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11 Vern» Beamish red is the way to go.....forget Stout, if you want a true beer that will make you forget Guiness, then try Beamish Red. By far the best beer i have ever had in my entire lifetime, and i have tasted NUMEROUS different beers

5 Sean One» Beamish is closest to Guinness than others I've tried. Guinness remains the best but if not avail Beamish is actually the next best if available.

0 Gonzalez» Irish don't know how to make beer. They are amatuer beer drinkers too. They just talk a good game. Take a pass on this one. Blah!

11 MO MO» Beamish is better than Guiness and so is Murphy's. I love Guiness, but these beers are even better.

0 Beer Lover» If you can't find it in a bottle- it is no good. Irish beers are way over rated. People drink them because it is "the thing to drink" and it is "cool." Drink a real beer PBR!

9 Chris Cammarata» This is a great beer. It is like Guinness but doesnt have the aftertaste. Its Creamier than Guinness but not as satisfying.

10 Murphy» This beer is what BEER REALLY IS. PERIOD

10 mark» Beamish beats Guinness and murphy's I think.

11 GrinningBandit» My first taste of Beamish was on tap in an Irish pub in Knoxville. After a couple pints of Guinness I decided to try Beamish. I love Guinness, however, I prefer Beamish. Great full flavor with a great head common to "widgeted brews".

11 Gavin» Stopping off in Ireland, the airport had Beamish on tap, and I can say, this Irish blooded American will favor Beamish any day of the week.

11 patty o'brien» the best beer ever

9 Sheila McMullin» I love Beamish; I have never drank it from the can , so maybe you could taste it from a good tap and judge. I am a Guiness drinker; I have a Guiness for breakfast daily (only the one); but if Beamish were more available I would probably drink that.

11 TheGrove68» Better than Guinness,I like the Big G. Ok but the BIG B. is better.

10 Dutch» One of the best beers out there. Even better than Guinness, in my humble opinion.

11 thestick» beamish is way better than guinnes, way more flavor

11 jeff » there is only one true Irish drink...GUINNESS it's like a taste of Ireland or maybe (heaven)how could anyone drink that swill the make in the U.S.

1 english george» thank god they only brew beer .hate to think if they could make anything as vile as this .up murphys

11 Skara» Listen up people, im a German, I know beer. I prefer a real Beamish over everything else. Its a beer full of feeling and taste, you either like or hate it. In Germany, it's quite hard to find. They sell it in Scottish Pubs. Best regards, Skara

11 David Hay Jones» Just back in Milwaukee after 10 days in Dublin and Belfast. Canned Guinness and Beamish is as good as the draft of the same beer you get in Ireland. I prefer Beamish to Guinness but enjoy both. Perhaps Guinness is creamier. Guinness is not real beer.

11 mark» Beamish is by far the best tasting of the big 3 .In a blind taste test on St. Paddy's day in Philly Beamish won hands down with an all Irish american panel. Guiness came in 4th. It's the best in my opinion and I like all of them.

11 Greg Higgins» All I gotta say is Guinness ain't got S*** on Beamish...naw but seriously Beamish is probably the best stout I've ever tasted

9 Brian A» I'm a big guinness drinker, and I like Beamish, when I can find it. When I do, I'll pick it over guinness just because everyone has guinness. It's a nice change. But were you comparing guinness for tap to beamish in a can?

11 Mike» Had a meeting in San Diego and drank this beer for three days straight at the Yard House where they had it on tap. Great taste w/out too much bitterness.Great finish...where the heck can I get this in Idaho?

9 convert» Like the smooooooooooooooth taste brothers

11 Delbert Klas» I think Beamish has a fuller, more friendly body than Guinness. Guiness is just bitter; that's all. There is nothing else to it...But, disturbingly, I heard from my dealer that they are ceasing distribution in the USA; is this true?

11 BernieBeetle» Absolutely the best stout beer in the world. Nothing else compares. I cannot even gag down a Guiness!.

9 a pig's ear» a one???? chirst, have ya even tried the stuff? absolutely great beer.

1 mick» i think ill

11 mud» All I can say about Beamish is that it is pure liquid delight in a can, or better yet, out of a tap. Ashley's in Ann Arbor MI has it.

10 trager o'rourke» my favorite beer, by far!

9 beerdrinker» Love the smooth taste of beamish

11 fat bastard» all around great can o beer blows that other one that is black and has the harp on it out of the water

10 Cam» It's a pity Beamish isn't on tap more places; there's no comparison to what comes out of the can. Rich and smooth, with less of the sour-milk undertone of Guinness but having its own unique "toasted" flavor.

10 Avery» I had Beamish on tap at a bar in Asheville, NC. Absolutely incredible. Much better than Guinness tap IMO.

10 MikeM» Definitely better than Guinness in my opinion. Would love to try it on tap.

10 Jim Borgmann» I had the good fortune to enjoy Beamish from the tap in Lourdes, France last year. I love Guinness, but I spent a year looking for the name of that stout I had in France, it was that good!

10 Joseph» NOt nearly as bad as you say. I'm drinking it from the can, haven't had it on tap. It ain't Guiness from the tap, but Guiness from the can can't compare to the tap either. Hopefully I'll find this on tap and then compare to Guiness. I like it.

11 Morgan» Ambrosia brewed by Irish Gods and given to us mortals as a gift. Drink this fantastic liquid and smile

10 stephen» The smoothest and richest beer I have ever had. Fantastic!!!

11 annaliese» this is my favorite beer of all time. its my stand by i tell everyone i meet to try it your no different. ;)

11 Jack Ryan» I buy Beamish in the pub can in the States and have had it on tap in MANY pubs in Ireland. In my experienced opinion, it is the finest stout made. Far superior to Guinness. Just talking about it has made me thirsty. I think I'll have a pint right now

11 Greg» Iíll drink them both, but Beamish is definitely a smoother and richer stout. From the can or draught, luckily they have been putting Beamish barrels in my local Pubs. Beer Town USA, WI. Sipping my 5th one tonight, as good as the first.

9 AdamR» Not as good as Guinness? Are you crazy? This is one of the thickest, creamiest canned stouts I've had the pleasure of drinking.


11 Beer Man» Ladies & Gentleman we have a winner. This is the best beer on the planet. Get it on draft, drink it slow and enjoy every drop.

6 Pete» It's either Guinness or Murphy's. Beamish just does'nt hit the spot. I lump it in with Smithwicks and Harp and the other rubbish on sale in Irish pubs. Might appeal to Plastic Paddies trying to be different.

2 Rick» I drink Guinness extra stout more so than the others and was out of town where extra stout was not an option and tried Beamish and ended up disappointed. water -vs- gatorade type comparison with Guiness being the gaterade and Beamish being the water.

8 Foamer» Beamish is very drinkable. The author needs to try some on draught to compare. Guiness is good beer but is overrated. Prost!

9 Adam» Beamish is excellent. If you're a fan of Murphy's Irish Stout you'll be a fan of Beamish.

9 Terrance» I have had Murphy's, Beamish and guinness stout in cans and draft many times and rate them in that order. I have an Irish pub in my basement and keep Murphy's and Caffrey's on draft as Ireland's best. But I also enjoy beamish for its unique finish.

0 absolute piss

10 Pete» Ha! Beamish is the best. It just happens to not be sold in Texas, so I have to drive to Louisiana to buy some, which I do all the time, its that good!

10 rj» Beamish is mothers milk! Guinness and Beamish both stand on their own, it's just too bad Guinness tastes so metallic. In spite of the other stout brands, Beamish is the Gold standard.

10 arriano» I discovered Beamish Stout on a trip to Ireland. My traveling friend and I found it be be superior to Guinness. Don't get me wrong, I love Guinness -- but I couldn't get enough of the creamy Beamish.

9 Gary C.» I had my first Beamish recently. I find it smoother than Guiness. The hints of chocolate and coffee come through clearly. Not too much hopps.

10 Matty» Those who dislike Beamish's finish are just plain silly. Those who refuse to let go of Guinness as their favorite stout should be shot. The best Irish stout is, by far, Murphy's, but Beamish's milder flavor and sweeter finish make it a wonderful brew

9 Beppe» Tried Beamish (not can) in a high quality Scottish Pub (Highlander Pub) in Verona, Italy. Great taste, different from Guinness. Give it a try.

11 graeme» If you think Guinness matches Beamish, then you've been drinking too much Guinness. You should probably seek an Alcoholics Anonymous group near your locality. Beamish is a superior nectar.

9 Num1Pirate» I love the smoother finish of the Beamish

8 my name is jim» whaa? guiness is a good standby, but this is much less fiolling and it tastes grat too!

11 Nate» Love it, Love it!!! I can't say which I like more Guiness or this. I'm just happy to have to great Irish Stouts two pick from.

1 big ears mc c» like eamon who hates drink, i seen the can and it made me sick .i cried and was very sad about it.up the teetotalers

0 mike» guinness guinness guinness .get it in to your heads the only thing both beers share is the same country.its a poor cousin to guinness

11 M whit» I went on a trip to Europe and found Beamish in a Pub...i love guinness...but Beamish blew it away in my book...Its hard to find it on tap around me but i can get the cans..tap is alot better though

10 Josh» I just recently discovered this beer at a pub in Edinburgh (Billy Mcgiddin's) where they had it on draft. I found it far superior to Guinness in both taste and fillingness. Never had a can of it though.

1 tomaxcars» I would always use the "Draught" version as a benchmark - and from that level Beamish isn't a patch on Guinness. Beamish has a very "chemically" aftertaste and is watery compared with the deep, full flavour and texture of Guinness.

11 SUjunkie» This is truly the best stout I know of. Guinness has met its match.

11 HardKore71» Friend turned me on to it, never had it from tap but it is way better than Guinness vy far, a truly excellent beer.

8 Flad» I've only had the can. Seemed sweeter and more chocolatey than Guinness. Two pints seemed to fill me up whereas I can have 5 or 6 Guinness (sometimes more).

11 McQ» An excellent stout. While I love Guinness, I truly think that Beamish is better. More people should try Beamish and give Guinness a run for their money.

8 Danny Passarella» i had this beer because there was no caffrey's ale and i must say that i was pretty damn good.

5 Jay Caauwe» Fair to middlin... authentic, well maybe in Cork but nothing to go out of the way to buy

10 RALEIGH, NC» I've had Beamish from tap in Europe. It is thicker from tap than it is in the can. Maybe that's just a European thing. It's full-bodied no matter where you have it. A good beer to have and nurse.

11 MikeKint» My wife and I originally found Beamish in a Pub in England. It is our favorite beer, but is really hard to find in our area in cans or on tap. I do feel that it is better on tap then in a can

11 Dubinski» I must say, I am an avid stout fan, attempting to get my hands on all types of this frothy type of brew, but Beamish I loved from the tap and I must say it is damn good out of the can. A very good subsitute if you are drinking too much Guiness.

10 Si» The best. I just wish I knew where to get it in the can.

9 zborgerd» I find Beamish to be a better tasting stout than Guiness. It may be a bit more "watery", but its just that you are expecting a bitter bite in a stout. Beamish isn't that way. It's bold, but creamy and smooth.

3 Bob» I drank this fresh on draught in Galway Ireland. It tasted like the inner white peel lining from a grapefruit. Horrible brew.

11 Jumpmaster» Beamish is much smoother than Guinness and not as bitter. It cascades well on draught, but not as good in the can. Most of the canned Guinness comes from Jamaica, brewed by Red Stripe.

10 elpadrino» The first time I had this beer was when I was in County Cork, Ireland. Beamish seems creamier and more smooth with less bite (in comparison to Guinness)

9 Christian» Not as smooth as Guinness but pretty good.

10 ERic» More complex than Guiness. Smoother, less bitter. A great beer.

11 Not an American» as with all Stout's its an aquired taste, & from a health point of view Beamish is far superiour it contains only natural ingredents, where as Guiness is full of chemicals

9 Rippin» Had plenty at Cooper's Irish Pub in Avezzano Italy. Very good!!

4 Brian» Mine was so watery and bland, I thought it went bad. I did'nt.

10 Yuba Dave» Went to a bar in Cape Cod was told I would like Beamish better than Guinnes. I was skeptical. I was wrong.

11 RapidJoyride» Perfect body, excellent head, strong yet sophisticated boquet...great overall. And yes I like it better then Guiness

1 laura» wasn't as good at Imperical in Costa Rica... nothing can live up to that....

10 boomer» Excellent shit! Got drunk on it in Ireland.

11 HawkInOz» Far Superior to Guinness! Best Stout Out!

9 Stephen O'Connor» A real beer from Cork

11 justin nabhan» my all time favorite beverage, would have to prefer over guiness

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