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8 Will» Glad I tried this one. I've never seen so much yeast! This is a man's beer, no question about it!

11 TonyinTexas» Started drinking this at their home restaurant in Munich (Restaurant Weiss) in Munich back in '82 - this baby makes my short list of Best Beers in the World!

11 Dan» This is the beer of beers. Of the countless numbers of 'hops-waters' all fighting for my hard earned dollars, if I could choose only one to drink the rest of my life... Aventinus. UNFORTUNATELY; distributors here don't get it any more. Omaha's dry.

2 jas» too sweet. felt like i was drinking a kiwi smoothy. not for me. i am a dark beer kindof guy- and this was going in the wrong direction.

11 Tabasco Al» Remember that first sip of your Dad's beer when you were just a wee tyke? THIS IS WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO TASTE LIKE!

10 CJ» Tasted this for the first time a week or so ago, and fell in love immediately. Just wish I could find it somewhere near me.

9 Beer's Ebert» Aventinus isn't for the faint of heart and those who can't really appreciate it. Posers and people who think Budweiser is quality should abstain from this divine nectar. Rate it @ 9.8

9 Rob S» Excellent Brew.....Wish it was more available at my local grocery..The $3+ price is worth it but it is a bit pricey

11 Papa Ryan in Dallas» Excellent Beer, Few Better.

7 vino» Esta es la mejor cerveza que he tomado ultimamente.Gracias Aventinus

0 I'm not hungry anymo» I felt like I ate a pint of beer with this one.

11 Watermelon Head» Momma didn't love me. Dadn't didn't care. Did Paul just say, "it's worth the drive to Dallas just to wrap my lips around one!!!" Queer city, Paul. Queer City.

9 mike» you can find this beer being served here:

11 Dooner» WOW this is a great beer, after one I feel like i've drank a whole 6 pack of bud.

11 Tasos» Hey.. this beer is only Perfect! I love drinking my Aventinus, listening Rock Songs and eating tortillos with chilli! Awesome!!!

10 Paul» I drink a lot of wheat beer. I was totally blown-away with Aventinus. Can't get it in Oklahoma, but it's worth the drive to Dallas just to wrap my lips around one!!! Fantastic stuff!!!

11 Chris» out of all the beers from Germany and Belgium this is still one of my favorites! I am a homebrewer too and this is the one I try to brew

8 hopsfast» Awesome, a treat for wintertime, but you have to be in the mood for a big, sweet, malty weizen. Eine bier, bitte. Then give me a pils (or six).

9 Darren Boston, MA» This is truely a five-star beer. The only chink in its armor is in its finish. The yeast-bite lingers on the back of my throat like a shook up homebrewed ale. I believe that proponents of the style appreciate that characteristic in this beer, so maybe I am not partial to this style.

11 mike w moore» Around Philly we have Shangy's, Emmaus Pa.,and they sell and import over 250 European beers alone. They will tell you that Aventinus is the finest beer they sell. I only drink this 5+ star beer.

9 mdj1320» in texas one of the best beers ive had ,but it is hard to find in austin area must drive to walberg to enjoy

7 Jack» Strong beer

11 Dan» Aventinus is the best beer I have tried. Its 8% alcohol but doesn't go down rough. Its a heavy beer, but goes down like a blonde. You can sense chocolate and banana when drinking it. If you haven't had it, have it, you won't regret it.

10 Bryan T.» Never been a Wheat beer aficianado! But the Aveninus redefines ALL THE RULES. Fortunally, I experienced many of the world's great beers - this has to be the best so far! If you know of one better, send recommendations to

3 Tom» I hate warm beer, sure I havent tasted it cold yet, but in Germany, they made me drink it warm...yuck

11 Simone» I'm italian.. in brescia (my city) only 1 pub has this beer... i think this is one of the best beers i've ever drunk.. with franziskaner, guinness and SLALOM,

11 Heino Bauer» This is the Überbier.

7 berelovre» I'm not big on the wheat beers, but this one does alright in my book.

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