderful. Stella is almost as good.

11 Sal» Love Boddingtons. When describing to friends who have never had it before, I refer to it as the Guinness of light beers.

10 Jay Caauwe» Excellent Brit choice, crisp yet airy, but not too much upfront assault like some UK brews. Hard to keep just a 4 pack around

10 Erin» i love its cream, i love that it does not distract me with copius carbonation on its way down

10 JM» My favorite beer. Creamy and delicious and nothing bitter about it. Somewhat hard to find, but worth the search.

10 emily» mmm,mmm, goood

11 Chuckee» Can you buy this by the semi-trailer load (from Canada.

11 Coach Morgan» I've tried Beamish, Caffrey's, Tetley's, Murphy's and Guiness all from a "pub can". But Boddington's is by far the best. I have made it my quest to search for the perfect "Bodd" !!

10 Ellorion» Damn good beer. Number two on my list so far, after Guinness.

10 Dave» I am a Guiness man at heart, and just tried this stuff last night for the first time. Its my new favorite, but a bit expensive.

10 Mike» Certainly England's best beer - from England's best city. Only Guinness from across the Irish sea can compare.

9 fishjumping» If you like Boddies you should also try Tetleys, not the tea, and Speckled Hen.

11 dennis» Had two at "The Field" in San Diego, first time. Thought it was the best beer I have ever drank. Moved to Tennessee and can't find it here.

8 Teh Ben» Very tasty stuff. Rich as well, and like the reviewer states, tastes far better cool (let it sit around a bit) than straight outta the fridge. Thick British Bliss.

10 jess» excellent beer. not much aftertaste but still a good beer. much better a little warmer than most american beers.

11 Vinny» Best beer I've ever had.... as far as I'm concerned, it's unparalleled.

9 elpadrino» I had this beer after drinking a few pints of Guinness. I didn't bother to rinse my glass; I liked it a lot.

10 Mark» My fav here in the States for many years, but if you go to a grocer in the UK, you'll find that 'Little Boddies' are almost obnoxiously bitter. Very odd.

10 Rob» Incredibly smooth and creamy. One of the best beers in the world.

11 Begbe» Best beer I've had in a long time. The only problem is that it's hard to find in most US when you have a chance to have one, don't pass it up!

9 Glint» First can I made the mistake of chilling it in the freezer while the grill heated up. Bad mistake. Tastes fantastic slightly chilled and has an amazingly dense head that morphs into a sunset colored liquid. When in doubt, read the can!

10 buda» Had it on tap. Great Beer! Best I've ever had. Looking for the cans.

10 dave» creamy great taste smooth awsome flavor

8 Tim the Enchanter» If you like Boddingtons, you'll like Flowers IPA as well...if you can get it in the states. It's light and very smooth, and disappears at an alarming rate. Which is good.

8 Louis» First try tonnight - on tap. Rich & creamy! But many West coast USA beers have more flavor, IMO....

10 Jtown» Mmmm....Creamy. I don't really know why I love this beer, I just do.

11 Jeni» Boddington's has been my beer of choice for a couple years now. Yum. Both tap and pub can rock.

11 Pete» Hard to find here in Toronto sometimes in bars but when you do go out and grab her. Fantastic my top 3 most definitely.

7 BizSAR» Only had it out of a can. Taste was pretty good. Will try it again. I'm sure I'll like it better than the last time I had it in a can.

8 Jim» As you say, a cool smooth British pint outdrinks a cold everyday beer every day!

11 Timster» One of my top 5 favorites

10 "The Kid"» Best beer ever.

11 Rickster» Boddington's. Had one at a Pub in Raleigh. It is the best on tap. Smooth, baby smooth.

9 GMan» Just opened my First can of "Bodd" I have to say this is some great stuff, mild, I love it!

10 Chris» I love this beer, there's a irish pub we frequent in town and its all I drink.

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