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10 Bremen Brewery» SA has good stuff, but BOF is awesome. I think it is also a sad state of affairs when you can get BOF cheaper than SA

10 mike» i look forward to becks okt every year i think it smokes s&a probably my favorite brew best beer to drink while loading firewood

11 sam adams» Had to help this poor little guy, this beer is a step above sam adams their are better.

4 German Indian» It's ok, but Sam Adams Octoberfest really is much better.

11 Da Bears» Great beer. Full rich taste. I used to live in Chicago where they would have it on tap at most decent bars. "ahh the good ole' days"

11 leatherskinhead» Much better drank in an actual German pub.

10 original becks» i want know the price of the original becks

0 fat bastard» i agree it blows sam adams out of the water but my...would taste better so not saying much becks is good becks light na october fest shite


1 NOOB» Bad aftertaste.

7 T.G. Fisher» Luftstansa sold their beer concession to Becks. So when I go to Germany I don't drink beer in route. They also cornered the McDonald's market in Germany. Fits right in with clown cuisine.

5 RiceCakes» This is an OK beer, but there are better Oktoberfest beers

11 Animal Mother» Beck's Oktoberfest is my all-time favorite beer...if only it came all year long I wouldn't have to buy 24 cases once a year.

2 gobosox» Samuel Adams Octoberfest surpases this beer by far. The amount of flavor and definitive octoberfest qualaties is definetly mor epresent in the Sam A.

4 Kc F» Green Olive in taste.

11 Mikey D» Beck's Oktoberfest is the finest beer I have tasted. In my opinion, it is better than Sam A's Oktoberfest brew. American beer cannot come close to the taste of an imported German been although Sam A's fest brew is second best.

7 twistedgirl» Not bad, but I much prefer Original Becks

6 NorCal boozer» It tastes fine, but a little weak for my liking. I prefer Sierra Nevada'a seasonal celebration ale (A content 6.8%.

8 struwwelpeter» In comparison to the so-called Amerikan beer Beck's Oktoberfest is good, but Spaten's Oktoberfest is better.

8 abnmonty» I am drinking a Becks Bier as I write my little 3 seconds of fame here. As a matter of fact, Becks Bier was the only beer that my stomach could tolerate when I was stationed in Dutchland. Goes great with Pizza.

0 tga22» beck`s oktoberfest must be only produced for foreign markets. never heard about it in germany. becks (normal - not oktoberfest)is the second best beer after BITBURGER.

2 Sokushi Jonez» Its horrible. With so many other excellent octoberfest beers available, don't waste your drinking time with this one.

6 Big Daddy» Becks is easy drinking and has a nice marzen flavor, but there are plenty out there that are better.

1 Markus from munich» it cant be a good oktoberfest bier because the original oktoberfest bier is only comming from munich and becks is comming from bremen

7 Snatch» The reason Becks costs less than many imports is that it's good for a buzz, but it lacks the enjoyable qualities of a fine brew.

7 Eric Pseja» Definitely not the Oktoberfest beer I reach for when this time of year rolls around, but it's also heads & tails better than most of the other moose piss out there.

9 Beck's Oktoberfest» If you like beer that tastes like beer is supposed to taste then this beer should satisfy you. If you like beer that tastes like Perrier, that I would stay away from this Beautiful Brew.

11 kermet» beck is just the best beer in the world!!!!!

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